Adequate Protective Clothing Saves More Lives

motorcycle protective clothing accident lawyer Texas

Protective Clothing Helps Riders Recover Faster

All the protective clothing can’t prevent all the injuries a motorcycle rider is likely to sustain after being involved in a wreck.  However, there is a lot of evidence that shows the right protective clothing will be a great benefit to riders.

Aside from a DOT approved helmet, what should riders, and prospective riders, be looking for?  What’s going to be the best to help reduce their injuries, and let them recover faster?  The Car Crash Captain, a motorcycle wreck lawyer serving the Dallas area, has the scoop.

Just How Beneficial is the Right Protective Clothing?

Even when the head is protected, the rest of the body can be subject to injuries that can cause long-term or permanent disability.  Wearing the right clothing, however, can reduce that risk.

A study published in 1986 showed that when a motorcyclist wears the proper protective clothing, the average hospitalization is 7 days shorter, and disability from work or school is 20 days shorter.  Furthermore, the incidence of permanent physical defects is reduced by 40%.

Pretty solid numbers showing that to really be protected while riding, the proper clothing is essential.

What Protective Clothing Should I Wear While Riding?

Aside from the helmet (read about what kind of helmet will actually protect you), there are items that will help keep you a little better protected while you ride.

  • Gloves – Gloves are generally considered to be gear for cold weather riding.  However, they serve a bigger purpose than just keeping your hands warm.  If you wreck, your instinct is to put your hand down to stop the fall; moving at high speeds can tear skin off the hands easily if you don’t have proper gloves.
  • Boots – While open toed shoes allow for nice airflow, they don’t do much to protect against anything.  Solid riding boots provide rigid support and a protective layer against whatever they come in contact with.  Even something as mundane as accidentally leaning against a hot pipe can cause injury if you aren’t wearing the right footwear.
  • Motorcycle Pants – Have you ever fallen while wearing shorts?  Even at walking speed you can skin your knees up pretty badly.  Imagine how badly skinned up you’ll be on pavement moving at 40 miles per hour.  At the very least a thick pair of jeans should be worn, but there are specialty riding pants that are designed to protect the body – with extra padding at high impact spots.
  • Jacket – A t-shirt won’t protect you against anything.  But even a light jacket won’t do much if you’re scraping along the highway.  Motorcycle jackets have thick material and padding on elbows, shoulders, and more.  Just take care when riding in the summer to avoid overheating (learn how to avoid heat related injuries while riding).
  • Body Armor – Wouldn’t it be something to see someone ride down the road in a full suit of knight’s armor?  Imagine the sparks if they wrecked.  Alas, we’re actually talking about motorcycle riding armor.  These lightweight shirts, jackets, and vests are made with high-density foam and carbon fiber to reduce injury upon impact with a hard surface.

Does Herbert Law Group Help Motorcycle Accident Victims?

Herbert Law Group has an extensive history of helping accident victims, including those who were riding motorcycles.

If you, or a loved one, were injured in a motorcycle accident, then we should talk about what happened, and find out how we can maximize the settlement you’ll receive.  Insurance companies are hoping you will overlook many of the costs so they can pay out a lower amount.

We’ll help you receive a settlement that actually covers your losses.

Call our offices at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site, and we’ll have a free conversation about what happened and make a plan of action going forward.

Three Amazing Motorcycle Road Trips for this Year

Motorcycle Road Trip

Aching to Hit the Open Road?

There’s just something freeing about hitting the road on a motorcycle.  The views are spectacular, and you can’t get that 360-degree view in a car the same way you can on two wheels.  With all of the outstanding places across the country, where are some of the best roadways?  We’ve come up with a handful of ideas to get you thinking.  Keep reading as the Car Crash Captain takes you on a road trip.

Natchez Trace Parkway

Running between Natchez, Mississippi and Nashville, Tennessee, the Natchez Trace Parkway is 444 miles of uninterrupted road trip greatness.  There are a number of factors that make this particular stretch of road some of the best for cruising.

Natchez Trace Parkway

Why it’s Great – No commercial vehicles are allowed on the parkway.  This means you don’t have to worry about big trucks or commercial busses.  Though, you may run into the occasional maintenance vehicle helping to keep the state parks looking beautiful.  The majority of the parkway is also controlled access.  No stop signs or cross traffic to worry about.  With beautiful views the entire way, you’re not contending with man-made devices – it’s nearly all trees, farmlands, and the occasional body of water.

When to Go – Because it’s running through the south, where the humidity and temps can get high, the best times to visit are April, May, and June and then September and October.  In the spring you’ll see plenty of blossoms, in the fall the leaves are changing colors.

No matter when you ride the Natchez Trace, there are numerous historical spots to stop along the way to learn about the history of the area.

Going to the Sun Road Montana

In Northern Montana, just below the Canadian border, Glacier National Park hosts some of the most amazing mountains around.  Crystal clear waters, winding mountain roads, and snow-capped peaks are all ready for exploration.

Going to the Sun Road Montana

Why it’s Great – Immersed in the wilderness, it’s hard to find anywhere that looks more untamed than Glacier.  The scenic Going-to-the-Sun Road winds up and up the mountains, passing by waterfalls, wildflowers, and vistas.  The ride tops out at Logan’s Pass at 6,646 feet of elevation.  With plenty of spots to stop and take in the views, and the windy roads, this 50-mile trip will take all day.

When to Go – The only time to go is in July to September.  Earlier in the year the pass is still covered in snow, later you risk getting caught in a snow storm.

Plan early, as vehicle passes to Glacier Park are limited due to its popularity.

Mad River Loop Vermont

New England is home to a number of different back highways that make for great rides.  However, the Mad River Loop is often considered to be one of the best.

Vermont Road Trip

Why it’s Great – The 66-mile loop takes only 1.5 hours to complete, if you don’t stop.  It can be done as just a part of the day, instead of taking the entire day.  Traveling through Camel’s Hump State Forest you encounter east coast scenery like no other.

When to Go – Summer and fall have the best chances for pleasant weather.  In the fall, as the leaves turn colors, your ride will be cast in an orange and golden glow.

The Green Mountain State is heavily wooded in most areas, and can have some wild weather.  Even summer rides might be rainy and cool so be prepared.

Herbert Law Group Wishes You Safe Road Tripping!

No matter where you ride, pay attention and be safe on the roads!  On a motorcycle you’re harder to see, and have a higher risk of being involved in an accident.

If you are the victim of a motorcycle crash, Herbert Law Group is here to help you find the justice you deserve.

Let’s find out what happened, and see how we can help.  Call our offices at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll be in touch with you shortly for your free initial consultation.

The Economic Impact of a Texas Motorcycle Wreck

Texas motorcycle wreck lawyer economic impacts

The Impacts Extend Beyond the Involved Parties

Whenever there is a wreck, there will be economic impacts.  Many of them are experienced by the two parties involved in the accident (read more about economic and noneconomic damages), but there are others who will feel the effect of a motorcycle accident too.  Let’s check in with the Car Crash Captain and learn about the economic impacts of a motorcycle wreck.

Economic Impacts Felt by Involved Parties

The most immediate economic impact will be felt by those going through the tragedy.  Most of these can be assigned a dollar amount, but some are much harder.  How do you put a dollar amount on learning to live without a husband, mother, or child?

  • Medical Costs – Nearly every accident will have some sort of medical costs.  These can range from a simple exam, to ongoing costs that will last the rest of the victim’s life.
  • Lost Wages – When you’re laid up in the hospital, you can’t work.  If you can’t work, you can’t make money.  Lost wages can be calculated simply by multiplying how much work was missed, by the victim’s salary.
  • Property Damage – There will be damage to the motorcycle.  There will also be damage to the at-fault driver’s vehicle.  Damage can extend to other vehicles as well, and even roads, signs, landscaping, and buildings.
  • Disability Costs – A severe accident can result in long-term disability.  The costs of remodeling a home to account for a wheelchair can be high.

Economic Impacts that Extend to Everyone

Aside from the immediate costs associated with the wreck, the economic impact may ripple throughout the community, and even into the rest of the country.

  • Insurance Premiums – Insurance companies are in the business of collecting premiums.  When they have to pay out large claims, they offset that loss by raising premiums for everyone.
  • Legal Expenses – Legal fees can pile up.  While most personal injury lawyers charge on a contingency basis (that means the victim doesn’t pay until the case is won or settled), those expenses still rise.  There are costs associated with running the court system as well.
  • Emergency Responder Costs – Accidents require emergency personnel.  These first responders get paid, and the equipment they use is expensive.  Taxpayers pay for these things, and when more are necessary, taxes may rise.

Herbert Law Group Helps Motorcycle Accident Victims

If you’re the victim of a motorcycle accident, you’re not going to be too worried about the economic impact of your wreck.  Your first, and for now your only, concern is to heal from the injuries you’ve sustained.

That’s why Herbert Law Group is here.  We’ll take the economic worry off your shoulders.  We negotiate hard, and we fight for you.  In the end, your settlement will be the maximum that is legally allowed – and the economic impact on you should be lifted.

It all starts with a phone call.  Let’s find out what happened, and see how our expert motorcycle accident lawyers can help.  Call our offices at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site, and we’ll reach out to you.

What is a DOT Approved Helmet?

DOT Approved Helmet motorcycle wreck lawyer Texas

Why is DOT the Standard for Motorcycle Safety?

A DOT approved helmet is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment a rider can wear.  These helmets are certified by the Department of Transportation and ensures that it meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.

But what does that mean?  Can’t other helmets be just as safe?  What if you don’t wear a DOT approved helmet?  The Car Crash Captain looks into all of this as we examine this important piece of gear.

Why is DOT the Standard?

Basically put: because that’s what the US government has chosen.  Helmets that meet DOT standards undergo impact and retention tests.  These will measure how much of an impact the helmet can take without damaging the contents of the helmet, as well as how well the safety straps keep the helmet on the head – a helmet that falls off at the beginning of a crash is of no use.

What does a DOT Helmet Require?

DOT is looking essentially at three things: weight, thickness, and straps.

Helmets that come in at less than one pound are generally going to be unsafe.  They just don’t have the bulk that will allow them to absorb an impact.  Heavier components will also stand up to road rash better – dragging your head along a road at 50 miles per hour will wear through a cheap helmet really quickly.

Motorcycle Crash Lawyer Texas

Thickness also helps with that road rash, but really what is considered here is the padding and liner.  Polystyrene (usually called by the brand name Styrofoam) that is at least ¾ inch thick will soften a blow.  Usually, you can’t see this as it’s covered by the liner.  The liner is almost entirely comfort so your noggin isn’t pressed right against the foam, but it also helps hold the helmet in place.

Holding it in place, however, is the job of the chin straps.  Most straps are going to do the job, the weak point is the rivets that connect straps to the helmet.  If they fail, the helmet fails.

Can other Helmets be Safe?

The short answer: yes.  But there’s more to the question.

To be legally sold as a helmet approved for street legal operation, the helmet needs to get the DOT stamp of approval.  That doesn’t mean, however, a non-DOT helmet won’t protect you.

  • Bicycle Helmet – If you’re puttering around on a scooter and you fall and bonk your head, a bicycle helmet might protect you.  But you’re putting yourself at a lot of risk with protective gear designed for low speeds.
  • ECE Helmet – The European counterpart to DOT is ECE.  ECE actually requires more stringent testing (i.e. puncture resistance and vision testing).  If you purchased a helmet overseas with the ECE certification, you most likely have a helmet that will also meet DOT standards.
  • Snell Helmet – Amateur racer William Snell died from head injuries sustained in a race back in the 1950’s – injuries that would have been prevented had helmet laws existed (and been followed).  The Snell Foundation now certifies helmets (for a variety of activities) based on how well they perform.  While a Snell certified helmet doesn’t mean it’s better than a non-Snell certified, it does mean that the helmet in question goes above and beyond the bare minimum for standards.

The rules on helmets also vary depending on the state you are riding in.  For example, California requires the helmet to cover the entire head – that means beanie style, or half helmet, won’t fly there.

Contact Herbert Law Group if You’ve been Injured

Novelty helmets are out there and look like a DOT certified helmet, but don’t meet the requirements.  Fake DOT tags can be affixed and unscrupulous dealers may sell unsafe helmets – so do you due diligence and know what to look for in a safe helmet.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle wreck, then Herbert Law Group is here for you.  From our offices in Richardson, Texas, we’ll help you recover the compensation you deserve so you can fully heal.

Let’s talk about what happened.  Call our office at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll reach out to you.

Your Quick Guide to Legal Steps After a Motorcycle Wreck

Legal steps after a Texas Motorcycle Accident

What You Must do When You’ve Been in a Wreck

Across the country, motorcycle wrecks claim innocent victims daily.  These victims should not have to worry about any of the medical bills, lost wages, and should be reimbursed for their pain and suffering.  When following the right legal steps, your case can be handled quickly and efficiently by the Car Crash Captain.

Legal Steps to Take Following a Texas Motorcycle Wreck

Assuming that your injuries have not left you unconscious or otherwise incapacitated, following these steps will allow your claim against the at-fault party’s insurance to go much more smoothly.

Stay Calm and Be Safe

Panic elevates your heart rate, which can make injuries worse if you’re already bleeding.  Try to take deep breaths and know that the accident happened, and now it’s time to make sure everyone is safe.

Move out of the flow of traffic, and assess the situation.  See what happened, who was around, and identify the other vehicle or vehicles involved.

Call for Emergency Personnel

Your safety and health are the number one priority.  Call to have the police and emergency medical crews come to the scene.  They can all help organize the chaos that may be unfolding, and if you’re seriously injured (or even if you don’t think you are, there can be hidden injuries) you need treatment right away.

Get Others’ Information

Get information from the other motorist.  Take pictures of insurance documents and driver’s licenses if they have them available.  Get contact information from any witnesses that may have seen the accident – especially if they have a dash cam that recorded what happened.

Take Pictures of the Scene

Before vehicles are moved, snap some quick pictures of the scene.  These can help recreate the accident if necessary.  They will also provide a better idea of what happened, and if your settlement negotiations end up going to court, they can be used to help prove your case.

Get Medical Attention

No matter how minor the accident may have seemed, you will have sustained some injuries.  It may just be scratches and some bruises, but until a medical professional thoroughly checks you over, the extend of the injuries may be hard to determine.  Seeking medical attention right away starts the records that shows your injuries were a result of the accident, and it’s much harder to argue otherwise later.

Contact Herbert Law Group

Before too much time passes, get the ball rolling with Herbert Law Group.  Our expert Texas motorcycle accident lawyers know how to handle your case, argue on your behalf, and they’ll take away a whole bunch of the burden you may be feeling if you’re going it alone.

Herbert Law Group: Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Injuries can set you back.  Your body is trying to recover, and even if they seem minor, they’re taking a toll.  Don’t compound them by dealing with the stress of an insurance settlement too!

Herbert Law Group is here to take the burden off your shoulders.  We’ll negotiate with insurance, argue your case, and get you the compensation you need to recover so you don’t have a financial burden along with the physical burden.

Follow these legal steps, and let’s get things started with a get-to-know-you phone call.  Call our offices at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll reach out to you.

The Benefits of Motorcycle Advocacy Groups

Motorcycle Advocacy Group Texas bike wreck lawyer

Keeping Streets Safer for Those on Two Wheels

Motorcycle riders take more risks than other motorists.  This isn’t a new issue, and it has nothing to do with riding ability or the mistaken notion that bikers are out there speeding and otherwise doing stupid stuff on their motorcycles.  There are a handful of people who do that, but the vast majority of riders are safe as they cruise along our shared streets.

The risks arise when streets aren’t exactly motorcycle friendly.  A lone biker here and there can raise a fuss, but often not much is done about it.  But when motorcycle advocacy groups form, that is when changes happen.  Let’s check in with the Car Crash Captain and see what’s going on.

What is a Motorcycle Advocacy Group?

Most laws that are passed consider those riding on two wheels as well as four.  But some of them don’t.

Most streets were designed to be safe for those on motorcycles as wells as cars.  But some of them weren’t.

Most highways are safe for riders as well as trucks and passenger vehicles.  But some aren’t.

It’s when these areas that are not motorcycle friendly remain motorcycle unfriendly when issues happen.  Motorcyclists have the same rights and responsibilities of everyone else using the roads.  But without someone that will enact change to ensure those rights are upheld, that’s when problems arise.

These advocacy groups are designed to ensure that motorcyclist rights are upheld in the same way other motorists’ rights are upheld.  This can mean lobbying to ensure laws are passed that keep our two-wheeled travelers safe, and they can be designed to help influence public opinion.

How do Motorcycle Advocacy Groups Function?

These groups use the power of multiple people to enact change.  Consider how a single call or letter might fall on deaf ears to a politician.  However, if that politician receives thousands of calls or letters, they now see this as an important issue.

Beyond that, it takes a lot of money to even get the word out.  Websites and marketing campaigns can be expensive.  Printed materials don’t come cheap.  Pooling resources means the motorcycle advocacy group has the ability to do what they need to do.

That can mean pushing lawmakers to do the right thing and enact laws, or modify roadways, to keep motorcyclists safe.

It can also mean starting public awareness campaigns.  You have probably heard of the “Look Twice, Save a Life” campaign.  This is a public awareness campaign started years ago to help those who don’t ride realize that motorcycles are harder to see than other vehicles.

It’s easy to come up with a slogan, but it’s not as easy to spread that slogan far and wide enough to take effect.

Where Can I Find a Group of Like-Minded Riders?

There are plenty of nation-wide resources available for those who love to ride.  Some, such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, is all about helping you become a better – and safer – rider.  Others are more localized and dedicated to enacting change in your community.

You can start with a quick internet search.  If there’s nothing online that you can easily locate, then head over to your favorite stores.  Motorcycle dealerships, parts stores, and accessories stores are generally all plugged in to the latest groups.  They can help you locate one that fits your style.

What if I’m in a Motorcycle Wreck?

Regardless of how much work these groups do, there will always be negligence out there.  If you, or a loved one, were injured or killed because another motorist was negligent, we can help.

There’s no reason for you to waste your energy on battling insurance companies and difficult legal situations.  Instead, you spend that energy healing and keeping your life moving forward, we’ll handle the hard stuff.

It starts with a call.  Let’s find out what happened, and see how we can help.  Don’t worry, there’s no obligation for this get-to-know-you call.  Just dial 214-414-3808, or fill out our contact form and we’ll reach out to you.

Road Design and Texas Motorcycle Wrecks

Road design and texas motorcycle wrecks

How Road Design and Maintenance May Affect Your Ride

When most motorists who don’t ride motorcycles think of motorcycle wrecks, they think of the high-profile issues that get a lot of media attention and not how other factors, such as road design and maintenance, play into the crashes.  Events like the video that showed a group of riders going after a driver in a Range Rover back in 2013 get all the talk.

But there are a lot of lesser-known wrecks that happen every single day.  Wrecks that occur not because of careless drivers, road rage, or the biker going way too fast.  These wrecks have to do with the fact that sometimes roads aren’t designed with two wheels in mind.  Let’s check in with the Car Crash Captain, and see what going on.

Road Features Unfit for Motorcycle Riders

Driving a car or truck, you don’t really notice a lot of issues with the roads like you do when you’re on two wheels.  Features where other vehicles just drive right over, require a different strategy when riding a motorcycle.

Edge Breaks – When the area around the road isn’t built up (with sidewalks or retaining walls and the like), the road can drop off into gravel or dirt.  These breaks can be hazardous to cars and trucks, but deadly to motorcycles.

Expansion Joints – You’ve noticed them in your driveway, but did you know they’re incorporated into roads too?  These joints let the concrete expand and contract without cracking.  Usually on bridges, they can “catch” a motorcycle tire without warning.

Bridge Joints – Like an expansion joint, a bridge joint actually joins two parts of a bridge.  Found mostly in areas with lift bridges, or bridges with some moving components, these joints are similarly as dangerous as expansion joints.

Grooved Highways – To keep water flowing off the highway, some have grooves in them.  Even in a car or truck you can feel the vehicle “pushed and pulled” on the road; it’s compounded with a motorcycle.

Hazards Bikers Need to be Aware of

Besides features intentionally built into the road, there can be other hazards that can necessitate evasive motorcycle maneuvers or risk a deadly crash.

Debris on the roads is common after storms.  From downed branches, to patio furniture that blew out of a back yard, these things have to be avoided.  Other vehicles can crunch right over with little, or no, damage – a motorcycle will wreck when striking them.

Leaves on the road are a little different.  While debris can be expected after a storm, leaves show up in the fall.  When wet, the leaves get nearly as slick as ice and can cause a motorcycle rider to lay down his or her bike.

Puddles pose another serious issue.  There is often no way to tell how deep the puddle is.  Even one that is shallow poses a hydroplaning risk.

Road Designs Motorcyclists Don’t Like

Often there are just designs that aren’t motorcycle friendly.  Long straight stretches and winding roads aren’t the issue here, though.

Many roads don’t have proper signage.  Whether that’s to help motorists slow down, recognize sharp turns, or even recognize that motorcycles do exist and to watch out for them.  Studies have shown that signage helping motorcyclists and other motorists have reduced the number of collisions.

Blind corners pose a risk to bikers.  Vehicles pulling out can’t see clearly, and it’s even harder to see a low-profile bike coming.

Road Maintenance that Affects Bikers

We expect our roads to be maintained properly.  We all pay taxes that go toward keeping them updated and safe to travel upon.

Sometimes, however, they still fall into disrepair.  Inconvenient for many, but deadly for bikers.  Little issues like potholes and gravel sections mean most vehicles must slow down.  Those on two wheels, however, will generally have to avoid the area.  Even something as simple as where the lines are painted can pose a hazard – these painted areas become much slicker when wet than the rest of the pavement.

Herbert Law Group Helps Motorcycle Accident Victims in Texas

There are numerous factors that go into a motorcycle crash.  If you have been injured in a motorcycle wreck, or you have a loved one that was killed, then you need an experience motorcycle accident lawyer to help navigate the tricky legal waters.

Let Herbert Law Group do the hard work, while you focus on healing.  Call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site, and we’ll get started with a free conversation to see how we can help.

The Most Overlooked aspects of a Texas Motorcycle Wreck

Texas Motorcycle Wreck Lawyer

4 Things Victims of Motorcycle Wrecks Should Know

When you have been in a Texas motorcycle wreck, it’s going to be hard to remember what needs to be done to ensure you receive justice and fair compensation for your injuries.  That’s why we encourage people to prep ahead of time, and know what needs to be done if an accident happens.  You can even put the Car Crash Captain in your phone so you’re not left looking for the number.

Today, let’s take a look at a few overlooked aspects of a Texas motorcycle wreck.  What do you need to know, and what should you do now to ensure your claim goes off smoothly if you do get in a wreck?

Establish Now so it’s Easy to Prove Later

Some items you can’t worry about until after a wreck.  But there is almost always something that can be done now to ensure your claim is easier to prove if you have to justify yourself to the insurance company.

Make Video Evidence Easier

We are in the world of video surveillance.  Sort of a 1984 scenario, but much of the surveillance is civilian controlled – not government controlled.  If you ride regularly, make sure that it’s easy to see and know what happened leading up to a wreck.

Helmet cameras, and even bike mounted cameras, are no longer out-of-reach for most people.  For just a couple hundred dollars you can outfit your rig with multiple cameras that will record everything leading up to the wreck.  Video evidence is hard to ignore when fighting for justice.

Set the Stage for a Diminished Quality of Life

It may seem a bit morbid to be talking about everything you’ll lose if you’re injured in a Texas motorcycle wreck.  But to ensure you receive compensation for your loss, you have to show that you’ve had that loss.

What do you love to do?  Are you big into sports, camping, hunting, or other activities that require full use of your body?  Would you be able to keep doing those activities if you were severely injured?  Documenting your lifestyle now will allow you to prove that your lifestyle isn’t possible after a wreck.  Then, it’s easier to argue for a higher settlement to compensate you for your interrupted life.

Future Damages and Losses Start Now

A similar aspect to that loss of lifestyle, is the idea of future damages and losses.  While the previous can fall under the “pain and suffering” category, this one falls under what is called “loss of future earnings” and more.

Loss of future earnings isn’t just the income that you miss out on because you can no longer work.  It’s the potential income that you may have had access too, but now it’s not a possibility due to severe restrictions caused by the injuries you sustained in the accident.  It’s not about missing out on your existing paycheck; it’s missing the paycheck that could have been had you been able to be promoted.  Similarly, future damages are rehab and medical expenses that may not show up for 20 years – but are a direct result to the injury sustained in the present.

Medical and Ongoing Treatment Documentation

Medical documentation is essential to showing that you have been injured.  Even before you’re injured, a clean medical record can show that you were in top shape before the wreck, and it will help to provide a clearer picture that now, your body has been harmed significantly.

Just as that change is necessary, ongoing medical documentation is as well.  After the wreck, keeping great records (both on your own, and the records the hospital will keep because you don’t blow off appointments) helps to show that you’re taking this seriously, and you aren’t going to just let bad things happen to you.

Herbert Law Group Knows Texas Motorcycle Wrecks

When you’re prepared for the worst, and have set the stage for recovery, it is much easier to attain.  If you haven’t put in a little work on the front end, after a wreck there will be much more work to prove that you’re a victim entitled to significant compensation.

Have you been involved in a Texas motorcycle wreck?  Then you need a great attorney on your side to show the extent of your injuries and how long it will take to heal.  Let’s talk about what happened so we can fully understand you, your wreck, and how we are able to help.

Call the Herbert Law Group offices at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site, and we’ll reach out to you.

Should I Seek Medical Treatment after a Dallas Motorcycle Wreck?

Dallas Motorcycle Wreck Lawyer

When Should I Visit the Doctor after a Motorcycle Wreck?

Every wreck, even at low speeds, has the potential to cause serious injury.  This is even more true when you’re riding a motorcycle without the protective cage of an auto body surrounding you.

But what happens if you’re in a wreck, and you get up and walk away?  What happens if you don’t feel any negative effects, and despite the damage to your bike, everything seems to be “fine?”  Should you still go see a doctor?  Let’s check in with the Car Crash Captain to see what he says about seeking medical treatment after a Dallas area motorcycle wreck.

After a Motorcycle Wreck, When Should I go to the Doctor?

You get up from your wreck, brush yourself off, and look yourself over – nothing seems broken and only minor road rash.  No big deal, right?  You exchange insurance information, get your bike home, and rest a bit.

A couple of weeks later, your leg is bothering you and you have a sharp pain in our abdomen.  So, you go see a doctor and find out that there are some serious problems internally.  You then discover that the at-fault driver’s insurance is refusing to pay for your medical treatment.  Their claim: you can’t verify, without doubt, that the injury was indeed from your motorcycle wreck.

There’s no set time when you must go see a doctor (although statute of limitations in Texas is two years), but the sooner you go in, the better your medical records will be.  The longer you wait, the harder it will be for your motorcycle accident lawyer to substantially prove that you were injured in the wreck, and not during some event following the wreck.

What Injuries are Common after a Dallas Motorcycle Wreck?

Most of the time, this won’t be an issue.  Crashing on your motorcycle often results in serious injuries that are immediately apparent – generally so severe that you’re not even able to get yourself to the hospital, instead you require a ride in an ambulance.

Your injuries may include:

  • Road Rash
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (even when wearing a helmet)
  • Broken Bones
  • Back or Neck Injuries
  • Internal Abdominal Injuries

No need to re-invent the motorcycle wheel.  Check out our post on common motorcycle accident injuries to learn more on this topic.

What Compensation can I Receive When I Wreck my Motorcycle?

Crashing on your bike can run the gamut of potential compensation.  It all depends on how severe your injuries were, and the long-term implications from them.

Compensation may cover:

Property Damage – Your motorcycle has suffered damage and needs to be replaced or paid for.

Medical Expenses – Your body has suffered damage and at least one trip to the hospital was necessary.

Lost Wages – A severe wreck means you’re out of work for a period of time, and you’re missing out on earnings.

Future Earnings – If you can’t function optimally, you may miss out on promotions or better job opportunities.

Disability – A severe wreck may impair your ability to walk, and you’ll have specialized equipment the rest of your life.

Pain and Suffering – Your mental health will take a toll, you may need long-term therapy, and you should be compensated for the trauma you’re put through.

A knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer in Texas knows what you deserve, and can argue for compensation that will help you recover as completely as possible.

Can Herbert Law Group Help with a Motorcycle Wreck?

The short answer: Yes!

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4 Times Motorcycle Riders Recovered

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Motorcycle Accidents that Had a Happy(ish) Ending

Motorcycle wrecks can have serious, if not deadly, consequences.  There are, however, some happy-ish endings to some wrecks.  Not that the rider wasn’t injured, but they were able to recover and avoid dying in a wreck that otherwise would have been fatal.

The Car Crash Captain has rounded up a handful of these stories.  We have included a few safety tips on how they could be avoided, and show why you need a great motorcycle accident lawyer if you’re ever in a wreck like these.

Jay Leno Breaks Ribs, Collarbone, and Kneecaps

Comedian Jay Leno is known for his love of cars and motorcycles.  So, it’s no surprise he was out riding a 1940 Indian motorcycle when his wreck occurred in January, 2023.  After smelling the scent of gasoline, he decided to turn around and not risk the bike catching fire.  But upon turning into an unused parking lot, he ran smack into a wire that had been strung across the entrance and was nearly invisible.  In good spirits, he is healing – albeit with a reconstructed ear.

What can we learn?  Well, private property offers few safety options – be alert when turning into a parking lot; especially an empty on.

Houston Area Woman Recovers from Brain Injury

In August, 2021, Meissa Neumann was out for a ride – a similar ride that she does nearly every week.  This time, however, a vehicle failed to yield and smashed into her.  An off-duty paramedic rushed to help and noticed she was not in good shape.  Hospital reports later showed pelvic fractures, lacerations on the right leg, and lung injuries.  A fighter she didn’t give up.  A slow recovery meant learning to speak, function, and walk again.  As of May, 2023 she is still recovering her physical and mental abilities, but she is lucky to even be alive.

What can we learn?  Be very cautious when riding.  Many motorists don’t look twice, and fail to see the smaller imprint a motorcycle rider has.

Notre Dame Student Loses Leg after Motorcycle Accident

Leaving a car show in June, 2022, Andrew Daigneau has little memory of the day.  Shortly after getting on the road, another motorist swerved into his path.  Despite evasive action, he couldn’t avoid a wreck.  Flying from his bike, Andrew hit his jaw on the vehicle, breaking 15 teeth and pushing his jaw into his skull.  He reports that he broke his neck in 3 places, two ribs, sternum, compound fractured his humerus, broke his hip, his pelvis, left tibia, and his right leg was fractured with a severed femoral artery.  With an amazing recovery, he now walks with a prosthetic leg, but not without an average of 2 doctor visits every day for a year.

What can we learn?  Know your bike and practice defensive riding.  Had Andrew not taken quick action, his story would likely be a memorial.

Couple Suffers Injuries; Family Helps Recovery

In May, 2022, Micahel and Julie Koberger were involved in a wreck in South Carolina.  Broken bones, a brain injury, and damage to Michael’s spleen sent him into a coma in the ICU for much of his hospital stay.  He reports that when he woke up, he was hard pressed to have any hope.  Surrounded by family, however, he rallied with their support.  Both are still recovering from their injuries, but both are thankful to be alive.

What can we learn?  Recovery is easier when you have family to help reduce the stress.  A motorcycle accident lawyer helps reduce that stress even further.

Herbert Law Group: Your Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Texas

Whether your injuries leave you permanently disabled, or you make a full recovery, you need a motorcycle accident lawyer to help you get through the rough spots.  You can spend your time focused on physical recovery, while your lawyer focuses on the financial recovery.

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