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property damage coverage car insurance

How Car Insurance Works When You’re an Accident Victim

The Right Coverage Should Protect You It’s illegal to drive without auto insurance.  But there are studies that show that between 8% and 14% of drivers in Texas are cruising
Texas motorcycle accident

The 4 Main Causes of a Texas Motorcycle Accident

How to Avoid Being Involved in a Deadly Wreck Riding is more dangerous than driving, we know that.  But knowing what the main causes of a Texas motorcycle accident are
after a car wreck doctor visit

After a Car Wreck, Which Doctor Should You See?

Why it’s not Enough to Visit your Primary Care Physician When you’re injured in a wreck, what doctor do you go see? We have cardiac physicians to ensure our hearts
Motorcycle camera motorcycle wreck lawyer in texas

If You Ride, Use a Motorcycle Camera

Cameras Help with Accident Cases In most accidents there is a driver that is clearly at fault and one that is the victim. When it’s hard to prove what happened,
Texas Truck Accidents

Texas Truck Accidents Caused by Blown Tires

Determining Fault after a Tire Blowout Leads to a Wreck You’re driving down the highway when you see something in the road ahead.  Roadkill?  No, probably not… oh, it’s a
car accident settlement help

Using Your Vehicle’s Black Box Data in a Car Accident Settlement

How Data Helps in Your Settlement Offer After a plane crash we hear a lot about the black box.  This “indestructible” unit holds vital information on what happened just before