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Texas car wreck vehicle maintenance

Your Tires, Brakes, and Fluids can Lead to a Car Wreck

Prevent a Car Wreck with Regular Maintenance One of the best ways to prevent a wreck is to make sure that your vehicle is well
Texas motorcycle wreck lawyer economic impacts

The Economic Impact of a Texas Motorcycle Wreck

The Impacts Extend Beyond the Involved Parties Whenever there is a wreck, there will be economic impacts.  Many of them are experienced by the two
Commercial vehicle wrecks Texas lawyer

How Commercial Vehicle Accidents Impact Small Businesses

The Ripple Effect of a Truck Wreck Goes into the Community There are obvious impacts of being involved in a commercial vehicle accident – your
Sneaky Insurance Company Tactics

Sneaky Insurance Company Tactics after a Wreck

Legal Ways Insurance Companies Deny Claims Insurance companies are in the business of collecting premiums.  To ensure they make a profit each year, they minimize
DOT Approved Helmet motorcycle wreck lawyer Texas

What is a DOT Approved Helmet?

Why is DOT the Standard for Motorcycle Safety? A DOT approved helmet is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment a rider can
Truck wrecks texas mechanical failures

Three Mechanical Failures that Lead to Truck Accidents

Equipment Malfunction may Lead to Truck Accidents Mechanical failures rank high in the causes for fatal truck accidents around the country.  Not only are these