What if a Blown Truck Tire Causes my Wreck?

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How do You Deal with a Truck Blowout?

Most highways are kept pretty clean.  After a wreck, debris is cleaned up quickly.  After a spill, crews get the roads cleared.  After a blown truck tire from a semi, the bits of rubber are at least moved to the side.

If you have been unlucky enough to see a truck blow a tire (a short YouTube vid is included below to show what happens), you know that it’s fast and can potentially cause a wreck.  If you have been unlucky enough to be hit by debris which in turn caused you to crash your vehicle, then keep reading as the Car Crash Captain describes what goes into the process of being compensated for the damages done to your property and your injuries.

Immediately Following the Accident

Right away, follow the same procedures you would after any other accident – whether with a big rig or a passenger vehicle.

  • Safely Pull Over
  • Place an Emergency Call
  • Exchange Information with Truck Driver
  • Take Pictures of the Incident

Depending on the severity of the crash, all of this might not be feasible.  If you’re pinned in the vehicle, or have extreme injuries, your primary concern needs to be to get help.  Ideally, witnesses will aid you in this situation.  Because pictures might not be available, it’s always recommended you travel with a dashcam to capture video footage of the incident.

Contact Insurance and File a Police Report

Filing a police report will create an official document that can be referenced when your truck accident lawyer seeks compensation for your wreck.  In many situations, you are legally obligated to file a police report; here in Texas, police reports are mandatory if there are injuries, fatalities, or damage exceeds $1,000 (anymore that’s not a lot of damage).

Contacting your insurance company, you let them know what happened, but also direct them to Herbert Law Group if they have further questions.  In most situations, the trucking company’s insurance (or the driver’s insurance) will be responsible.

Let Your Truck Accident Lawyer Get the Details

There is a lot that goes into these trucking accidents.  It’s not always as straightforward as you may think.  Your attorney at Herbert Law Group will start to reconstruct the scene.  Determining why the tire blew, who is responsible, and what compensation you deserve based on what is determined.

Even with all of that, there may be more than one liable party.  It could be one, or more, of the following… or even another third party:

  • The driver
  • The trucking company
  • The tire manufacturer
  • The tire shop
  • The maintenance department

Only after your truck accident lawyer determines what exactly happened, then the focus can turn toward who is liable for the blown truck tire, and ultimately responsible to make things right.

Heal from Your Injuries

Finally, while all this is going on, you have two responsibilities.

One – Only talk with your truck accident lawyer.  Talking with anyone else could end up with your words being twisted and misconstrued, and your claim devalued.

Two – Heal from your injuries.  With everything else taken care of, you get to focus on getting better.

Herbert Law Group Helps with Texas Truck Accidents

Whether you’re in a wreck because a blown truck tire causes the accident, or any other form of truck driver negligence, Herbert Law Group is here to help.

To know how we can help, we have to first know what happened.  Let’s get to know each other, find out what happened, and go from there.  It’s a simple (free) phone call to 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll be in touch.

PS: Here’s that video we promised in the intro… it’s not ours, just one that was uploaded to YouTube.

Three Stories of Semi-Truck Accident Survivors

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Many Truck Accidents are Deadly; but Not All

You’ve heard the stats before.  Those that show just how much larger a big rig is than a passenger vehicle, and how physics determines the amount of damage a vehicle will take when struck by a much larger vehicle.  But there are stories of semi-truck accident survivors.

Not all crashes are deadly, so we wanted to take a pause to share about three wrecks where survivors were able to walk away.  Note that in the first story one of the victims walked away, others were not as fortunate.  All of them need the advice from the Car Crash Captain when navigating the tricky waters that follow a semi-truck accident.

Semi-Truck Accident Survivors are less Common

Survivors, especially those who escape without serious injuries, are not common occurrences after collisions with a big truck.  But they do happen.

2022, New York, a Lucky Survivor

Early on a spring morning, outside of Albany, a semi-truck collided with a handful of passenger vehicles after traffic slowed, and the truck driver wasn’t able to slow his big rig in time.  The collision resulted in two deaths, but somehow one of the accident victims managed to walk away with minor injuries; bruised and sore but nothing that required surgery or allowing broken bones to heal.

The entire ordeal happened quickly, and the lucky survivor saw the semi bearing down on her.  There was nothing to do but brace for impact.  Even without serious physical injuries, it’s still important to talk with a semi-truck accident lawyer to ensure that emotional injuries are accounted for.  More details of this wreck on the News 10 Website.

2021, Washington, Trapped in a Flattened Vehicle

As a 46-year-old woman was driving across the Skagit River Bridge, north of Seattle, in Washington state, traffic ahead of her began to slow.  She braked and slowed to nearly a stop, but the semi-truck driver behind her didn’t slow in time.

With a loud bang, the truck not only smashed into the back of the vehicle, but crumpled it and landed on top of it.  Viewing the wreckage (available in a short video on the ABC 7 News site), it’s hard to believe anyone could survive inside the vehicle that was flattened.  But when first responders arrived, the victim pulled herself out through a small gap where the passenger window once was.  The report says she had pain in her head and ribs, signs that could indicate more trauma, and an indicator that after a wreck you always want to be checked over by a doctor immediately.

2015, Oregon, Pinned between Two Trucks

The interstate was icy, and fog was limiting vision when a young driver came upon a jack-knifed semi-truck outside a small town in Northwest Oregon.  He was part of a 26-vehicle pileup (read about multi-vehicle wrecks in our previous blog), but what makes his story so unique was not only that he survived, but shortly after he wrecked, he saw headlights from another semi coming toward him.

All he could do was grip the wheel and pray for the best.  And the best did happen.  Despite the collision, and the small pickup truck being squashed between two big trucks, the young driver had merely a bruise on his eyebrow and a few scratches on his hand.  Take a look at the report on CNN for some shocking pictures of just how tightly smashed in he was.

What Happens if You’re a Semi-Truck Accident Survivor?

Aside from the obvious, of never going through a situation like these described above, the best-case scenario after a semi-truck accident is that you get to walk away with minor injuries.

But does that mean you’re in the clear?  Does that mean there’s nothing else to worry about other than getting a settlement check from the insurance company to pay for the damage to your vehicle?

There’s often more than meets the eye to these wrecks.  Certainly, a check to replace your rig may cover all of your financial losses.  But there will still be reports that need filed, hospital visits, ongoing follow-ups to ensure nothing else comes up, and often counseling to make sure that your mental health is not damaged.

Because there are all of these “hidden” costs that semi-truck accident survivors incur – costs the insurance companies are going to hope that you don’t realize are there – you need a personal injury lawyer on your side.

Herbert Law Group Helps Semi-Truck Accident Survivors

Whether you walked away seemingly unscathed, or you were seriously injured (or in the worst case, your loved one was killed), Herbert Law Group is on your side.  Our goal is to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve, so that you’re not stressed about money after a wreck that wasn’t your fault.

Let’s talk about what happened, and see how we can help.  Serving Texas from our offices in the Dallas area, we are just a phone call away – dial 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll reach out to you.

What to Expect from a Texas Trucking Company Lawsuit

Texas Trucking Company Lawsuit

A Lawsuit with a Texas Trucking Company can Get Complicated

There are a lot of wrecks that are straightforward.  They’re the ones where someone wasn’t paying attention and crunched up the other vehicle.  It’s a stressful time, but without any injuries, things often go fairly smoothly.  Semi-truck wrecks are different, and they often result in a Texas trucking company lawsuit.

Let’s take a look at what the Car Crash Captain says about these wrecks.  We’ll see what difficulties we can expect, and why they’re not as easy or straightforward as passenger vehicle crashes.

How Fault May be Determined

In most instances, where a car smacks into another car, the at-fault party is easy to determine.  Then, the victim pursues the negligent party’s insurance for compensation.

When a big rig is involved, however, it might not be just the driver that is at fault.  There are other parties involved.

Driver Error – Yes, most accidents do occur because of driver error – or driver negligence.  If the truck driver is driving recklessly, or impaired, they made a mistake and they are the liable party.

Operational Hours – Drivers are only allowed to be driving for a set number of hours.  If they are forced to go beyond this, their employer may be at least partially liable for the truck accident.

Employer Negligence – Employer negligence can range from bad hiring (hiring truck drivers with known driving issues), to failing to maintain the truck, to a handful of other issues that could lead to the Texas truck accident.

There could be even more parties that are liable, something that would be uncovered in a Texas trucking company lawsuit.  Check out our previous blog on who might be the negligent party.

How a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Helps

Why not just go it alone?  It’s certainly an option, but it might not be in your best interest.

If you’ve been injured in the truck accident, your primary goal should be to heal from your injuries.  That means your focus shouldn’t be on pursuing this Texas trucking company lawsuit.  It also means that you should have a personal injury lawyer on your side.

Trucking companies often have large legal firms backing them.  They have the resources necessary to really dive into this case, and prevent you from receiving the settlement that you deserve.  Some may even take shady tactics that disguise the truth, and you end up confused without a real resolution to what happened.

With a personal injury lawyer, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Herbert Law Group is on Your Side

Herbert Law Group has seen hundreds of truck accidents.  Over the years, we have dealt with many Texas trucking company lawsuits, and know what it takes to win these cases and get you a settlement that will ensure the best healing.

All we need is to get to know you.  So, call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site.  We’ll be in touch to learn what happened, and how we can help.

Why is an Overloaded Semi Truck Dangerous?

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It’s Not about Damage to the Roadways

Along the interstates throughout the country, there are truck weigh stations.  These checkpoints help to ensure that trucks follow weight limit guidelines, and deter overloaded semi-trucks from congesting the roadways.

But there’s more to an overloaded truck than just exceeding weight limits.  When a truck is too heavy, it can pose a potential danger to other motorists.  Let’s take a look at what the Car Crash Captain has to say about overloaded semis, and what we should pay attention to.

Why Trucks Have a Weigh Limit on our Highways

The obvious reason we want to make sure that trucks aren’t overweight, is because of how much pressure they put on the road.  Our highways are strong, and designed to withstand a lot of force.  But when trucks exceed their weight limit (which is set at 80,000 pounds), they can exceed the strength of the road.  The result: more road construction to repair the damage.

But that’s just on the surface.  If we take a closer look, it’s also because a heavier truck is a more dangerous truck.

Overloaded Semi Truck Danger: Too Much Force

Did you take physics in high school or college?  If so you know that Force = Mass x Acceleration.  More force means more potential to do damage when another object is struck.  If you have a small bug that is hit by a vehicle, the bug won’t impart much force because it has a tiny mass; the mass of the vehicle means it has much more force.

If you have a passenger car that is hit by a semi-truck, the truck will impart much more force than the vehicle, because it has a larger mass.

If you have an overloaded semi-truck, the force just continues to go up.

Overloaded Semi Truck Danger: Improperly Balanced

The force isn’t the only problem that can pop up with an overloaded truck.

In order to keep anything from tipping over, spreading the weight out wide and low is the ideal solution.  But you can only spread the weight out on a truck so far – they are confined to certain size limits after all.  In order to pack more on, you pile it high.

When too much weight gets up higher, the truck gets top heavy.  Then, if a corner is taken too quickly, that truck can tip right over.   If you’re under the truck when it tips, things won’t look good.

Overloaded Semi Truck Danger: Cargo Loss

Of course, if you have a boxed in trailer, you can only load things so high before you hit the ceiling.  To get around that, someone intent on overloading a semi-truck, could utilize a flat bed trailer.  Then, without a ceiling, cargo piles high to the sky!

And just like when things get piled up a bit too high, they get wobbly and top heavy.  If the entire truck doesn’t tip over on that dangerous turn, portions of the cargo certainly could.  Then, scattered across the road, there are dozens of obstacles that lead to wrecks.

Overloaded Semi Truck Danger: Mechanical Failure

Something that many people don’t fully consider is the limitations of the trucks on the road.  They certainly are powerful machines, and can be put through a lot.  But they aren’t designed to handle anything and everything thrown at them.  They do, in fact, have load limits.

When those limits are surpassed, more strain is put on the rig.  Over time, that rig can wear out prematurely.  Tires can fail, brakes may fail, and other mechanical difficulties arise.  If the mechanics fail at the wrong time, a disaster could ensue.

Herbert Law Group Overloaded Semi Truck Help

If you have been injured in a semi-truck accident, whether you suspect that truck was overloaded or not, you need a truck accident lawyer to help ensure all is handled properly.

There is a lot that goes into determining liability, and recovering compensation that you deserve.  When you’re trying to heal from your injuries, it’s hard to pursue that justice.

That’s why Herbert Law Group is here for you.  Don’t go it alone, we are on your side.  Let’s talk about what happened and see how we can help.  Call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll get the ball rolling.

The Dangers of Self-Driving Trucks

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Self-Driving Trucks May Come with Hidden Dangers

Did you know that Texas is an autonomous-vehicle-friendly state?  This law, allowing driver-less vehicles, isn’t just for passenger vehicles.  That privilege is extended to self-driving trucks as well.

It does look like the technology is taking us to a driverless future, but in the meantime, what are the implications?  Are self-driving semi trucks safer, or more dangerous, than those with an operator?  Are there hidden dangers that people don’t want to talk about?

Let’s take a look as the Car Crash Captain weighs in on this hot topic.

What are the Perks of Self-Driving Trucks?

There are plenty of benefits to having autonomous trucks on the road.  While there is still a lot of debate on whether or not they are safer, perks go beyond safety.

Faster Transit Times – Without the need to take breaks, trucks would only need to stop to be refueled and serviced.  Transit times would be slashed.

Lower Cost of Shipment – Faster transit and no driver expenses should translate into lower cost to ship goods.

Less Traffic on the Road – Because a driverless vehicle doesn’t care what time of day it is, they can be programed to drive during off-peak hours.

Decreased Semi Truck Accidents – Ideally with smart technology able to avoid wrecks, and driving at off-peak hours, semi truck accidents would decrease.

What are the Pitfalls of Self-Driving Trucks?

There are plenty of downsides to autonomous semi trucks, though.  As the technology progresses, these concerns will likely be minimized.  But for now, there are big issues that can occur.

Mechanical Failure – What happens if there is a mechanical failure while the truck is driving itself?  Will the technology be able to stop the same way a trained driver could?

Increased Semi Truck Accidents – As it is, autonomous vehicles aren’t anywhere near perfect.  In fact, it can be argued that there will actually be more wrecks without drivers.

What are the Hidden Risks of Self-Driving Trucks?

Of course, there is the concern that few people want to talk about.  As technology changes, so does the potential to abuse that technology.

Just look at how internet access has improved our lives greatly, but also increased identity theft.  While it was always a concern, it’s much more prevalent than it ever was in the pre-internet days.

How can self-driving technology be abused?  Cyber attacks could hack into the truck computers.  Then, with control of these vehicles, criminals may redirect the truck and steal the contents, or turn the 80,000 pound rig into a terrorist weapon.

Herbert Law Group Helps you Navigate after a Truck Accident

Whether you were injured in a truck accident with a driverless truck, or one with an operator, there’s a lot going on!  The stress of seeking compensation can be overwhelming.

That’s why Herbert Law Group is here.  We’ll help you navigate the legal issues, obtain the settlement that will compensate you for your losses, all while taking away that stress.

Let’s talk about your wreck.  Call us at 214-414-3808, or just fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

Trucks Have Federal Regulations When Roads are Icy

Truck Accident major pile-up Fort Worth Dallas

Every Winter Massive Wrecks Happen

Two years ago, one of the biggest truck accident/multi-vehicle wrecks happened on 1-35 just north of Fort Worth.  With 133 vehicles involved, and six fatalities, the impacts have been felt far and wide.

Every year there are major wrecks involving multiple vehicles.  Conditions get icy, visibility decreases, and motor vehicle drivers as well as truck drivers fail to take the conditions into account when they’re on the road.

The Car Crash Captain looks into what the regulations are for big rigs when road conditions are less than favorable.

What do the Regulations Say about Trucking in Inclement Weather?

Professional drivers – truckers; we’re not talking about racecar drivers here – are held to a much higher standard than the average driver on the road.  They have certain rules that must be followed; if they aren’t, they can lose their license and in severe cases never be able to drive truck again.

While most truck drivers are great behind the wheel, there are plenty out there that simply lack the experience when it comes to driving on icy roads.

That’s why the government is very clear about the regulations for commercial vehicles.  There’s an entire subsection about what to do when road conditions are dangers.  If visibility or traction are reduced, you know the two major factors in these multi-vehicle crashes, then the driver may only operate the vehicle to the nearest point where safety is assured.  In other words, pull over until conditions have improved.

You can read the law on the Code of Federal Regulations website, it’s only a few sentences long and, unlike many other laws, is easy to read.

Who is Liable in a Multi-Vehicle Crash?

That begs the question, if the driver didn’t pull over when required, does that mean the trucker is at fault for this massive wreck?  Assuming they were the first ones to crash.

The answer isn’t quite that simple.  There are so many factors that go into the wreck, the subsequent crashes, and more.  Whoever is in charge of the roads might be partially to blame for failure to maintain, every driver might be to blame for driving too fast, the first vehicle might be to blame for causing the chain reaction.

We recently talked about multi-vehicle wrecks, so head over to that page for the full details on what’s going on in a pile-up.

How can Motorists Protect Themselves?

Regardless of who is at fault, avoidance is always the best option.  How do we do that?  Is it even possible?  There are a few ways to protect yourself from a nasty wreck.

  • Maintain your vehicle; make sure your tires are in good condition.
  • Maintain your driving; make sure you know how to drive in inclement weather.
  • Avoid driving; if you don’t absolutely have to drive, don’t.
  • Take an alternate route; side streets might be slower, but speed kills.
  • Be aware; know what’s coming up at all times so you have a chance to react.

Many of the wrecks can be avoided by slowing down or skipping the drive.  Know your limits, and know that many other motorists have lesser driving skills than you do.

Herbert Law Group Helps Truck Accident Victims

No matter how well we drive, accidents happen.  We can, after all, only control our vehicle and our actions.

If you were injured in an accident with a truck driver, or if a loved one was killed in a truck accident, you will need a truck accident lawyer to ensure that you’re fully compensated for what happened.

That’s where Herbert Law Group comes in.  We have seen a lot of wrecks over the years, and we know what needs to happen to help you heal completely.

Call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site, and we’ll be in touch to find out just how we can help.

Traffic Camera Evidence for a Semi Truck Wreck

Traffic Camera Evidence Personal Injury Lawyer Dallas

How Public Traffic Cameras can Help Your Case

Camera evidence is one of the most valuable pieces of evidence in any accident case.  This is especially true when there are multiple angles captures.  It’s why motorists should have dashcams, and why many are under the opinion that every new vehicle should have multiple cameras built in to their system (Tesla has 8 on the outside and one that show inside the vehicle).

If you’re involved in a truck wreck on one of the highways in the DFW Metroplex area, there’s a good chance that the wreck was captured on one of the many state run traffic cameras.  Check out how the Car Crash Captain explains why obtaining that video evidence might be a little tricky if you don’t know the proper channels to go through.

Why is Traffic Camera Evidence so Powerful?

Your testimony on what happened is powerful.  Witness testimony is also powerful.  But both of them can be obstructed, forgotten, or even skewed.  Even without intentionally twisting the facts, it’s hard to remember everything that happened within a matter of seconds.

But a traffic camera that shows a clear shot of the area leading up to, during, and after the wreck will give another testimony that captures exactly what happened.

State run traffic cameras aren’t the only video evidence out there though.  There are dash cams in your vehicle, and witness vehicles, that may have captured the event.  There are businesses nearby that might have caught it on their security footage, and there are even private homes that may have security cameras capturing the event.

All of the video evidence can help support your case.

Traffic Camera Evidence May be Hard to Acquire

Asking private businesses and other motorists to share their footage often isn’t difficult: they’re inclined to help because they don’t want to see another person suffering.

Obtaining footage from a public traffic camera, in theory, is as easy as requesting it from whichever agency operates those cameras.  However, with the bureaucracy of it all, it can be difficult to do unless there’s a court order to release the footage.

Time is of the Essence to Collect Traffic Camera Evidence

If you’re injured, there is a lot going on already.  In many situations you may physically be unable to request that footage that can help your case.

Storage for camera footage is limited.  And when hundreds of traffic cameras are capturing footage 24-hours a day, it takes up a lot of storage space.  To prevent the need for literal warehouses full of computer servers, the old footage is overwritten after a period of time.  Unless it’s has been specifically told to be saved.

Video evidence of your wreck may disappear after a week or two if you’re not able to act quickly enough.  Which is why you need a truck accident lawyer in Dallas to help with your settlement.

Herbert Law Group Helps You Recover what You Deserve

Most of the time, an insurance settlement isn’t going to fully cover what you need to heal.  That’s why Herbert Law Group helps “nudge” those insurance companies in the right direction so they pay out a settlement that is fair.

When you are injured in a wreck, whether that’s with a semi-truck or another motorist, we are here to make sure you don’t have to stress about collecting evidence and negotiating with the insurers.

It all starts with a get-to-know-you phone call.  Let’s make sure that we are a good fit, and that we can help you get on track to healing.  Call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site, and we’ll be in touch.

The Role of a Black Box in a Truck Accident Claim

Black Box Semi Truck Accident

How Truck Accident Claims have Changed with Recording Devices

Since the 1980’s many trucks have included “black boxes.”  These recording devices (called Electronic Logging Devices or Electronic Control Modules) were originally designed to help the truck manufacturer deny warranty claims.  If they could verify that the truck’s owner failed to maintain the vehicle, then they wouldn’t have to replace parts under warranty.

Over the years, as technology got better, devices were installed in more and more trucks.  Sometimes for those warranty reasons, sometimes so owners could keep an “eye” on their drivers, and lately because it’s required.

It wasn’t until 2015 that the FMCSA implemented a black box mandate, but even still there are a number of exceptions where owners and operators can “get around” installing one.  Let’s take a look as the Car Crash Captain explains the benefit of the black box in a truck accident claim.

How the Black Box Helps with a Truck Accident Claim

Whenever you’re in a wreck, there are a lot of variables involved.  Even if you have great video evidence there are things that can’t be easily identified visually.

Using the data that the black box records, accompanied by any video evidence that might be produced, the truck accident can be reconstructed much more accurately.

When the scene has been reconstructed, your truck accident attorney will know how fast the driver was going, whether they braked or not, if they were speeding up or slowing down, if they signaled, and a whole lot more.  The bottom line is that if you were hurt, or a loved one was killed, due to the trucker’s negligence, your case is strengthened.

What the Black Box Records

What records will the black box give us?

Just about anything that can be recorded, will be recorded.  If you drive a modern vehicle, think of all the warnings, alerts, and data you get right through the dashboard.  That’s all recorded by the black box.  Data that includes:

  • Time since last stop
  • GPS location
  • Speed
  • Braking (and braking intensity)
  • Tire pressure
  • Swerving
  • Maintenance issues
  • Cruise control use

All of this data can be used to create a very clear picture of what happened leading up to the moment of impact, and immediately following it.

Why You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer

But don’t expect to walk into a trucking company and have them turn over their data willingly.  Even if they weren’t at fault, they’re going to guard that information closely.

That’s why you need a truck accident lawyer.  Knowing the laws, which ones to cite, and how to properly obtain the data can mean the difference between losing your case, and receiving the compensation that you need in order to heal completely.

Visit with Herbert Law Group

Herbert Law Group knows how to handle these types of cases.

We can help you recover what you need, and not the small settlement the insurance company will likely throw out there in hopes that you don’t pursue justice.

Tapping into the black box in a truck accident claim, we can make a strong argument on your behalf.

Let’s chat about what happened.  Let’s get to know each other to see if we’re a good fit.  Call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll reach out to you.

Holiday Truck Accident Survival Guide

Texas holiday truck accident lawyer

How to Travel Safe through the Holidays

There are a few times of the year that are much more dangerous to be on the road.  The 100 days from Memorial Day to Labor Day – the summer vacation months – top the list year after year.

Closely following those summer days, however, are periods around the holidays.  Thanksgiving weekend, and the week from Christmas to New Years are loaded with accidents, including those that involve commercial trucks.

During this cheery and merry time of year, don’t let a holiday truck accident ruin the mood.  The Car Crash Captain has the information on how you can get through this time safe and sound.

Top 4 Reasons for Holiday Truck Accidents

We know just how aggravating it can get when traffic picks up.  We have a destination in mind, and a goal on when we want to get there.  Cue all the other people who had the same plans as we did, and it’s rather frustrating.  The same things that frustrate and aggravate the average driver, frustrate and aggravate truck drivers as well.

Heavy Traffic – More traffic causes two issues.  First, there are more chances of hitting another vehicle.  But the second issue is even worse.  When traffic gets congested, people get frustrated and take more chances.  Heavy traffic can lead to a holiday truck accident due to poor driving choices.

Road Conditions – Winter is generally a time when the roads aren’t in ideal driving conditions.  In Texas they stay dry and safe, for the most part.  But those who live in the Dallas area know that an ice storm in winter is not unheard of; drivers of cars and semi-trucks don’t do well on the icy roads.

Tight Deadlines – As more and more people order gifts online, those delivering the goods have larger and larger loads to haul.  When people need their items, drivers can push the limits on what they legally are allowed to do, and mistakes get made.

Substance Abuse – No matter how you look at it, driving under the influence is a major problem for all sorts of motorists.  Whether it’s alcohol, marijuana, or another controlled substance, a holiday truck accident can occur when someone has had a bit too much.

How to Avoid being in a Holiday Truck Accident

The best way to avoid being injured or killed in a truck accident is to not travel at all.  But we can’t just live in a bubble, and life is full of risks.

While it would be wonderful if every driver took extreme care and drove safely, we can only control our own actions.  So, we set ourselves up for safety by driving defensively.

Leave Earlier – We all know how hard it is to get out the door on time.  But a few extra minutes can mean the difference between keeping your cool, or making a risky move.  Don’t be the cause of a wreck because of poor planning.

Use the 12 Second Rule – No matter when you’re driving, you want to be looking 12 seconds ahead of your vehicle.  This will allow you to take action well in advance when you see something going wrong.

Slow Down – That four-wheel-drive will help you grip the slick roads a little better when accelerating or turning, but if someone pulls out in front of you, it doesn’t help you stop any faster.

Wear a Seatbelt – Traffic fatality rates plummeted when seatbelts became mandatory.  There have been numerous studies that show seatbelts save lives.  Buckling up can mean the difference between walking away, and dead.

Use a Dash Cam – No matter how safe of a driver you are, there’s going to be an unsafe driver out there.  A high-quality dash cam can capture the moments before a wreck and show your truck accident lawyer just what happened.

Why you Need a Truck Accident Lawyer

A holiday truck accident is complicated.  Was it the driver’s fault, the trucking company, the truck owner, or a mixture of a bunch of different parties?

When you have been injured, you should have one goal: to heal from those injuries.  Don’t spend your energy on pursuing a claim; leave that to the professional truck accident lawyers at Herbert Law Group.

We will handle the dirty work, so you can handle healing.  Call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll reach out to you shortly.

What Happens if a Truck Driver is in a Wreck?

truck wreck lawyer Dallas Texas

Crashes Impact a Driver’s Record for a Long Time

With thousands of truck wrecks every year, they are bound to affect the number of drivers out there.  If a driver loses their CDL because of a crash, then there are fewer drivers on the road.  Fewer drivers out there lead to an increase in the number of truck wrecks every year.

But do drivers always lose their license after a wreck?  What factors are involved, and what is your responsibility if you’re the victim of a trucking accident?  The Car Crash Captain dives in and lets you know what you need to know.

Truck Wreck Investigation

Immediately following the wreck, an investigation will take place.  Since truck drivers are held to a higher standard than other motorists, every wreck is taken seriously.

That investigation will include:

  • Drug and alcohol testing: was the driver under the influence when the wreck occurred?
  • Truck logs: was the driver following the rules set out for the number of hours he or she may drive during the week?
  • Witness statements: what did other parties see?
  • Vehicle maintenance: was the truck up-to-date on maintenance?

There are multiple parties that conduct these investigations.  The trucking company, the insurance company, law enforcement, and your personal injury lawyer will reconstruct the truck accident.  All parties have different goals in mind; not all of them will want to show that you’re the victim and deserve compensation.

Medical Treatment for Injured Parties

While those investigations are taking place, victims need medical treatment.

Even if you are able to “walk away” from the wreck, it’s important to get checked out by a doctor.  Your adrenaline will be flowing.  It could mask the symptoms of a serious issue that is developing.

License Suspension for the Driver

Normally the driver will have their license suspended, at least until the investigation is complete.  These repercussions can carry over well after the wreck.

Reinstatement – If the driver was found to be at no fault, they may have their license reinstated.  Because of the way CDL’s are monitored the wreck will still show up on their record for a time.  This does not guarantee, however, that the trucking company will continue to employ the driver.

Suspension – There are instances where the driver’s CDL will be suspended for a period of time.  After that time, they may apply to reinstate it.

Revocation – If the wreck is serious, and injuries or fatalities resulted, the driver may have the license revoked and not be able to drive truck again.

Jail – Depending on the circumstance, some drivers may end up serving time due to their negligence.

If you are the victim, you might be thinking that these don’t really apply to you.  They are punishments or sanctions on the driver after all.  However, we have to keep in mind that the trucking company wants to limit their liability.  If they have a good driver who made a one-time poor judgement, they may try to shift blame to you so they don’t have to lose their driver.

Settlement Negotiations for Injured Party

Throughout the process, you will be healing from your injuries and your truck wreck lawyer will be determining what compensation will help you recover from those injuries.

Depending on the circumstance, the liability, the extent of the injuries and damages, and a whole lot more, your settlement is negotiated by a skilled personal injury lawyer who understands what goes into your recovery.

Contact Herbert Law Group after a Truck Wreck

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