Adequate Protective Clothing Saves More Lives

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Protective Clothing Helps Riders Recover Faster

All the protective clothing can’t prevent all the injuries a motorcycle rider is likely to sustain after being involved in a wreck.  However, there is a lot of evidence that shows the right protective clothing will be a great benefit to riders.

Aside from a DOT approved helmet, what should riders, and prospective riders, be looking for?  What’s going to be the best to help reduce their injuries, and let them recover faster?  The Car Crash Captain, a motorcycle wreck lawyer serving the Dallas area, has the scoop.

Just How Beneficial is the Right Protective Clothing?

Even when the head is protected, the rest of the body can be subject to injuries that can cause long-term or permanent disability.  Wearing the right clothing, however, can reduce that risk.

A study published in 1986 showed that when a motorcyclist wears the proper protective clothing, the average hospitalization is 7 days shorter, and disability from work or school is 20 days shorter.  Furthermore, the incidence of permanent physical defects is reduced by 40%.

Pretty solid numbers showing that to really be protected while riding, the proper clothing is essential.

What Protective Clothing Should I Wear While Riding?

Aside from the helmet (read about what kind of helmet will actually protect you), there are items that will help keep you a little better protected while you ride.

  • Gloves – Gloves are generally considered to be gear for cold weather riding.  However, they serve a bigger purpose than just keeping your hands warm.  If you wreck, your instinct is to put your hand down to stop the fall; moving at high speeds can tear skin off the hands easily if you don’t have proper gloves.
  • Boots – While open toed shoes allow for nice airflow, they don’t do much to protect against anything.  Solid riding boots provide rigid support and a protective layer against whatever they come in contact with.  Even something as mundane as accidentally leaning against a hot pipe can cause injury if you aren’t wearing the right footwear.
  • Motorcycle Pants – Have you ever fallen while wearing shorts?  Even at walking speed you can skin your knees up pretty badly.  Imagine how badly skinned up you’ll be on pavement moving at 40 miles per hour.  At the very least a thick pair of jeans should be worn, but there are specialty riding pants that are designed to protect the body – with extra padding at high impact spots.
  • Jacket – A t-shirt won’t protect you against anything.  But even a light jacket won’t do much if you’re scraping along the highway.  Motorcycle jackets have thick material and padding on elbows, shoulders, and more.  Just take care when riding in the summer to avoid overheating (learn how to avoid heat related injuries while riding).
  • Body Armor – Wouldn’t it be something to see someone ride down the road in a full suit of knight’s armor?  Imagine the sparks if they wrecked.  Alas, we’re actually talking about motorcycle riding armor.  These lightweight shirts, jackets, and vests are made with high-density foam and carbon fiber to reduce injury upon impact with a hard surface.

Does Herbert Law Group Help Motorcycle Accident Victims?

Herbert Law Group has an extensive history of helping accident victims, including those who were riding motorcycles.

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