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Car seat safety texas car wreck lawyer

Car Seat Safety – Protect Your Precious Cargo

Is Your Car Seat Properly Installed for your Summer Trips? Summer is well underway and you’ve likely hit the road a time or two already. 
semi-truck accident survivors texas truck wreck lawyer

Inspirational Stories of Semi-Truck Accident Survivors

Many Semi-Truck Accidents End Better Than Expected When a semi-truck and a vehicle collide, the smaller vehicle bears the brunt of the damage.  When the
Strange factors motorcycle wrecks in texas

6 Strange Factors that Cause Motorcycle Wrecks

Motorcycle Riders Have to be Extra Cautious We know that riding a motorcycle carries more risk than driving in other motor vehicles.  And it’s pretty
Myths of commercial vehicle accidents in Texas

Debunking the Myths of Commercial Vehicle Accidents in Texas

Myths Abound – Let’s Get to the Truth about Commercial Vehicle Wrecks Commercial vehicle accidents aren’t always trucking accidents – although that’s the most common
texas car wreck lawyer cyclists follow rules of the road

Sharing the Road with Cyclists

How to Drive Nice so Everyone Arrives Safely There are a handful of people who give an entire group a bad name.  There are those
Texas Motorcycle Helmet Laws

The Legal Impact of Helmet Laws in Texas

Should Helmets be Required for Motorcycle Riders? The debate on whether or not helmets should be required for all riders isn’t a new one.  Some