There are Dozens of Truck Crashes Every Day

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Knowing the Risks can Save Your Life

Every single day, thousands of motor vehicle crashes happen.  Truck crashes make up a couple thousand of those daily crashes.

What should concern anyone driving on the highways today is that if you happen to be involved in a semi truck crash, the chances of being injured or killed are considerably higher than if you’re involved in a wreck with another passenger vehicle.

How do semi truck crashes look?  We gathered up a handful of recent news reports that show how varied truck crashes can be.  The Car Crash Captain lays them out to let you know what you should watch out for.

Semi Truck Crashes and Tips Over Near Omaha, Nebraska

On September 10th a truck crashed and tipped onto its side in Nebraska.  There aren’t great reports on what exactly happened, but it sounds like this was one of the “fortunate” accidents that didn’t involve other vehicles, and there were no injuries reported.

But it does make for hazardous driving.  Semi truck drivers are humans just like all of us, and they make mistakes when driving.  If you were driving near this truck when the driver lost control, would you be able to quickly recognize the erratic driving and be able to take evasive action quickly enough to avoid being involved in the wreck?

Paying close attention, especially near big trucks, is the best way to avoid being involved in a truck wreck.

FedEx Truck Crashes with Semi Truck Near Detroit

When two large vehicles collide, there’s a greater chance that other vehicles will also be involved.

This wreck involving 6 vehicles total wasn’t limited to the FedEx driver and the semi truck driver in the morning of September 13th.  There were no injuries reported, but the damage done to the FedEx vehicle show that this could have gone a whole lot worse than it did.

Wet roads after the rain can make driving treacherous for big rigs as well as smaller vehicles.  Watch out for hazards, and keep an eye on those large trucks in case they lose control.

Motorist Dies in Semi Truck Wreck in Eastern Georgia

Unfortunately, many accidents with semi trucks result in death or serious injury.

On the morning of September 12th, a 71-year-old man lost his life after colliding with a tractor-trailer.  There’s no word on what exactly happened, but the pickup truck hit the back of the semi with enough force to embed the pickup under the trailer.

Most semi trucks will have safety equipment to prevent vehicles from sliding under the trailer.  Large metal “bumpers” prevent the majority of truck underride collisions.  But not all trailers have them, and not all vehicles will be stopped in a collision.

No Injuries in a Messy Crash Outside of Memphis

Sometimes a truck wreck isn’t deadly, but can prove to be almost comical on what results.

While there’s nothing comical about the destruction of property and the setbacks people go through after a truck crash, the aftermath might be unexpected.  Such as what happened outside of Memphis at the end of August.  The result was a roadway coated in thick, creamy, alfredo sauce.

Once it’s cleaned up, that roadway will hopefully be safe to travel again.  But even after an accident, hazards exist… like hitting a patch of alfredo sauce and hydroplaning – or alfredo-planing – off the road.

Get in Touch with Herbert Law Group after a Semi Truck Crash

What isn’t a laughing matter is when you have been injured, or a loved one has been killed, because of a truck driver’s negligence.

Truck crashes happen every day.  We can protect ourselves with defensive driving, but there will always be those unpredictable and unavoidable moments.

If you have suffered a loss after a truck crash, then we need to speak with you.  Give us a call at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site.  Our first conversation is just to get to know you and to see if we’re a good fit.

You have Two Years to File a Texas Truck Accident Claim

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But don’t Wait the Full Two Years

Nobody wants to file a lawsuit after an accident.  They just want to be reimbursed for the financial loss that they have incurred.

But there are many times when the insurance companies aren’t playing nice, and you have to enlist the help of the Car Crash Captain.  Tapping into extensive expertise, both his own expertise and the entire Herbert Law Group team’s expertise, Zach is able to help you navigate the tricky waters of seeking compensation after a truck accident.

Here’s why you shouldn’t wait around to file that claim; instead, talk with Texas truck accident lawyer right away to get the ball rolling.

Witnesses Don’t Remember What Happened Anymore

Our own memories change the instant they’re created.  Studies have shown that immediately following an event, different people recount what happened entirely differently.

Those memories change over time.  Even if you can track down witnesses to the wreck, they might not fully remember what happened, how it happened, or where.

By starting the truck accident claim early, you ensure that memories are more preserved.

Physical Evidence is Destroyed

Intentionally destroying evidence is, of course, illegal.  But time will destroy evidence the longer you wait.

Even after a day, icy roads can thaw and the evidence that a vehicle slid on them is removed.  Damaged structures are fixed and replaced, broken glass is cleaned up, and plants that might have been torn from the ground will regrow.

Without legal obligation, even dashcam evidence may be overwritten or deleted.

Documenting this evidence while the claim is fresh helps to ensure that your truck accident claim works out in your favor.

Truck Accident Claim Investigations can be Lengthy Processes

Even if you start the truck accident claim process today, there’s no telling when it might be wrapped up. Reconstructing the scene can take quite some time.

If you have been injured, you deserve to be compensated to help you heal.  Waiting to start the claim means the conclusion is just that much further away.

Herbert Law Group; Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers

So what’s the solution?

The solution is that if you have been injured in a Texas truck accident, you should talk with a Texas truck accident lawyer right away.

After dealing with hundreds of similar cases, Zach Herbert, Brandon Lavery, and Kaitlyn Moreno (as well as the support staff that make sure everything gets done and processed in a timely manner) know what to look for, how to document, and how to argue for the compensation that you deserve.

Your part is easy.  Just call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site, and we will be in touch soon.  There’s no obligation to become a client, our first goal is to get to know you, and ensure that we are a good fit.

The Most Dangerous Time to Travel the Highways

Texas Lawyer talks fatal truck accidents

Know When to Pay Extra Attention

Thursday afternoons.

You don’t have to read the entire article, we’ll just give you the answer right away.  Thursday afternoons are when most fatal truck accidents occur.  That’s what the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tells us, anyway.  And that’s not an anomoly, it’s been that way for at least a decade, and likely isn’t going to change any time soon.

Why are Thursdays dangerous, and how do we use that information?  Herbert Law Group, personal injury lawyers in the Dallas, Texas area, want to make sure that you are safe out there; so keep reading and make sure that you don’t become a victim.

Why are Thursdays Dangerous for Highway Travel?

Roughly 80% of fatal truck accidents happen Monday to Friday.

On any given day, most truck accidents happen between noon to 3pm.

About 20% of those fatal accidents happen on Thursdays.

If you consider your own job, you’ll likely see some correlations to how you’re feeling, working, and your abilities.  Most truck drivers operate on the weekdays, so it makes sense that fewer wrecks would occur over the weekend.  After lunch – when you’re wearing out (maybe a little sleepy), and you’re hurrying to get the rest of your work done for the day – is when errors happen.  Thursday comes around, it’s near the end of the week, you’re ready for the weekend, and perhaps a little sloppy.

When we take it all into consideration, we can see that afternoons toward the end of the week, errors are more likely to occur.

How do we use this information to keep us safe?

How you can Stay Safe on your Summer Road Trip

Summer is winding down, and a lot of people are getting those last road trips in before school starts.  That means more people on the road and a higher liklihood of getting in a wreck.

  • Pay more attention.  Thursdays, afternoons, and this busy month, make sure you’re extra aware of what is going on around you.  As always, put the phone away and avoid other distractions (like eating while driving).
  • Maintain a safe distance.  If you’re farther away from a truck, you can react better if they have a mechanical failure or driver error.  Remember, if you can’t see their mirrors, they can’t see you (unless you’re ahead of them, of course, but that’s kind of a given).
  • Use the 12 second rule.  Knowing what’s coming up, and how a truck might have to react, will help you stay safe.

The bottom line: if we all pay attention and maintain a safe distance, a large number of wrecks can be avoided.

Let Herbert Law Group Help after a Fatal Truck Accident

But even when we all drive safe, accidents do happen.  Often, they come with deadly consequences.

If you have been injured, or a loved one has been killed, in a truck accident, it’s time to speak with a Texas lawyer that knows how to handle these types of cases.

Herbert Law Group is here to help you.  We help take the stress off your plate, so you can focus on healing.  Let’s get to know you, understand what happened, and see how we can help.  Give us a call at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site.  It’s a free conversation so we can understand how we can help.

Texas Truck Accident Lawyer: How we Handle Your Claim

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Understanding what to do After a Truck Accident

Being involved in an accident with a truck almost always involves injury or death.  If you, or a loved one, have suffered in one of these wrecks, you need a Texas truck accident lawyer to help along the way.


Because truck accidents are very different than automobile or motorcycle wrecks.  There are different laws that may apply, different regulations that must be followed, and different parties that could be held liable.

Here’s how it all breaks down.

A Brief Overview of the Truck Accident Claim Process

There are a lot of steps that go into these accidents, so we’ve pared them down so you know the basics of what to expect and what we will handle for you.

Your Texas truck accident lawyer will:

  • Analyze the official accident report written up by the local law enforcement.
  • Review the driving logs and records of the driver of the truck and the trucking company in general.
  • Review the maintenance history of the truck and when it was last inspected.
  • Talk things over with your doctors, analyze medical bills, and treatment plans necessary for your full recovery.
  • Review evidence, including any traffic cameras, dash cameras, witness statements, and more.
  • Work with the trucking company’s insurance negotiating a settlement that fully compensates you for your losses.

If the insurance company is not willing to come to an agreeable settlement, we are willing to file a lawsuit and go to court to argue for what you deserve.

You, the victim, will:

  • Know that everything is handled, reduce your stress, and focus on healing from your injuries.

When you have a Texas truck accident lawyer on your side, you don’t have to worry about all of the legal “stuff” that goes on.  You don’ need to be an expert on truck crashes, because you have an expert on your side.

Why Truck Wrecks are so Different

But why do you need an attorney to handle all of this for you?  Can’t you just collect the settlement offer?

Yes, you certainly could accept the settlement that the insurance company offers.  However, those settlement offers are generally way less than what you fully deserve.

In addition to that, truck accidents have so many different factors to consider, are you prepared to go through them all?  If you’re injured, or grieving the loss of a loved one, are you prepared to take on that task?

Knowing what happened in the wreck is one thing.  But do you know which party is liable for the crash?  It might be the driver, the trucking company, the maintenance crew, the company that loaded the cargo, the employer, a mixture of all of them, or someone else completely.

Check out our post on how to understand third party liability in a truck accident for some more details on that.

Herbert Law Group – Your Texas Truck Accident Lawyer

The bottom line is you’re injured: physically, emotionally, or both.  And you shouldn’t have to worry about all of this stuff.  It wasn’t your fault to begin with, so you shouldn’t be on the hook to clean up the mess.

That’s why we are here.  As professional truck accident lawyers in the Dallas, Texas area, we know how to handle these types of cases.

All we need from you is some basic information to see if we are a good fit.  Give us a call at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll get started with a free conversation.

Regulation Violations Lead to Truck Accidents

Texas Truck Accident Lawyer Regulations

Which Trucking Regulations are Violated the Most Often?

With over 2 million semi trucks on the road at any given moment, there are going to be accidents that happen.

Because getting in a wreck with one of these big rigs is much more dangerous than colliding with a smaller vehicle, and because truck drivers are on the road much more than the average motorist, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has come up with regulations to ensure the safest trucks and drivers are out there helping keep American operating.

The problem, however, is that often greed can get in the way of safety.  When regulations are violated, you are put at risk.

Which Regulations are most likely to be Violated?

Regulations are in place to ensure that those driving big rigs have the proper skills and training in order to operate safely on our roads.  Unfortunately, sometimes a company will skip, pass over, or ignore the regulations in order to increase their profits.  This puts you, and everyone else on the road, at danger.

Here are some of the regulations most often ignored.

Truck Driver Operating Hours – There are trucks that operate around the clock.  The vehicle itself is fine running constantly; the drivers, however, must be swapped out.

Drivers, in the USA, can only drive for 11 hours each day.  They must take at least a 30 minute break every 8 hours, and they can only be “on duty” for 14 hours before they must take a mandatory 10 hour break.  Throughout the week a driver can only operate for 60 hours before remaining off-duty for 34 hours.

In an industry where more driving hours means more money, this regulation is often violated; leading to tired drivers that are unsafe on the roadways.

Semi Truck Maintenance – Every vehicle must be maintained in order to stay operational.  Because trucks are on the road much more than most vehicles, they need to be inspected and maintained even more diligently.

Brakes, tires, and lights are the most common failures on a truck.  Because of their wear and tear, they must be inspected daily to ensure peak operating condition.  We have all seen the blown out tire fragments on the highway; when a tire gets too old, it becomes dangerous to everyone around.

Skipping maintenance may sound like a way to speed up a shipment or save a little money.  But it comes at the cost of putting lives at risk.

Freight and Cargo Loading – Properly loading cargo means the difference between being able to control the trailer, and having the trailer control the tractor portion of the semi truck.

Trucks are limited to 80,000 pounds, including both the trailer and the tractor.  This isn’t an arbitrary number; it’s determined by a lot of science around how these large vehicles operate.  Over-loading a trailer also puts extra strain on the tires, brakes, axles, and more; it can lead to other issues that may cause a wreck.

In addition, the way the cargo is loaded is regulated.  Weight distribution is important.  If loaded improperly the truck can fishtail, jackknife, or flip over.

Truck Driver Hiring – There are a handful of factors that can immediately disqualify an applicant from being hired: a history of DUI and too many moving violations are some of the most closely monitored.

Physical fitness, holding a CDL licenses, and random drug tests are also important aspects to ensure that the driver is taking care of him or herself and not putting others at risk.

Skipping out on these regulations, or overlooking what some consider as “minor” violations, can lead to accidents later on.

Herbert Law Group Helps Truck Accident Victims

There are a lot of factors that go into truck accidents; it’s not always a wreck that was merely the negligence of the driver.

Understanding the trucking laws, and what regulations may have been violated, are important factors when it comes to ensuring that you are fully compensated after a big rig accident.

If you have been injured in a semi truck wreck, or if a loved one was killed in one of these accidents, we should talk.  It starts with a simple conversation to see if we are a good fit.  There’s no obligation to you, so give us a call at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we will be in touch.

Causes of Semi Truck Wrecks: Brake Failure

semi truck wrecks caused by brake failure

Brake Failure Causes Many Semi Truck Wrecks

Semi trucks help to keep America moving.  They’re essential to transporting goods around the country, so that when we hit up our favorite stores, the products are on the shelves.

But when negligence is involved, these trucks become deadly.  Their size and weight can lead to devastating wrecks.  This is why truck drivers, and the owners of those rigs, are held to a higher standard than the average motorist.

Today we’ll look at who is liable if brake failure leads to a devastating semi truck wreck.

How common are Brake Failure Semi Truck Wrecks?

When looking at all of the causes of wrecks, from mechanical failure to driver error, we can see disturbing trends on where the proverbial “weak links” happen to be.

Driver error makes up the bulk of all accidents out there.  In fact, if we had “perfect” drivers for all vehicles everywhere, our accident rate would plummet so far that there would hardly be any accidents at all.

But that’s not the case.  And there are still mechanical issues to consider.  The biggest issue: brake failure.  This brake failure does have some overlap into driver error, and accounts for around 20-25% of all big rig wrecks out there.

Who Might be Liable for a Brake Failure Wreck?

Not all brake failure is the same.  Different causes are linked back to different liable parties.  When it comes to semi truck wrecks, it might be one of the following parties that failed to do their job properly:

Drivers – Those driving the semi are responsible for inspecting the brakes before, and often during, every trip.  They are the last to see if there are issues that could arise, and are required to know when things are wearing out or not working properly.

Owner/Operators – If the driver isn’t the owner of the big rig, the owner and operating company may be the responsible party.  If they have adjusted the brakes, so they aren’t operating optimally (often done as a way to save money) they could be responsible.

Loading Crew – There are specific ways to load semi trucks.  Without following guidelines, the loading crew or company may overload the wrong area of the truck.  This can put more strain on one set of brakes, causing them to overheat, malfunction, and ultimately fail.

Parts Manufacturers – When a part isn’t designed properly, but that part has already gone to the market, manufacturers are required to recall the defective part and replace it.  If the manufacturer fails to recall the part, or recalls it after the semi truck wreck, they could be found liable.

As you can see, there often isn’t just one liable party.  Often it’s a combination that leads up to brake failure causing the semi truck wreck.

This is why you need a personal injury lawyer on your side if you have been the victim of a one of these crashes.

How does Herbert Law Group Help Victims?

Herbert Law Group has helped a lot of victims after their wrecks.  We know exactly what should be looked at after a semi truck accident.  We know who to speak to, what to look for, and how to find the liable party.

These crashes cause a lot of pain and suffering.  The last thing you need to be doing when you’re trying to heal, is out there investigating the cause of the wreck.

Instead, let us do the hard work.  You focus on getting better, and we’ll find the way to ensure you’re fully compensated for your injuries.

Let’s talk about it.  Give us a call at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site to get things started.

Spring, Summer, and Fatal Semi Truck Accidents

fatal semi truck accidents texas

The Summer Brings an Increase in Fatal Semi Truck Accidents

As the winter gives way to spring, we see more and more people out enjoying the world around us.

More and more people are hitting the roads, and after Memorial Day, that number will increase dramatically.

With many more people on the roadways throughout the spring and summer, and in the south those nice days stick around well into the fall, we’ll see the annual uptick in fatal semi truck accidents.  When you’re traveling, be prepared so that you don’t end up one of the thousands of victims.

Why are there More Fatal Semi Truck Accidents in the Summer?

The most basic reason: there are more vehicles on the road during the summer.  More traffic leads to more wrecks.

But there are a number of other factors that come into play as well.  All things combined, it leads to a bit more of a perfect storm for fatal semi truck accidents.

Construction Zones: Summer is construction season; especially when you head to states up north where they have a limited window to get things done.  These congested areas can be dangerous.

Wear and Tear on Tires: Generally speaking, the hotter it is, the harder the roads are on tires.  Blowing out a tire can lead to a swerving semi and a crash.

More Distractions: In the fall, winter, and spring, the weather is usually worse.  Hazards on the road and weather conditions mean drivers are actually paying more attention.  When those roads are open, we zone out or are tempted to pick up the phone.

No School: Teenage drivers are inexperienced drivers.  Most of the year they are in school, and not on the roads.  But during the summer, there are more inexperienced drivers out there.

You can’t pinpoint one reason as being more of a cause of wrecks than the other; they all work together to end up being a bad situation.

What Day of the Week is the Worst for Travel?

Interestingly enough, you can pinpoint a day that has more semi truck wrecks than others.

Weekends, although busier for most travel, have fewer trucks on the road.

But come Thursday, more big rigs crash than any other day of the week.  The reason is likely a combination of fatigue and trying to finish up a route so they can get home, or at least be done working, for the weekend.

How to Avoid being in an Accident

So, we know when the worst accidents occur, now we need to know how to avoid them.

If you don’t have to travel on Thursday, then stay off the road on Thursday (we can narrow that down to weekdays between noon and 3pm too; it seems that after lunch people get drowsy).

When you’re driving during the summer, make sure you pay extra attention to your surroundings, and other vehicles.  Notice a truck’s tires: if one starts smoking it’s probably going to blow soon.  Notice construction zones, and be aware of any vehicle rapidly approaching from behind you if you’re slowing for these areas.  Keep your head about you, don’t drive dangerously, and put that phone down.

Herbert Law Group is here to Help

The sad reality is that no matter how much awareness we have, fatal semi truck accidents are always going to be an issue (even when they’re fully autonomous, errors will happen).

If you, or your loved one, have been injured or killed in a semi truck accident, you need the help of an experienced truck accident lawyer.

Herbert Law Group knows the laws.  We understand what to look for, who is to blame, and how to pursue justice for you.  You deserve compensation that will completely cover your losses; we’ll get you there.

Give us a call at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site, and we’ll be in touch.  Let’s have a conversation first, see how we can help, and then go from there.

What your Truck Accident Settlement May Include

Texas Truck Accident Settlement

After a Texas Truck Accident, Your Settlement Should Compensate Losses

Truck wrecks generally come with a lot of damage.  The size difference between a passenger vehicle and fully loaded semi truck means that there’s going to be much more damage done to the car and not the truck itself.

Depending on the severity of your truck accident, your settlement will vary considerably.  With the help of Herbert Law Group, you’ll have a Texas truck accident attorney helping you receive the compensation you deserve.

That compensation may include economic and non-economic damages.  Here’s how that breaks down.

Economic Damages in your Truck Accident Settlement

The terms are kind of strange, but the concept boils down to what you can and cannot put a firm price tag on.  Economic damages are those that you know how much they cost you.

Damage to your Vehicle – Also called property damage; this is any damage to your personal property including your vehicle, belongings inside the vehicle, and other physical property.

Medical Bills – When you’re in the hospital recovering from injuries, you rack up medical bills.  They’re pretty easy to add up, even those medical bills that might pop up in the future.

Lost Hours at Work – Recovering from trauma can take a toll on the body.  You’re not about to go back to work any time soon.  Calculating your salary based on the number of days you missed at work brings us to an easy to find number of how much it cost you to miss out on work.

If your loved one was killed in a truck wreck, we can still use formulas to figure out the economic costs you suffer.

Non-Economic Damages in your Truck Accident Settlement

Non-economic damages are where settlements come in drastically different from each other.  Insurance companies can’t really fudge the numbers on economic damages; you can easily see the receipts for those.  But non-economic damages are those that you can’t put a firm price tag on.

Pain and Suffering – Without breaking things down to minutia, non-economic damages can mostly be lumped into one category: pain and suffering.  This is where you are compensated for mental distress, and if you lost a loved one compensation for having your partner die.

After a traumatic wreck, it’s going to take some time to get back on track.  Nobody knows how long that might take.  It could be years before you mentally recover.  Your settlement needs to include the professional mental healthcare that you need in order to recover from the pain and suffering you experience.

Herbert Law Group takes the Stress out of the Settlement

Dealing with insurance companies is stressful.

Healing from a traumatic crash with a semi truck is stressful.

The truck accident lawyers at Herbert Law Group are professional stress relievers.  Dealing with those insurance companies so that all you have to do is focus on healing from your injuries.

Give us a call at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site, and we’ll get started to taking away the stress from your wreck, and pushing for the maximum settlement that ensure you’re fully compensated for your losses.

Will the Trucker Shortage Lead to More Truck Wrecks?

trucker shortage personal injury lawyer Dallas

A Variety of Factors Must Be Considered

It’s estimated that by 2030 there will be a shortage of 160,000 drivers in the trucking world.

Over the next ten years, when you account for drivers retiring, there’s a need for a million new truck drivers to be trained and hit the road.  With all things considered, the trucker shortage isn’t likely to get better (barring some major innovations in self driving trucks), and can have drastic effects on traffic on our major highways around the country.

As personal injury attorneys in the Dallas area, we’re concerned with safety on the road.  Will fewer trucks mean fewer wrecks?  Or do other factors come into play that could cause the dangers to dramatically increase?

Fewer Trucks Means Less Traffic

As roads become more populated, more congested, and overall traffic increases, the likelihood or wrecks increases too.  This goes for truck wrecks, car wrecks, motorcycle wrecks, UFO wrecks, and everything in between.

As the trucker shortage worsens, it’s only fair to assume that there will be fewer semi trucks on the highway.  In theory that should reduce the number of truck wrecks on any given year.

Unfortunately, the following issues might not make that a reality.

Bigger Push to Get People Driving                      

Because shipping companies need drivers, there will be bigger and harder pushes to get drivers on board with their new career.  Increasing wages is one method, and that’s a great way to keep the economy moving.  But there are downsides that can come with a push for new drivers.

Getting drivers up and running sooner can mean skipping over some important training.  It can also mean drivers that would be passed over due to their driving record, background checks, or the fact that they just aren’t a good fit may be ignored.  The result is drivers on the roads that are improperly trained, or unfit to be behind the wheel of a big rig.

A Trucker Shortage means More Miles and Longer Hours

Let’s suppose you have to move 10 loads of cargo.  With 10 drivers it would all get done at once.  But if you’re short 5 drivers, it now takes twice as long.  To compensate, drivers may be encouraged to push the limits and drive more miles and for longer hours (this is illegal, by the way, drivers are limited to how much they can work in a given period).

Pushing the limits, fudging the numbers, and overall ignoring the laws might look like it’s a good way to get more done.  But fatigue is a real issue, and can lead to deadly consequences.

Heavier Trucks to Haul more Cargo in Fewer Trips

An alternative to driving longer and farther is to just load up the trucks a bit more.  Legally a truck must stay under 80,000 pounds, but there are always ways to get around that.  It all depends on how sneaky a company is, and what they’re willing to risk.

An overweight truck may land the driver or company a hefty fine.  In some states it could result in jail time for the driver.

But the consequences might be more severe.  Overweight vehicles don’t just put a strain on the road, bridges, and other infrastructure.  They’re incredibly difficult to stop in an emergency.  That lengthened stop time can mean deadly crashes.

Drivers Moving Faster than Necessary

When you’re limited on how much weight you can haul; limited on how many miles and hours you can drive; and understaffed, then you end up taking more risks.  Like speeding to the destination in order to stay within the allowable hours of drive time.

The trucker shortage may lead to more big rigs zipping down the road at dangerous speeds.  These vehicles are already difficult to stop.  Add a few more miles per hour, and the risk of deadly crashes increases dramatically.

Let Herbert Law Group Help with Your Truck Accident

Whether the trucker shortage plays a factor into a wreck you’ve been involved in is irrelevant.  You have just one goal: to heal from your injuries.

But when you’re dealing with the stressful situation you’ve been forced into, healing doesn’t come easily.  And that’s why you need a truck accident lawyer from Herbert Law Group.

With extensive knowledge on truck accidents, you can take comfort knowing that your case is being handled with care.  The result is that you don’t have to stress out about the details, and put all your energy into healing from injuries.

Give us a call at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site to get started with your free consultation.

The Hazards of a Tanker Truck Accident

Texas lawyer tanker truck accident

Tanker Trucks come with a Host of Secondary Dangers

Big rig trucks pose more danger on the highways than passenger vehicles; it’s merely a matter of size difference.  A big truck has more force than a smaller vehicle.

But not all trucks are equal.  A fully loaded rig is going to pack more of a punch (and take longer to stop) than one running empty.

A tanker truck accident is going to pose even more problems.  Depending on the cargo in the tanker, serious dangers could arise after the accident.

Tanker Trucks versus Trailer or Flatbed

Even liquid cargo has to be hauled, but the means of storing that cargo is different than dry goods.  Those cylinder tanks aren’t just for looks.

Without sharp corners, a tank doesn’t have weak spots like a rectangular container does.  This helps to contain the cargo if the vehicle does wreck, and allows for pressure changes throughout the trip.

The cylindrical shape allows the bulk of the weight to be down lower, keeping the center of gravity low to the ground to prevent the truck from tipping or rolling.

That shape also allows the cargo to be drained easier without getting caught in little nooks and crannies.

Finally, what we can’t see is inside the tanks.  They’re designed with baffles to help ensure the liquid doesn’t slosh all over the place in the event of a sudden stop.  Here’s a great video that shows a simulation of how the truck can stop up to 25 feet sooner with the baffles versus without.

Dangers of Tanker Truck Accidents

The dangers of the tanker truck accident have to do with the cargo being moved.

When hauling inert cargo like milk, the spillage from the wreck might end up smelling pretty bad, but it’s not likely to cause injury or damage to lives.

But many of these trucks are hauling oil, gasoline, or other hazardous materials.  If there’s a spill when these tanker trucks wreck, the chemicals and fumes can cause more damage than the crash actually does.

Take for instance, a tanker truck that turned over in Mississippi a few years ago.  The truck spilled thousands of gallons of hydrogen peroxide.  Left on its own, the hydrogen peroxide will eventually break down into water and oxygen, but if anyone comes into contact with it before it breaks down it can pose a serious hazard to human health.

Gasoline, that could explode, or other chemicals that can be fatal if inhaled, pose even greater risks.

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