4 Times Motorcycle Riders Recovered

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Motorcycle Accidents that Had a Happy(ish) Ending

Motorcycle wrecks can have serious, if not deadly, consequences.  There are, however, some happy-ish endings to some wrecks.  Not that the rider wasn’t injured, but they were able to recover and avoid dying in a wreck that otherwise would have been fatal.

The Car Crash Captain has rounded up a handful of these stories.  We have included a few safety tips on how they could be avoided, and show why you need a great motorcycle accident lawyer if you’re ever in a wreck like these.

Jay Leno Breaks Ribs, Collarbone, and Kneecaps

Comedian Jay Leno is known for his love of cars and motorcycles.  So, it’s no surprise he was out riding a 1940 Indian motorcycle when his wreck occurred in January, 2023.  After smelling the scent of gasoline, he decided to turn around and not risk the bike catching fire.  But upon turning into an unused parking lot, he ran smack into a wire that had been strung across the entrance and was nearly invisible.  In good spirits, he is healing – albeit with a reconstructed ear.

What can we learn?  Well, private property offers few safety options – be alert when turning into a parking lot; especially an empty on.

Houston Area Woman Recovers from Brain Injury

In August, 2021, Meissa Neumann was out for a ride – a similar ride that she does nearly every week.  This time, however, a vehicle failed to yield and smashed into her.  An off-duty paramedic rushed to help and noticed she was not in good shape.  Hospital reports later showed pelvic fractures, lacerations on the right leg, and lung injuries.  A fighter she didn’t give up.  A slow recovery meant learning to speak, function, and walk again.  As of May, 2023 she is still recovering her physical and mental abilities, but she is lucky to even be alive.

What can we learn?  Be very cautious when riding.  Many motorists don’t look twice, and fail to see the smaller imprint a motorcycle rider has.

Notre Dame Student Loses Leg after Motorcycle Accident

Leaving a car show in June, 2022, Andrew Daigneau has little memory of the day.  Shortly after getting on the road, another motorist swerved into his path.  Despite evasive action, he couldn’t avoid a wreck.  Flying from his bike, Andrew hit his jaw on the vehicle, breaking 15 teeth and pushing his jaw into his skull.  He reports that he broke his neck in 3 places, two ribs, sternum, compound fractured his humerus, broke his hip, his pelvis, left tibia, and his right leg was fractured with a severed femoral artery.  With an amazing recovery, he now walks with a prosthetic leg, but not without an average of 2 doctor visits every day for a year.

What can we learn?  Know your bike and practice defensive riding.  Had Andrew not taken quick action, his story would likely be a memorial.

Couple Suffers Injuries; Family Helps Recovery

In May, 2022, Micahel and Julie Koberger were involved in a wreck in South Carolina.  Broken bones, a brain injury, and damage to Michael’s spleen sent him into a coma in the ICU for much of his hospital stay.  He reports that when he woke up, he was hard pressed to have any hope.  Surrounded by family, however, he rallied with their support.  Both are still recovering from their injuries, but both are thankful to be alive.

What can we learn?  Recovery is easier when you have family to help reduce the stress.  A motorcycle accident lawyer helps reduce that stress even further.

Herbert Law Group: Your Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Texas

Whether your injuries leave you permanently disabled, or you make a full recovery, you need a motorcycle accident lawyer to help you get through the rough spots.  You can spend your time focused on physical recovery, while your lawyer focuses on the financial recovery.

Have you been injured?  Was a loved on killed?  Let’s have a free conversation to find out what happened, and see how Herbert Law Group can help.  Call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we will be in touch with you.

Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Texas

Motorcycle accident lawyer in Texas

A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Texas Reduces Your Stress

Anyone who rides can give you the reason why they ride.  There’s just something about cruising on two wheels that’s freeing.  But the sad reality is that 15% of fatal accidents (562 in 2022) on Texas roadways happen to motorcyclists.  Thousands are seriously injured in crashes, and need a motorcycle accident lawyer in Texas to help navigate tricky legal waters.

Let’s check in with the Car Crash Captain to see what can be done to avoid an accident in the first place, mitigate injuries, or – if something terrible happens – recover financially and physically.

How to Reduce the Possibility of being Injured

We know that the best way to prevent an injury or fatality is to wear a DOT approved helmet.  All the science shows that safety gear, especially a helmet, saves lives.  So, that’s all we will say on that!

But how are your riding skills?

Whether you have been riding for 14 days or 14 years, it’s always important to keep brushing up on your skills.  You can take private classes, online classes, or group training courses.  No matter where your skill level is, you can always get better.

Naturally, staying current on maintenance is a must.  Knowing the upcoming weather changes is essential.  And, of course, stay sober and distraction free.

How to Speed up Recovery after an Injury

Suppose you have been injured in a motorcycle accident.  Suppose you want to recover and get back on the bike.  Let’s see how you can speed up your recovery.

First, seek medical attention right away, and follow the doctor’s orders.  If the doctor says to stay off the bike for 8 weeks, and you feel fine after 6 weeks… stay off the bike for another two weeks.

Work your physical therapy.  It’s going to be hard.  You’re going to hate it.  Life will be miserable.  But if you work the PT hard, life will be miserable for less time than if you skimp and avoid doing what needs to be done.

Finally, reduce your stress.  Studies show that stress causes the body to heal more slowly.  Do everything you can to eliminate the stress in your life, so that your body doesn’t spend energy unnecessarily on things that don’t allow you to heal.

Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Texas

Want to know a great way to reduce stress after a major motorcycle wreck?  It’s to have some help with navigating the legal and insurance complications that arise.

Take all that stress that would well up within you from endless phone calls, low-ball settlement offers, victim blaming, and more, and dump that onto a motorcycle accident lawyer.

The initial settlement offer from the insurance company is going to be the lowest amount they legally can get away with.  It’s almost never going to be adequate to meet your needs.  Do you know how to make a case for a larger settlement?

The at-fault driver may try to shift the blame to you.  Now, in your weakened condition, you have to figure out how to prove that you’re the victim.  Do you know how to preserve the evidence and show that you’re not at fault?

Legal complexities may arise, and if a settlement isn’t agreed upon, things could end up in court.  Are you able to represent yourself and show that you deserve a larger settlement than what is being offered?

Herbert Law Group is on Your Side

Let’s face it, the legal complexities after a wreck can be confusing.  The insurance companies have lawyers on staff that spend their entire careers figuring out ways to reduce how much money is paid out to victims.

You need someone on your side; you need Herbert Law Group.

Let us do the dirty work, so you can heal.  To get things started, we need to have a phone call that gets to know you; one where we learn what happened and determine how we can help.  Call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll get in touch with you.

Common Challenges in a Texas Motorcycle Accident Case

texas motorcycle accident case

Motorcycle Accidents in Texas Face Unique Challenges

Most of the Lone Star State has lovely motorcycle riding weather all year round.  While there are some times of year when it’s not entirely desirable, the bulk of the months contain beautiful weather to have the wind hit your face as you cruise on two wheels.

We have to point out, however, that there are certain risks involved with navigating the roadways without the protection of a car or truck encasing you.  In 2021, 5,932 riders across the US lost their lives in fatal accidents; many thousands more were seriously injured – some with lifelong disabilities as the result.

Riding is a risk that most riders consider worth it.  So, let’s see what the Car Crash Captain says we should pay attention to if we’re going to hit the road on two wheels.

Your Texas Motorcycle Accident Case May Face Biases

You have likely heard riders on their performance bikes ripping around town late at night.  Yeah, it happens during the day too, but it’s usually after dark.  They’re obnoxious, they take risks, and they’re a tiny percentage of the motorcycle riding community.  But those few give the entire lot a bad name.

If your Texas motorcycle accident case goes to court, the jury may come in with some preconceived biases that we have to overcome.  Statistically speaking, you’re a good rider, and this wreck wasn’t due to anything you did wrong.

Your Texas Motorcycle Accident Will Likely Result in Severe Injuries

As we mentioned, motorcycles don’t have that protective cab surrounding them.  That means even a slow speed wreck can result in severe injuries.  You’re less likely to walk away unscathed than you are with debilitating injury, or not walk away at all.

Severe injuries can mean months of recovery, and even a lifetime of learning how to live again.  You may need special equipment, ongoing physical therapy, and there’s a chance you may never work again.  Insurance companies will discount the injury, and later in life you may end up without recourse.

Your Texas Motorcycle Accident Case will have Insurance Complications

Insurance complications are going to range from the easy to overcome, to the more difficult.  It’s easy, yet cumbersome, to file a claim that will compensate you for your damaged bike and hospital bills.  It’s harder, however, to prove that because your right leg is mangled, you need substantial financial compensation to manage life going forward.

A Texas personal injury lawyer will fight for you.  We know the law, we know what it takes to recover, and we can show previous examples of clients who received substantial payouts – and why you need a substantial payout as well.

Herbert Law Group can Navigate a Your Claim

With extensive experience dealing with these types or wrecks, Herbert Law Group knows what it takes to get you on the road to recovery.

First, however, we need to know what happened and see how we can help.  It starts with a free phone call.  Get in touch with our office at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll reach out to you.

Tips from a Texas Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

Texas motorcycle injury lawyer

If you’ve Been Injured, Keep this in Mind

Riding is exhilarating.  Those who ride love the feeling of the open road because it’s just that much more open when you’re on two wheels.  A fun ride in the evening, a morning commute, or a cross-country trek can quickly go from exhilarating to debilitating when you have to deal with negligent motorist.  And if that does happen, you will want a Texas motorcycle injury lawyer on your side to help you navigate the tricky legal waters ahead.

There are, however, a few things that you can do to ensure a settlement after a motorcycle crash goes as smoothly as possible.  Let’s check out what the Car Crash Captain has to say on the matter.

Six Factors after a Texas Motorcycle Wreck

There is a lot that you can do after a wreck, but if you’re laid up in the hospital, there is a lot more that you simply can’t do.  These points to ponder are in no particular order, they’re all equally important.

Preserve Evidence

If you’re picked up by an ambulance and hauled off on a stretcher, you’ll have trouble preserving the evidence at the scene of the wreck.  So, what does it actually mean to preserve evidence when you’re limited in such a way?

It means to make sure that all medical bills are safely stored.  When you do have your bike repaired (or replaced) keep all of the repair estimates.  Make sure everything is done in writing and not verbally.  Any correspondence with the insurance companies especially should be backed up with written evidence.

Communicate Carefully

That brings us to the next tip from your Texas motorcycle injury lawyer: talk sparingly with the insurance companies.  Yes, you are going to have to file a claim and you will have to give them some information.  However, they’re not going to be on your side – these companies want to make money and pay as few claims as possible.

Before disclosing any information, and especially don’t say anything that could be interpreted as admitting fault, tell them that you’re working with Herbert Law Group to make sure that all is sorted out appropriately.

Consult with a Texas Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

We have to get to know you, and find out what happened, before we can be of help.  That’s why we offer a free initial consultation.  We’ll learn what happened and assess what we can do to help.

Even if you choose a different attorney, legal representation will make your claim a whole lot smoother.  Motorcycle attorneys know the intricacies of the law and understand how to fight for your rights.

Understand the Time Limits

You don’t have to file your claim immediately, but you can’t sit around forever trying to decide if you want to file a claim.  Texas has a two-year limitation to file your personal injury claim – that sounds like a long time, but if you’re in the hospital and working through rehab, that time is going to go quickly.

There’s another time limit to be aware of too.  Insurance companies will often pressure you to make a quick decision to accept their settlement offer.  They might even go as far as saying it’s only available for a limited time, or you have to accept it by a certain date before the amount is reduced.  You shouldn’t feel pressured; and your Texas motorcycle injury lawyer can help you handle these situations.

Consider Long-Term Consequences

When you are involved in a wreck, there are aspects of your claim that are easy to see and easy to handle.  If it costs $10,000 to replace your bike, then you deserve $10,000.  If you cut your arm and it takes 6 weeks to heal, then you know that in six weeks you should be mostly back to normal.

But motorcycle wreck injuries are rarely as simple as a cut on your arm.  They take time and they have long-term effects.  If you break your leg in 10 places, you likely won’t walk “normal” ever again.  How do you seek compensation for walking with a limp for the rest of your life?  It starts with using a great motorcycle attorney.

Prioritize Your Safety

Long before you get in a wreck, prevent the injuries before they happen.  We have written extensively on the proper safety gear you should wear, why it’s important, and how many lives it has saved.  Make sure you’re taking care of yourself, because a negligent motorist sure won’t!

Learn about Motorcycle crash bars, or gear for riding in the heat, or the proper motorcycle helmet.

Talk it over with Herbert Law Group

We are here to help you deal with the challenging aftermath of a motorcycle wreck.  We know it may end up being a long recovery, and we want to make sure you’re compensated for the wreck.  We’ll work hard to ensure you get what you deserve.

It all starts with that phone call.  Let’s talk about what happened, and find out the best path to recovery.  Call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site to get things rolling.

Resources for Justice after a Texas Motorcycle Accident

Texas motorcycle accident lawyer

You Don’t have to Go it Alone

Texas has plenty of wide-open spaces for riding.  From the vast expanses out west, to the DFW Metroplex, to the hill country near Austin, you have options for your rides to explore and feel the wind in your face.

As you know, riding comes with some risk.  You don’t have the protection afforded by a passenger vehicle or a truck.  Combine that with a smaller size that people often aren’t watching out for, the risks of being injured, or killed, in a Texas motorcycle accident are considerably higher than in a car.

Let’s take a look at what the Car Crash Captain has to say about why you would want a Texas motorcycle accident lawyer on your side if you are injured in a wreck.

The Road to Recovery: Why You Need a Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Specialized Knowledge – There are four main areas of law.  Those four areas can be further divided into several dozen sub-categories.  Even then, you can specialize in those sub-categories.  For instance, personal injury lawyer encompasses a whole lot including dog bits, slip and fall, medical malpractice, and motor vehicle wrecks.  With an attorney that specializes in car, truck, and Texas motorcycle accidents, you know you’re getting an attorney that knows what’s up.

Comprehensive Investigation – There’s more to any wreck than meets the eye.  Traffic cams may have caught your wreck on camera, there are expert and eye witness testimonies that need reviewed, accident reports must be scoured, and more.  An experienced Texas motorcycle accident lawyer will know all the steps to build you a strong case.

Insurance Company Negotiations – Dealing with insurance companies is overwhelming, to say the least.  The adjusters, however, will likely try to minimize your claim – or deny it altogether.  With a lawyer on your side, however, we can use the evidence from a comprehensive investigation, along with the knowledge and expertise that comes with dealing with a whole bunch of these claims, so that you get powerful negotiations on your side.

Litigation Expertise – Most cases will settle out of court.  The insurance company doesn’t want to use resources fighting a claim when they know it’s easier to pay what they should be paying.  But sometimes these things get escalated.  A skilled Texas motorcycle accident lawyer is ready to take your case to trial if the insurance company won’t pony up the settlement you need to fully recover.

Herbert Law Group is Your Advocate for Justice

There are some myths out there about personal injury lawyers – often seen as ambulance chasers just out to make a quick buck.

The issue is that the lawyer is on your side!  We fight for the victim because insurance companies are big, they’re powerful, and they are counting on you not understanding your rights.  We know the law, we know your rights, and we know that you deserve more.

If you have been injured, or a loved on was killed, in a Texas motorcycle accident, then we need to talk about what happened.  Let’s get to know each other so Herbert Law Group can help you be compensated for what happened.

Call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll be in touch for a free initial consultation.

Loss of Future Earning Capacity After a Texas Motorcycle Crash

Future Earning Capacity Texas Motorcycle Crash

Understanding Compensation for your Motorcycle Crash

After any wreck, there are a whole bunch of unknowns.  After a Texas motorcycle crash, those unknowns are only compounded.  The severity and impact of the wreck go far beyond the crash itself.

How long will it take to heal?

When will I emotionally recover?

Will I be able to return to work?

Will I still have a job after I recover?

These questions, and more, will go through any victim’s head as they try to figure out what happened, what went wrong, and what to expect going forward.  Let’s take a look at what the Car Crash Captain has to say about motorcycle crashes in Texas, and the loss of future earning capacity.

What is Loss of Future Earning Capacity?

Texas does not cap the amount you can recover for economic damages – these are damages that can be tallied and accounted for.  Some of those damages are the amount of income you lose out on because you’re not able to work.  That can be if you are out of work for a week, a month, or the rest of your life.

Future earning capacity is your capacity to earn money in the future.  As many financial advisors will tell you, your ability to earn money is your biggest asset, and it is likely into the millions of dollars.

Future earning capacity is not the same as future earnings.  Future earnings are what you will actually earn in the future assuming that you maintain the same income.

How is Future Earning Capacity Calculated?

If you make $50,000 now, and you are 20 years from retirement, it’s reasonable to say that your future earnings should be $1 million.  But earning capacity is a bit different.  Earning capacity has to account for additional training, promotions, job changes, experience, skill, and more.

Medical specialists will have to weigh in.  How impaired are you?  Is it likely that you will recover and return to work?  In what capacity?  These professionals will give their expert opinion on the long-term consequences of your injuries.

Vocational trainers may need to weigh in as well.  If you worked a manual labor job, and you lost the use of a leg, you aren’t going to be able to go back to that same job.  Can you train for a new job?  Will you be able to work in the same industry but in a different capacity?  How will being back in the workforce bode with your injuries?

There’s a whole lot to look at when we’re dealing with future earning capacity – something that an expert Texas motorcycle crash lawyer can help with.

Other Compensation You Deserve after a Texas Motorcycle Crash

It’s not just about your earnings, either.  There’s a lot that is going on with these crashes.

You have medical expenses, lost wages while you’re in the hospital, you have out-of-pocket expenses, damaged property that you need compensated for, and that’s just the expenses we can tally up.

What about damage to your emotional well-being?  There’s pain and suffering to be accounted for.  The reduction in your quality of life (and the loss of enjoyment of life), and a whole lot more.

It’s hard to wrap your mind around the overall consequences of this wreck – not something that you should even have to consider when you’re trying to heal from injuries.

Why You Need Herbert Law Group After a Wreck

Herbert Law Group is here to help make sure that you’re not overlooked.  Insurance companies want to write a quick check (usually way too little to fully cover what you need) and clear the wreck off their books.

And they do that, with a lot of people who don’t fully understand just how expensive it’s going to be.

We’re offering an alternative.  Don’t worry about any of the financial impacts.  Just focus on healing from your injuries.  We’ll take care of the legal stuff and the insurance companies as we work toward getting you the maximum compensation to help fully take care of you financially.

Let’s talk about what happened.  Call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the online contact form and we’ll reach out and have a conversation about how we can help.

A Motorcycle Claim is Different than a Car Wreck Claim

Texas Motorcycle Claim accident lawyer

Understand the Nuances of a Texas Motorcycle Claim

Even though the outcomes are similar, a motorcycle claim is different than a car wreck claim.  Sure, you’ve suffered injuries and had your property damaged in both, but there are some key differences that mean you will want to have a great motorcycle crash attorney on your side.

Let’s take a look at those differences, and let’s see what the Car Crash Captain has to say about them.

Passenger Vehicle Wrecks vs. Motorcycle Wrecks

Leading up to, and after, the wreck there are some variations we need to pay attention to.  Both motor vehicle operators, and motorcycle riders, will fare better when everyone pays more attention.

Visibility Factor

Because motorcycles are smaller, they’re naturally harder to see.  Combine that with the rise in distracted driving (largely due to cell phone use in the last decade or so), and motorcycles often go unnoticed.  Motorists must pay attention and look for motorcycles; riders must be vigilant to watch out for those who aren’t paying attention.

Protective Factor

There’s no protective cage around a bike.  A slow speed collision that would damage a vehicle, but otherwise leave occupants unharmed, crushes legs and knocks riders to the ground.  These injuries have long-lasting effects.  There are ways to help protect yourself on a motorcycle.

Stopping Factor

If you’re following another car too closely, you might be able to slam on your brakes if they have to stop short.  If you’re not quick enough, you rear-end them and likely only minor injuries ensue.  If you’re following a motorcycle too closely, they stop faster than a passenger car.  It’s harder to avoid a collision, and bikers can get crushed between two vehicles.

Injury Factor

A minor collision on a motorcycle can end up causing major injuries.  Even those “minor” collisions can result in a fatal accident for the motorcycle rider.  Remember, proper protective gear can minimize injuries.

Insurance Factor

Because those injuries are often more severe – resulting in a lifetime of disability or an early death – they tend to be larger claims when filed with insurance companies.  The company that has insured the at-fault driver will fight harder to minimize a large claim, often trying to deny it on a technicality.  Motorcycle riders need to be diligent to make sure the insurance company doesn’t “trick” them into something that can be used against them.

Herbert Law Group Factor

When claims involve a serious injury, and because the insurance company is going to want to minimize or deny the claim, it’s important to have a Texas motorcycle lawyer on your side.

With the power of an attorney, you can focus on healing from your injuries.  You don’t have to worry about those insurance companies, righting for what you deserve, or accidentally slipping up and saying something that could affect your claim.

All you have to tell them is, “I’m working with Herbert Law Group, you can direct inquiries to them.”

We’ll take care of the rest.

Of course, we need to get to know you first.  We need to know what happened, how it happened, and discover how we can help.  Let’s start with a free phone call.  Just dial 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site, and we’ll start the process.

Three S’s to Understanding a Motorcycle Claim

motorcycle claim texas personal injury lawyer

Motorcycle Claims are Different than Auto Claims

No matter how you look at it, if you’re injured in a wreck, you need a Texas lawyer to help you navigate the tricky waters of negotiating a settlement.  What many people don’t realize, is that a motorcycle claim is going to be quite a bit different than a car claim.

Let’s take a look at how the Car Crash Captain describes the three S’s that differentiate personal injury claims that resulted from a motorcycle wreck versus a car wreck.

Three Differences between the Two Wrecks

There are, of course, more than just three differences when handling a motorcycle claim.  These three, however, are the biggest that can end up having a big impact on your settlement offer.

Severity of the Injuries

Without that cage of protection around them, motorcycle riders are much more vulnerable than those riding in cars.  Even when you’re traveling at lower speeds, the risk of severe injury is present.

This can be confusing to adjusters that don’t understand riding a motorcycle.  The immediate response is that a low-speed wreck shouldn’t cause injuries that are that severe.  Therefore, they feel that you are lying about the wreck.  This immediate bias can put a damper on the resulting settlement negotiations.

The best way to combat this is to immediately go in for a medical exam.  Make sure that everything is well documented.

Scrutiny by Legal Experts

There is a bias that makes adjusters think that you may be lying about your wreck, and that comes from a lack of knowledge and understanding.

There is also a bias that comes from a stereotypical prejudice.  Some bikers ride fast, take risks, and give a bad name to the entire community.  But they are just a small percentage of those who legally ride and are safe riders.

But that stereotype can filter over to your situation.  The result is that your case is given extra scrutiny; almost as though they are looking for a way to dismiss your claim and “punish” you.  Having a great Texas motorcycle wreck lawyer on your side lets you push back just as hard.

Span of Time until Settlement

Because of these biases, your settlement might not happen as quickly as you hoped.

With the pushback because of the extra scrutiny, and the skepticism caused by your severe injuries, the adjusters and insurance company will try to drag things out in the name of being “thorough.”  In reality, their goal is to make you desperate to accept any settlement offer that comes your way.

Your best recourse is to get the ball rolling with Herbert Law Group.  With experience dealing with motorcycle claims, we can help get you the settlement you need and hasten the process.

Herbert Law Group Knows Motorcycle Claims

How does it all work?  How do you get started with Herbert Law Group on your motorcycle claim?

It all begins with a simple phone call.  We have to get to know you, find out what happened, and then discover how we can help.

Let’s start with a chat.  Call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site, and we’ll be in touch for a free initial consultation.

Tips for Going on a Group Motorcycle Ride

Group Motorcycle Ride Texas lawyer

How to Prepare for a Group Ride

On two wheels is one of the best ways to see the sights.  Uninhibited views, wind in your face, and the freedom that comes with a motorcycle ride all make the experience even better.  To really enhance your ride, team up with a group of other riders and hit the open road together.

Today, the Car Crash Captain lays out a few tips to stay safe on a group motorcycle ride.  Being prepared is the best way to prevent accidents and injury; knowing what to do if something does happen can minimize the fallout.

Before You Hit the Road on a Group Motorcycle Ride

Before you hit the open road, no matter if you’re riding with a group or going solo, you need to double check your bike to make sure it’s all working properly.  Even those going on a road trip in a passenger car should check things over.  The quick inspection list includes:

  • Brakes
  • Lights
  • Battery Connections
  • Fluids/Oil
  • Tire Pressure
  • Anything That Has Given You Issues in the Past

Missing something that’s an issue could result in you being stranded on the side of the road, or, worse, involved in a serious motorcycle accident.

When you’re riding in a group, you want to make sure you know the riding skills of the other riders.  Skill level largely defines where bikers will be in the group.  A pre-ride meeting will also include topics like:

  • Stopping Places
  • Hand Signals
  • Who’s Bringing What

Everyone should carry basic emergency equipment with them.  But you can designate certain group members to carry anything extra that might be important when riding together.  Including things like road flares, extra water, flashlights, etc.

While You’re on Your Group Ride

Now you’re ready to hit the open road on a group motorcycle ride.  Everyone knows their role, and what to do in all situations.

The most experienced riders go first, and last, in the group.  Least experienced go second.  The rest of the group staggers themselves so they have plenty of room to react, but not so much room between them that another motorist can slip in and split up the group.

When you’re out, take a lot of breaks.  See the sights, taste the cuisine, throw a rock or two into that pond.  Enjoy the time.

If you’re falling behind, or if the rest of the group is more skilled than yourself, know when to throw in the towel.  Know that you can break off and head home if you feel uncomfortable.

When You’re Done with a Group Motorcycle Ride

After the ride, reconvene with the rest of the group.  Discuss what you loved about the trip, what you didn’t, and what you can do better in the future.

It’s all about communication when you’re doing group rides, so make sure everyone is heard.

Know when to Call Herbert Law Group

Of course, if something bad does happen on the ride, you know who to call.

Along with your insurance and registration, keep a copy of our contact information.  Then, even if you’re injured, those ensuring your bike makes it back to safety will find the information that you want Herbert Law Group dealing with your Texas motorcycle accident.

Make sure the card includes our phone number, 214-414-3808.  And if you need to contact us now, you can even get in touch through our website contact form.

Motorcycle Crash Bars Prevent Serious Injury

Crash bars motorcycle wreck lawyer in Texas

How Proper Equipment can Reduce Injuries

The other day I was driving down a fairly heavily trafficked street.  I noticed a motorcycle behind me; he wasn’t driving recklessly (aside from not wearing a helmet), and was keeping a safe distance back.  As I approached an intersection, cars were backed up more than usual, and I hit my brakes firmly.  It wasn’t a sudden stop, but faster than usual.

I heard a loud scraping sound and what sounded like something shattering.  A glance in my mirror showed the biker on the ground behind me.  Traffic stopped, I quickly pulled over, and helped the rider move his motorcycle off the main road and onto a side street.  He was shaken up, one arm had bad road rash, but otherwise no serious injuries.

It turns out that he hadn’t expected traffic to stop like it did, and wasn’t paying close enough attention.  Braking hard caused him to lay the bike down.  Fortunately, no other vehicles were involved, and his motorcycle suffered what appeared to be merely cosmetic damage.

The incident could have been a lot worse.  His heavy, Harley-style motorcycle had crash bars that protected his legs, and other motorists stopped in time preventing further collisions.  Let’s see what the Car Crash Captain says about riding with the right safety equipment installed.

What are Crash Bars Anyway?

Crash bars attach to the sides of the motorcycle, beneath the fuel tank, and in front of the feet (see the images on this page for those visual folks).  They can come with the bike, or can be added on afterward.

These simple metal devices are sturdy and solid, and serve an important purpose to protect the rider.

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Why Are Crash Bars Important?

Crash bars protect against three issues that arise during a wreck.

Protect the Rider – When a bike goes down, the rider goes down with it.  Often the motorcycle will land on top of the rider and crush a leg between the heavy piece of equipment and the road.  Crash bars keep the bike up off the roadway just a bit, so the leg doesn’t get smashed.

Protect the Motorcycle – Crashing on a motorcycle is going to cause damage.  Proper crash bars can mean the difference between cosmetic damage, and something much more serious and costly.

Protect Others – When a biker wrecks, the pieces of bike can hit other vehicles.  Crash bars provide structural integrity to the motorcycle, and reduce impact on the road.  This means less debris flying off into traffic and posing hazards to others.

Other Safety Gear to Consider

Keep in mind that while crash bars are a great way to reduce the impact, they’re not designed to take the place of other proper safety equipment.

Clothing – Wearing a motorcycle jacket (one that is abrasion resistant), the individual in the story at the beginning of this blog would not have had a severely scraped arm.

Helmet – A full helmet that is DOT approved should be worn at all times.  One that covers the entire face is especially protective.

Colors – Brighter clothing is easier to see.

There are plenty of other safety tips and gear, we have talked about them in our post about staying safe while riding.

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