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Zachary Herbert the day he commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps
Zachary Herbert the day he commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps

“There is no better friend, no worse enemy than a U.S. Marine.”

– General James Mattis

That famous quote about Marines is the best way to describe how Zach Herbert, the Car Crash Captain, represents his clients against insurance companies.

Zach got his start as a Marine lawyer. He didn’t enlist as an 18-year-old bent on seeing the world though. Instead, he took a different route where he finished law school before joining.

As soon as he passed the bar in Texas, he shipped out to Quantico, Virginia for Officer Candidate School. The day before he left, his wife let him know they were expecting their first child.

Officer Candidate School


OCS is a rigorous 10-week program where you are put through the wringer to see if you have what it takes. Unlike boot camp, where you really have to mess up to get kicked out, you can actually quit or be expelled if you’re not good enough. With the knowledge that his son was on the way, Zach had the motivation to not only get through but to excel.

Graduating OCS and commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant, it was off to The Basic School where Zach learned how to fight. Hand-to-hand combat, digging fox holes, night stalking… it was awesome! By December of that year, Zach had a newborn son, and he was ready to start training for his actual job in the Marine Corps. He headed to Naval Justice School in Newport, Rhode Island for another 10 weeks learning how to be a Judge Advocate, in other words, a Marine Lawyer.

The Basic School

Judge Advocate

Upon graduation, Zach was a 1st Lieutenant and an official Judge Advocate, and he had his first assignment as a criminal defense lawyer. He was later promoted to Captain.

Zach Herbert | Judge Advocate

The Courtroom

When a member of the US Marine Corps, or the US Navy is accused of a crime, they go through the Court Martial system. It was there that Zach learned the processes and how to try a case to a jury. It was a different kind of fighting that he learned in his training. This was more of a mental fight. Zach had to think on his feet, change tactics while connecting with the jury.

Overall, he fell in love with the courtroom.

Texas has Always been Home.

It’s here, in the Dallas area, that Zach wanted to raise his family. So, when his obligation was up, his family packed their bags and returned to the Lone Star State.
Zach Herbert and his family
Zach Herbert and his family

Zach Wanted to Fight for People that were Injured.

Criminal defense was great but Zach wanted to stay in the courtroom. Fighting against the corporate man (insurance companies) was the next challenge for Zach.  Zach became known as the Car Crash Captain, as he was a Captain in the Marine Corps, and tried and won many car crash cases after he left the Corps.

By 2017 it was time to forge forth on his own. He swung open the doors to Herbert Law Group, and he has been trying cases ever since with one goal in mind: focus on customer service no matter what.  His nickname, Car Crash Captain, means that he uses his fighting Marine Corps courtroom skills to make sure his clients get every dollar they deserve from the insurance companies.

Zach Herbert | Car Crash Captain
Zach Herbert | Car Crash Captain

Car Crash Captain & Team

We are a small boutique firm, and you can meet our team here. But even if we grow to a hundred, every client will walk in the doors and meet (or talk on the phone) with us as though they are dealing with a one-man shop.

We Utilize New Tech
The Car Crash Captain uses the latest technology to streamline a paper-free process helping cases move through the system much more quickly than older methods.

Reach Settlement Quicker
All this means you get a settlement or verdict sooner, and you can begin the process of healing after an accident.  So call the Captain today!

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