How Commercial Vehicle Accidents Impact Small Businesses

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The Ripple Effect of a Truck Wreck Goes into the Community

There are obvious impacts of being involved in a commercial vehicle accident – your vehicle is probably totaled, and you have significant injuries that will take a long time to recover from.

However, these accidents can end up with a ripple effect that extends even further into the community.  Some can eventually lead to a change in the laws surrounding commercial vehicles and their operation.  The Car Crash Captain has the details for us.

Effects of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

If you were involved in the wreck, you were at the very least shaken by what happened.  Due to the nature of commercial vehicle wrecks, injuries or even death are often part of the aftermath.  The toll those take on people can extend for quite some time.

Physical and emotional injuries may take years to heal.  Some of those injuries never do, and the injured party is left permanently disabled.

In the community where the wreck took place, there are emotional scars that extend even beyond the parties involved.  Witnesses deal with the trauma of seeing a terrible wreck happen in front of them.  Business owners nearby have the trauma of emergency and cleanup crews working out in front until the area is safe again.  And many of those effects continue to ripple throughout the community.

Ripple Effects of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

One major wreck can upset a community far beyond the time it takes to clean up the mess left behind.

Effects on Roadways – It’s not uncommon for a road to be shut down for an extended period of time after the wreck.  If there was damage to the road, signage, lighting, or more, that road could be shut down for days.  In many areas of the country the resulting detours can route traffic through neighborhoods putting further strain on citizens.

Effects on Business – If the roadway is shut down in front of a business, they’re going to struggle – especially if they rely on customers driving in every day.  Imagine your favorite coffee shop being blocked in by a wreck and the subsequent construction to rebuild – how long could they last without making a sale?

Effects on Extended Families – If your family member was injured or killed in a wreck, you have to re-learn how to live life without them.  Even if it’s an extended family member, reunions won’t be the same, travel will be different, and holidays a little bleaker.

Effects on Laws – Major wrecks lead to legislative change.  The US has strict laws for those who drive commercial vehicles, many of those laws are the result of lessons learned from wrecks.  A wreck that is caused by negligence could lead to a law that helps minimize that factor.

Herbert Law Group Helps Commercial Vehicle Accident Victims

All of these factors can come into play when negotiating a settlement after a truck wreck.  Most insurance companies will hope they aren’t factors that you’ll ever consider, and they low-ball the settlement offer because of it.

That’s why Herbert Law Group is here.  We’re on your side to ensure you get the compensation that you need to recover from this traumatic experience.

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