The Emotional Toll of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

emotional toll of a texas truck wreck

Finding Closure After a Devastating Accident

After being injured in a commercial vehicle accident, victims are faced with obstacles to overcome.  They must physically heal from their injuries, and at the same time navigate the difficult process of seeking justice from the at-fault driver.  Even long after the physical injuries heal, the emotional toll can last for years to come.

The Car Crash Captain has some insights on what this long-term emotional toll can look like.

What Toll Does a Commercial Vehicle Accident Take

No matter how you look at it, injuries will have a lasting impact.  Even those that appear to be minor physical injuries can compound over the years.

Physical Injury – Scrapes, bruises, and broken bones will heal.  But no matter how well they heal, complications will arise.  For those who suffer from severe injuries, how much emotional toll do you think they go through as they strive to continue a normal life?

In January 2024, a man in Dallas was hit by a drunk driver.  That accident resulted in his leg being severed from his body.  How long do you think it will take 30-year-old Thomas Toledo to “recover” from his injury?  What toll do you think it will take on his mind as he learns to live the rest of his life with only one leg?

Physical injuries can heal, but the emotional damage tends to last a bit longer and take more time to heal.

Emotional Injury – What emotional injuries come from being involved in a commercial vehicle accident?  There are many that we can see easily, such as PTSD after a wreck, but there are other injuries that may not even have names.

Consider a driver who was driving a small passenger vehicle when they wrecked with a semi-truck.  The enormous truck crushed the car – possibly killing a passenger.  The emotional toll that would take on the driver can be intense; even to the point where they don’t feel safe in any vehicle that’s not a large SUV.

Emotional injuries are often hidden.  They’re harder to see, and may not come to the surface for many months or years after the wreck takes place.  If you were to suffer an emotional toll, would you know how to argue for a settlement that included treatment for them?

Family Injury – Wrecks don’t just affect those who were driving or passengers in the vehicle, they extend far beyond to the victim’s families.

Consider the wife who lost her husband in a wreck, how deep will the emotional impacts be when their marriage is suddenly cut short?

What about the grandparents who lose grandkids, what toll will the death have on their ability to enjoy retirement?

Even if the truck wreck wasn’t fatal, the emotional toll of caring for a loved one that was injured can be extreme – in some cases leading to divorce.  A family split up because of the negligence of another driver.

Wrecks are devastating, and have lasting impacts.  The right lawyer, however, knows how to analyze the situation for these rippling effects that go beyond physical injuries, and extend into the families of the victims as well.

Herbert Law Group Helps Victims find Justice

If you, or a loved one, have been involved in a commercial vehicle accident in Texas, you know the emotional toll those things can take.

It’s important that you focus on navigating these difficult times and healing from injuries.  Don’t waste your energy on insurance companies or impending lawsuits – that’s why Herbert Law Group is here.

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