After a Truck Accident in Texas, Be Aware of These Key Points

Truck accident in Texas

How to Talk about Your Texas Truck Accident

If you have been injured in a truck accident in Texas, you have the right to file a claim against the trucking company for damages.  These damages don’t just include your wrecked vehicle, medical bills, lost wages and the like, but they can include pain and suffering – an aspect of the wreck many insurance companies hope you don’t know about.

Let’s see what the Car Crash Captain has to say about being in a Texas truck accident.

Understanding Your Rights as a Victim

The first thing you have to know after a truck accident in Texas, is that most trucking companies will have their lawyers and insurance company move into action quickly.  They are going to gather evidence, get quotes, take names, and analyze how they can diminish your claim.  Don’t panic!  The sooner you can get your truck wreck lawyer informed the better.

Do – Take Names and Information

When someone from the trucking company calls you (or their insurance company, or their legal representation) the first thing you should ask for is their name, who they work for, and their contact information.  Any reputable business will give this information, if they hesitate or don’t do it, make a note of what you do know.

Do Not – Give a Statement

The insurance company will likely call you on a recorded line.  Their goal is to get you to say something that diminishes your claim.  Questions can be phrased in a tricky way so you admit fault unwillingly.  Perhaps something along the lines of, “When you changed lanes without signaling, did you see the truck?”  Even answering, “No I did not see the truck.” Can be twisted to say that you admit you did an illegal lane change.  The best option is to just not give any statement at all.  Instead…

Do – Refer to Your Texas Truck Accident Lawyer

When insurance, trucking company lawyers, or the trucking company themselves call you, gather their information, and then refer them to your truck accident lawyer.  If they ask questions, you just have to say, “I am represented by Herbert Law Group, please direct any inquiries to them.”  It is likely they will insist on getting information, they just need, “a little information.” And will ask questions such as, “Is it true this accident took place on such and such a date?”  Keep your resolve, and direct them to Herbert Law Group.

Do Not – Accept the First Settlement Offer

Insurance companies rely on the fact that you don’t know the law the way they do.  They may throw out a settlement offer and make it sound like it’s a “take it or leave it” proposition.  In reality, you don’t have to take the first settlement offer.  It’s usually better if you do not take that offer – even if you’re in a simple fender bender.  You can almost always argue for a better settlement that will meet your needs.

Do – Know You have the Right to Choose

Most insurance companies will try to get you to use their preferred providers.  They will claim that the settlement will go quicker or more smoothly if you use the auto body shop of their choice, of if you choose the doctor they have endorsed.  Remember, you have the right to choose your service provider – it doesn’t have to be their recommended provider.

Do Not – Post on Social Media

Immediately following the wreck, it’s time to go silent on social.  A post as innocuous as “Got in a wreck, I’m fine, don’t worry about me.” Can be construed as you are faking your injuries.  Insurance investigators will find anything that can be used to weaken your claim.  Even performing physical activities in public can be seen as your injuries are not as severe as you said.  Stay silent on social, and monitor your actions where someone could be watching.

Do Contact Herbert Law Group after a Truck Accident in Texas

Long before any insurance company should be contacting you, you should have already contacted Herbert Law group to get guidance on the wreck.

Before we can help, though, we have to know what happened.  So, we’ve opened the phone lines for a free consultation.  Call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

Semi-Truck Accidents Happen, and You Need a Lawyer

semi-truck accidents texas

Why You Need a Lawyer after a Semi-Truck Wreck

Often, wrecks seem like they’re pretty straightforward.  You crash, swap insurance information, insurance pays out, and get back to living your life.  That certainly works in many situations, usually when there are no injuries.  But being involved in a semi-truck accident, there’s more to consider.

Let’s look at what the Car Crash Captain has to say about these wrecks and what you need to consider if you, or a loved one, are involved in a crash with a big rig.

Liability with a Truck Wreck is Complex

When you’re involved in a wreck with another passenger vehicle, liability is usually a bit more straightforward – whoever is operating the vehicle is almost always the one held liable.  Considering semi-truck accidents, liability is a bit more complex.

Without getting too deep into the weeds, since we have written about third-party liability before, we will leave it with a question: Do you know who might be at fault after a semi-truck accident?

There is Often Hidden Evidence

Hidden evidence doesn’t necessarily mean the evidence was intentionally hidden or covered up.  Although, that does happen.  In this sense, it means there’s a whole bunch of evidence that most people wouldn’t consider looking for.  Trucking companies understand the risks and know how likely their drivers are to be involved in wrecks.  They (or their lawyers) also know what to look for to help disprove your claim so they don’t look like the bad guy.

Do you know who else knows what to look for after semi-truck accidents?  Yep, your Texas personal injury lawyer.

Federal Regulations Create Specific Rules

Speaking of liability, some of that comes down to the government’s regulations on semi-truck drivers.  These vehicles are big, and if operated poorly, they are dangerous.  Without scrutinizing the websites that outline drive hours, maintenance standards, load securing, and licensing – would you know what to look for to show the semi-truck driver wasn’t following regulations?

Emotional and Psychological Trauma will Endure

Many people will fail to consider some aspects of semi-truck accidents – actually, it’s an aspect of almost all wrecks.  Psychological and emotional injuries will last longer than you realize.  Most insurance companies are counting on the fact that you won’t even consider them.  Damaged vehicle?  Easy to calculate the costs.  Missed work and medical bills?  Also easy.  Ongoing PTSD, anxiety, depression, and a crippling inability to drive on the highways around semi-trucks… how do you factor that into your claim?

A good Texas lawyer, like those from Herbert Law Group, knows how to do all of that.  You can relax, rest, and recover while your attorney figures out the complex legal stuff.

Herbert Law Group Knows Semi-Truck Accidents

By now, you get it: you need a lawyer after a semi-truck accident.  And that’s exactly why Herbert Law Group is here.  Semi-truck accidents are tricky, they’re complex, and dealing with insurance is the last thing you want to do when you’re trying to recover from injuries.

So, let’s chat about what happened and see how we can help you.  Call our office at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site.  We’ll have a free consultation and get to know each other.

5 Perks of Hiring a Texas Truck Accident Lawyer

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After a Wreck, You Need a Lawyer

If you’re in a fender bender, things are often pretty straight forward.  You exchange information, contact insurance companies, get quotes to repair the damage, and go about your day.  It’s a pain and a burden, but there’s no reason for a lawyer to get involved most of the time.

However, if you’re injured in a truck accident, there’s a whole lot more going on than just exchanging information and getting a settlement check.  You need a Texas truck accident lawyer on your side to help ensure you receive compensation that’s going to allow you to heal completely.  Let’s check in with the Car Crash Captain to learn the five perks of hiring a Texas truck accident lawyer.

1 – You Can Focus on Recovering from Injuries

We have talked about it before – stress lengthens the time it takes to recover from injuries.  Your mind and body are connected.  When you are stressed out, like from dealing with insurance companies, doctors, police, repair shops, and trucking companies, your body isn’t able to heal as quickly as it should.  When you get help from a truck accident lawyer, you can get the rest you need to recover.

2 – Texas Truck Accident Lawyers have Expertise

Being in an accident with a big rig isn’t the same as a fender bender in the Walmart parking lot.  There are multiple parties involved, different damages, and a much more complex insurance system to work through.  A lawyer helps navigate those complex issues and uncover aspects that most people wouldn’t think of.

3 – Time and Ability to Research the Wreck

When you’re recovering, you have minimal energy and time to get things done.  Sometimes, such as when you’re asking for video evidence, there is a limited time period before it is overwritten.  Your Texas truck accident lawyer will know how to acquire the evidence, who to talk to, and the most efficient ways of reconstructing the scene.

4 – Experience to Negotiate a Better Settlement

Most initial settlement offers are not going to be sufficient.  That’s often true even when there are no injuries – if someone totals your $25,000 vehicle you might get a settlement offer for $18,000.  When you include injuries and non-economic damages like pain and suffering, many insurance companies will completely low-ball their offer to you.  Your attorney, however, knows what’s fair and can negotiate a higher settlement.

5 – You Receive Compensation that is Sufficient

When you get help from a truck accident lawyer, you have a higher chance of successful negotiations.  Your lawyer will go to bat for you, even going to court if it comes to it.  The end result is that your compensation is higher than if you tried to go it alone.  That higher compensation means you have an easier time recovering from your injuries and getting back to your life as usual.

Herbert Law Group has Texas Truck Accident Lawyers

If you were injured in a Texas truck accident, or if a loved one was killed in one, then we should talk about what happened and how we can help.

Just call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site, and we can have a free conversation about it.  Let’s get to know each other, learn what happened, and see how we can help.

Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers in Dallas talk Rear-End Collisions

Semi-truck accident lawyers dallas

What You Should Know about Semi Truck Accidents

Did you know that 23% of all motor vehicle wrecks are rear-end collisions?  That means if you’re in a wreck, there’s a 1 in 4 chance that you’re hit from behind.  As semi-truck accident lawyers in Dallas, we see plenty of wrecks that are rear-end collisions with the big rig at fault.

What should you expect after one of these crashes?  What leads up to them?  We’ll see what the Car Crash Captain has to say about getting rear-ended by a semi.

Why Are Rear-End Collisions so Common?

Getting hit from behind is largely due to one factor: not paying attention.  The driver behind you, for whatever reason, isn’t watching where he or she is going and they slam into the back of you.  The modern use of smart phones has only exacerbated this problem.

What about in the case of a semi?  At that point it can get a little more complicated than just not paying attention.

A fully loaded semi can take as much as 1.5 times the distance to stop than a passenger vehicle.  So, if you slam on your brakes and it takes you 100 feet to stop, the truck following behind you will take 150 feet.  This added stopping time can create some serious problems.

If the truck driver isn’t paying attention while driving, the vehicle ahead is in danger if they have to stop – even when the driver is following at a safe distance, that extra second or two makes a big difference.

On the other hand, maybe the trucker is paying attention.  There are still instances where a rear-end collision occurs.  If the trucker acts with lightning reflexes, but they’re following too closely, a wreck will still happen.

Now, there is a situation where you’re hit from behind and the truck driver might not be deemed at fault.  You probably know where we’re going with this.  If you cut in front of the truck, and then slam on your brakes in a fit of road rage, that truck will likely plow into the back of you and you’ll be held liable.  Brake checking is never a good idea – it’s an even worse idea to try to brake check an 80,000-pound vehicle.

What Happens when a Semi-Truck Rear Ends You?

The best-case scenario is that your vehicle is pretty smashed up – likely going to be deemed a total loss.  This best-case scenario, however, isn’t the most common.  Due to the weight difference between your passenger rig and the big rig, serious injuries are usually the result.  Often, you’re not the only victim.

When you’re hit by a semi-truck, your vehicle gets pushed around as though it weighs nothing.  This can lead to a multi-car pileup.  Depending on how fast the big rig was going at the time of impact determines how much damage everyone sustains – there are plenty of videos out there that show truck drivers that were distracted, and they plow through a line of stopped cars.

Common Injuries Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers See

Basically any injury from an accident that you can think of happens when semi-trucks rear-end passenger vehicles.

Whiplash even low speed collisions can result in strained necks.

Broken bones – spinal injuries are common, but other broken bones are as well.

Head injuries – including TBI from the head impacting a part of the vehicle.

Lacerations and bruising – the seatbelt can cause major bruising; broken glass can cut.

Even what appear to be minor injuries can lead to lifelong complications, and high medical bills.  It’s important to have a semi-truck accident lawyer on your side to ensure the compensation you receive is enough to cover those bills.

Herbert Law Group has Your Back

Herbert Law Group is on your side.  Our goal as semi-truck accident lawyers is to ensure that you aren’t left wondering what to do.  We know that recovery can be long and hard, and you don’t deserve to suffer financially as well.

If you, or a loved one, have been involved in a semi-truck accident, then we should talk about what happened and determine just where Herbert Law Group can help.

Call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site, and we’ll reach out for a free get-to-know-you conversation.

Semi-Truck Accidents Should Decline with AI Advancements

Ai advancements texas truck accident lawyer

AI Advancements Improve Truck Driving

Artificial Intelligence is all the talk lately.  It seems that it was always just kind of there, but suddenly when Chat GPT launched, everything absolutely boomed.

This technology has been around for quite a while.  Only recently, however, has it really made its way into the mainstream.  A place where just about anyone with internet access can create AI generated art, write an AI generated story, and ideally create a better life for everyone.

So, how do AI Advancements help to reduce the number of Texas semi-truck accidents?  Let’s check in with the Car Crash Captain and see what’s going on.

There is a Lot of AI in our Driving Already

If you drive a newer vehicle, you have already used some of these AI advancements.  They make driving not only safe and easier, but more comfortable for those operating the vehicle.

What does AI consist of?  Generally, it’s the technology advancements in our vehicles.  It’s not true learning AI, that adjusts itself to your behavior, but rather AI that helps to modify your behavior in case something goes wrong.  For example:

  • Brake assist
  • Lane departure
  • Autonomous driving
  • Fatigue alerts

Some of these are mere bells or chimes that alert you, the driver, to take control and avoid a situation.  Others will take over control for you.  Some higher end, and newer, vehicles will learn your driving habits too, and be able to adjust to your preferences over time.

AI Advancements in the Trucking Industry

In the trucking industry, these AI advancements are already helping to save lives.  However, there are even more that can be implemented to reduce the number of wrecks.

For instance, AI can learn about variations in speed, lane departure, and more by analyzing data between the last stops, instances of variations, and driver fatigue.  These can be used to customize when, how long, and how often a driver should take a break.

AI can monitor maintenance of the big rig as well.  Analyzing tire pressure, fuel levels, engine performance, and more will allow the computers to make on-the-fly changes that can prevent a wreck before something goes wrong.

Driver facing cameras can learn the signs of fatigue in a truck driver.  As the driver becomes drowsy, a system of alerts can ensure that he or she is able to pull over and take a break before they get too tired.

Over time, other cameras will be able to scan the road for hazards, and take preventative action before the driver even sees what’s going on.  These computers can then communicate to other vehicles, to let them know what is to be expected down the road.

There is far more coming down the line, especially as autonomous trucks become more prevalent on our roadways.  But the bottom line and ultimate goal is to continue to make the roadways safer for everyone, while keeping the economy moving forward with efficient transportation.

Come to Herbert Law Group after a Truck Wreck

No matter how much technology there is in a truck, something will still go wrong.  Despite the AI advancements that will help to reduce the number of wrecks, there will likely never be a time where there are absolutely no truck wrecks.

That is why Herbert Law Group is dedicated to ensuring that victims are taken care of after an accident.

If you were injured in Texas truck wreck, or a loved on died as a result of one of these wrecks, it’s important that we make sure you’re receiving the compensation that you deserve.  Let’s chat about what happened, and determine how we can help.

Call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and let’s get to know each other.

Hours of Service Laws for Truck Drivers

hours of service truck accident Texas

Hours of Service Laws May Impact your Semi Truck Accident Case

Commercial truck drivers are held to different standards than the average motorist.  Since these professional drivers are on the road for more hours, often driving huge vehicles, they have rules to follow so everyone is kept safe.

One of those rules limits the number of hours they can be on the road.

Let’s check in with the Car Crash Captain and learn about these rules, why they’re important, and how they can impact your truck accident case.

What are the Hours of Service Laws?

The laws differ slightly if the driver is carrying property (cargo, goods, etc.) or if they are carrying people (like on busses, etc.).

For drivers carrying property, they can only drive for a maximum of 11 hours after taking 10 consecutive hours off.

For drivers carrying people, they can only drive for a maximum of 10 hours after taking 8 consecutive hours off.

Property drivers may not drive beyond the 14th consecutive hour after coming on duty, following 10 consecutive hours off duty.

People drivers may not drive after being on duty for 15 hours, following 8 consecutive hours off duty.

Property drivers must take a 30-minute break once they hit 8 hours on the road.

Both people and property drivers may not exceed 60 hours on duty in a 7-day period, or 70 hours in an 8-day period.

Thoroughly confused?  Don’t fret about it too much unless you’re a truck driver.  Otherwise, the details of the laws are something that your truck accident lawyer in Texas already know, and they’ll come into play when analyzing your case.  If you really want to brush up on your truck driver laws, check out the FMCSA website.

What if those Laws aren’t Followed?

The real issue is what happens when a commercial driver decides to ignore those laws?  What if they fudge their numbers a bit and exceed the limits?

We aren’t talking legal implications, yet.

The laws aren’t just random and arbitrary.  They’re the result of years of study and research.  After analyzing truck driver patterns, wrecks, and causes, the result was that by implementing these hours of service limitations, the number of wrecks caused by fatigue are greatly reduced.

When these service hours aren’t followed, the likelihood of a Texas truck accident go up.  And so does the likelihood of using chemical substances to reduce fatigue.

Getting caught, of course, is going to severely impact the driver and the trucking company.  Federal penalties, fines of up to $16,000 (even higher if the driver is transporting hazardous material), reduced safety ratings, and other sanctions are possible.

Who is Liable if the Laws are Broken?

As with all commercial vehicle accidents, liability isn’t always straightforward.  There can be several at-fault parties.

The first party looked at is always the driver.  They are in control of the vehicle, and in control of how many hours they put behind the wheel.  Many trucks now have electronic logs that are difficult, if not impossible, to tamper with.  But older trucks still require the driver to manually input hours into their driving log.  If the driver willingly exceeded their allowable hours, they could be liable.

Some companies, however, don’t care too much about those laws.  Faster shipments mean more money, and it is not unheard of that a company will force drivers to keep driving even after they have hit their limit.  If this is the case, the trucking company may be liable.

Drivers and trucking companies will try to do whatever possible to negate or pass the blame.  If you’re not prepared with a Texas truck accident lawyer on your side, will you be able to argue for your own compensation?  What if you’re seriously injured in an accident?

Herbert Law Group Helps Maximize Your Settlement

Many people believe that their settlement will be lower because of the attorney fees.  The difference, however, is that when you use an attorney, you should be able to collect more compensation than if you try to go it alone.

Suppose this scenario.  You are injured and the insurance company offers a $100,000 settlement.  But you hire Herbert Law Group to help you receive the compensation you need to fully heal.  Our Texas truck accident lawyers work to bring in a $300,000 settlement for you.  Even after attorney fees, you still have at least double what you would have received had you argued for yourself.

Let’s talk about what happened and make sure we can help you.  Call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site.  It all starts with a free conversation, and we’ll take it from there.

What if a Blown Truck Tire Causes my Wreck?

blown truck tire semi accident lawyer texas

How do You Deal with a Truck Blowout?

Most highways are kept pretty clean.  After a wreck, debris is cleaned up quickly.  After a spill, crews get the roads cleared.  After a blown truck tire from a semi, the bits of rubber are at least moved to the side.

If you have been unlucky enough to see a truck blow a tire (a short YouTube vid is included below to show what happens), you know that it’s fast and can potentially cause a wreck.  If you have been unlucky enough to be hit by debris which in turn caused you to crash your vehicle, then keep reading as the Car Crash Captain describes what goes into the process of being compensated for the damages done to your property and your injuries.

Immediately Following the Accident

Right away, follow the same procedures you would after any other accident – whether with a big rig or a passenger vehicle.

  • Safely Pull Over
  • Place an Emergency Call
  • Exchange Information with Truck Driver
  • Take Pictures of the Incident

Depending on the severity of the crash, all of this might not be feasible.  If you’re pinned in the vehicle, or have extreme injuries, your primary concern needs to be to get help.  Ideally, witnesses will aid you in this situation.  Because pictures might not be available, it’s always recommended you travel with a dashcam to capture video footage of the incident.

Contact Insurance and File a Police Report

Filing a police report will create an official document that can be referenced when your truck accident lawyer seeks compensation for your wreck.  In many situations, you are legally obligated to file a police report; here in Texas, police reports are mandatory if there are injuries, fatalities, or damage exceeds $1,000 (anymore that’s not a lot of damage).

Contacting your insurance company, you let them know what happened, but also direct them to Herbert Law Group if they have further questions.  In most situations, the trucking company’s insurance (or the driver’s insurance) will be responsible.

Let Your Truck Accident Lawyer Get the Details

There is a lot that goes into these trucking accidents.  It’s not always as straightforward as you may think.  Your attorney at Herbert Law Group will start to reconstruct the scene.  Determining why the tire blew, who is responsible, and what compensation you deserve based on what is determined.

Even with all of that, there may be more than one liable party.  It could be one, or more, of the following… or even another third party:

  • The driver
  • The trucking company
  • The tire manufacturer
  • The tire shop
  • The maintenance department

Only after your truck accident lawyer determines what exactly happened, then the focus can turn toward who is liable for the blown truck tire, and ultimately responsible to make things right.

Heal from Your Injuries

Finally, while all this is going on, you have two responsibilities.

One – Only talk with your truck accident lawyer.  Talking with anyone else could end up with your words being twisted and misconstrued, and your claim devalued.

Two – Heal from your injuries.  With everything else taken care of, you get to focus on getting better.

Herbert Law Group Helps with Texas Truck Accidents

Whether you’re in a wreck because a blown truck tire causes the accident, or any other form of truck driver negligence, Herbert Law Group is here to help.

To know how we can help, we have to first know what happened.  Let’s get to know each other, find out what happened, and go from there.  It’s a simple (free) phone call to 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll be in touch.

PS: Here’s that video we promised in the intro… it’s not ours, just one that was uploaded to YouTube.

Three Stories of Semi-Truck Accident Survivors

semi-truck accident survivors texas lawyer

Many Truck Accidents are Deadly; but Not All

You’ve heard the stats before.  Those that show just how much larger a big rig is than a passenger vehicle, and how physics determines the amount of damage a vehicle will take when struck by a much larger vehicle.  But there are stories of semi-truck accident survivors.

Not all crashes are deadly, so we wanted to take a pause to share about three wrecks where survivors were able to walk away.  Note that in the first story one of the victims walked away, others were not as fortunate.  All of them need the advice from the Car Crash Captain when navigating the tricky waters that follow a semi-truck accident.

Semi-Truck Accident Survivors are less Common

Survivors, especially those who escape without serious injuries, are not common occurrences after collisions with a big truck.  But they do happen.

2022, New York, a Lucky Survivor

Early on a spring morning, outside of Albany, a semi-truck collided with a handful of passenger vehicles after traffic slowed, and the truck driver wasn’t able to slow his big rig in time.  The collision resulted in two deaths, but somehow one of the accident victims managed to walk away with minor injuries; bruised and sore but nothing that required surgery or allowing broken bones to heal.

The entire ordeal happened quickly, and the lucky survivor saw the semi bearing down on her.  There was nothing to do but brace for impact.  Even without serious physical injuries, it’s still important to talk with a semi-truck accident lawyer to ensure that emotional injuries are accounted for.  More details of this wreck on the News 10 Website.

2021, Washington, Trapped in a Flattened Vehicle

As a 46-year-old woman was driving across the Skagit River Bridge, north of Seattle, in Washington state, traffic ahead of her began to slow.  She braked and slowed to nearly a stop, but the semi-truck driver behind her didn’t slow in time.

With a loud bang, the truck not only smashed into the back of the vehicle, but crumpled it and landed on top of it.  Viewing the wreckage (available in a short video on the ABC 7 News site), it’s hard to believe anyone could survive inside the vehicle that was flattened.  But when first responders arrived, the victim pulled herself out through a small gap where the passenger window once was.  The report says she had pain in her head and ribs, signs that could indicate more trauma, and an indicator that after a wreck you always want to be checked over by a doctor immediately.

2015, Oregon, Pinned between Two Trucks

The interstate was icy, and fog was limiting vision when a young driver came upon a jack-knifed semi-truck outside a small town in Northwest Oregon.  He was part of a 26-vehicle pileup (read about multi-vehicle wrecks in our previous blog), but what makes his story so unique was not only that he survived, but shortly after he wrecked, he saw headlights from another semi coming toward him.

All he could do was grip the wheel and pray for the best.  And the best did happen.  Despite the collision, and the small pickup truck being squashed between two big trucks, the young driver had merely a bruise on his eyebrow and a few scratches on his hand.  Take a look at the report on CNN for some shocking pictures of just how tightly smashed in he was.

What Happens if You’re a Semi-Truck Accident Survivor?

Aside from the obvious, of never going through a situation like these described above, the best-case scenario after a semi-truck accident is that you get to walk away with minor injuries.

But does that mean you’re in the clear?  Does that mean there’s nothing else to worry about other than getting a settlement check from the insurance company to pay for the damage to your vehicle?

There’s often more than meets the eye to these wrecks.  Certainly, a check to replace your rig may cover all of your financial losses.  But there will still be reports that need filed, hospital visits, ongoing follow-ups to ensure nothing else comes up, and often counseling to make sure that your mental health is not damaged.

Because there are all of these “hidden” costs that semi-truck accident survivors incur – costs the insurance companies are going to hope that you don’t realize are there – you need a personal injury lawyer on your side.

Herbert Law Group Helps Semi-Truck Accident Survivors

Whether you walked away seemingly unscathed, or you were seriously injured (or in the worst case, your loved one was killed), Herbert Law Group is on your side.  Our goal is to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve, so that you’re not stressed about money after a wreck that wasn’t your fault.

Let’s talk about what happened, and see how we can help.  Serving Texas from our offices in the Dallas area, we are just a phone call away – dial 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll reach out to you.

What to Expect from a Texas Trucking Company Lawsuit

Texas Trucking Company Lawsuit

A Lawsuit with a Texas Trucking Company can Get Complicated

There are a lot of wrecks that are straightforward.  They’re the ones where someone wasn’t paying attention and crunched up the other vehicle.  It’s a stressful time, but without any injuries, things often go fairly smoothly.  Semi-truck wrecks are different, and they often result in a Texas trucking company lawsuit.

Let’s take a look at what the Car Crash Captain says about these wrecks.  We’ll see what difficulties we can expect, and why they’re not as easy or straightforward as passenger vehicle crashes.

How Fault May be Determined

In most instances, where a car smacks into another car, the at-fault party is easy to determine.  Then, the victim pursues the negligent party’s insurance for compensation.

When a big rig is involved, however, it might not be just the driver that is at fault.  There are other parties involved.

Driver Error – Yes, most accidents do occur because of driver error – or driver negligence.  If the truck driver is driving recklessly, or impaired, they made a mistake and they are the liable party.

Operational Hours – Drivers are only allowed to be driving for a set number of hours.  If they are forced to go beyond this, their employer may be at least partially liable for the truck accident.

Employer Negligence – Employer negligence can range from bad hiring (hiring truck drivers with known driving issues), to failing to maintain the truck, to a handful of other issues that could lead to the Texas truck accident.

There could be even more parties that are liable, something that would be uncovered in a Texas trucking company lawsuit.  Check out our previous blog on who might be the negligent party.

How a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Helps

Why not just go it alone?  It’s certainly an option, but it might not be in your best interest.

If you’ve been injured in the truck accident, your primary goal should be to heal from your injuries.  That means your focus shouldn’t be on pursuing this Texas trucking company lawsuit.  It also means that you should have a personal injury lawyer on your side.

Trucking companies often have large legal firms backing them.  They have the resources necessary to really dive into this case, and prevent you from receiving the settlement that you deserve.  Some may even take shady tactics that disguise the truth, and you end up confused without a real resolution to what happened.

With a personal injury lawyer, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

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Why is an Overloaded Semi Truck Dangerous?

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It’s Not about Damage to the Roadways

Along the interstates throughout the country, there are truck weigh stations.  These checkpoints help to ensure that trucks follow weight limit guidelines, and deter overloaded semi-trucks from congesting the roadways.

But there’s more to an overloaded truck than just exceeding weight limits.  When a truck is too heavy, it can pose a potential danger to other motorists.  Let’s take a look at what the Car Crash Captain has to say about overloaded semis, and what we should pay attention to.

Why Trucks Have a Weigh Limit on our Highways

The obvious reason we want to make sure that trucks aren’t overweight, is because of how much pressure they put on the road.  Our highways are strong, and designed to withstand a lot of force.  But when trucks exceed their weight limit (which is set at 80,000 pounds), they can exceed the strength of the road.  The result: more road construction to repair the damage.

But that’s just on the surface.  If we take a closer look, it’s also because a heavier truck is a more dangerous truck.

Overloaded Semi Truck Danger: Too Much Force

Did you take physics in high school or college?  If so you know that Force = Mass x Acceleration.  More force means more potential to do damage when another object is struck.  If you have a small bug that is hit by a vehicle, the bug won’t impart much force because it has a tiny mass; the mass of the vehicle means it has much more force.

If you have a passenger car that is hit by a semi-truck, the truck will impart much more force than the vehicle, because it has a larger mass.

If you have an overloaded semi-truck, the force just continues to go up.

Overloaded Semi Truck Danger: Improperly Balanced

The force isn’t the only problem that can pop up with an overloaded truck.

In order to keep anything from tipping over, spreading the weight out wide and low is the ideal solution.  But you can only spread the weight out on a truck so far – they are confined to certain size limits after all.  In order to pack more on, you pile it high.

When too much weight gets up higher, the truck gets top heavy.  Then, if a corner is taken too quickly, that truck can tip right over.   If you’re under the truck when it tips, things won’t look good.

Overloaded Semi Truck Danger: Cargo Loss

Of course, if you have a boxed in trailer, you can only load things so high before you hit the ceiling.  To get around that, someone intent on overloading a semi-truck, could utilize a flat bed trailer.  Then, without a ceiling, cargo piles high to the sky!

And just like when things get piled up a bit too high, they get wobbly and top heavy.  If the entire truck doesn’t tip over on that dangerous turn, portions of the cargo certainly could.  Then, scattered across the road, there are dozens of obstacles that lead to wrecks.

Overloaded Semi Truck Danger: Mechanical Failure

Something that many people don’t fully consider is the limitations of the trucks on the road.  They certainly are powerful machines, and can be put through a lot.  But they aren’t designed to handle anything and everything thrown at them.  They do, in fact, have load limits.

When those limits are surpassed, more strain is put on the rig.  Over time, that rig can wear out prematurely.  Tires can fail, brakes may fail, and other mechanical difficulties arise.  If the mechanics fail at the wrong time, a disaster could ensue.

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