Three Mechanical Failures that Lead to Truck Accidents

Truck wrecks texas mechanical failures

Equipment Malfunction may Lead to Truck Accidents

Mechanical failures rank high in the causes for fatal truck accidents around the country.  Not only are these issues preventable, but modern technology should be able to alert the driver, truck owner, and others when a failure is about to happen.

For now, however, these issues continue to lead to wrecks that claim lives.  The Car Crash Captain has some insights on what these major malfunctions are, and what can be done to help prevent future truck wrecks.

Driver Negligence is Still the Primary Cause of Wrecks

Despite the fact that most mechanical failures happen because the truck wasn’t inspected or maintained properly (technically this would fall under negligence), other forms of negligence remain the number one cause of major truck wrecks.

  • Fatigue – Driving while tired is nearly as dangerous as driving intoxicated.
  • Alcohol or Drug Use – Substance abuse remains an issue.
  • Driver Error – Risky maneuvers or otherwise failure to yield.
  • Road Rage – Intentionally driving dangerously.

When the big rig is found to be at fault, it often is one of these issues that has led to the crash.

What Three Mechanical Failures Lead to Truck Accidents?

Aside from negligence while driving, there are three areas of equipment that malfunction or fail and lead to more wrecks than other pieces of equipment malfunctioning or failing; brake defects, steering issues, and tire failures.

  • Brake Defects – Truck brakes have to be tough.  They get red hot while braking and rely on air power to ensure maximum stopping pressure.  When these brakes aren’t maintained properly, they will fail.  That doesn’t necessarily mean they were defective (although defects can lead to early failure), but it does mean that even if the driver was operating safely, the equipment is the “cause” of the wreck.  A study has shown that brake defects were found in 42% of truck accidents investigated.
  • Steering Issues – Steering issues were once a major cause in big rig accidents.  These instances have gone down over the years (possibly due to better equipment or better inspections).  However, the remain a big issue when analyzing the underlying cause of truck accidents.
  • Tire Failures – How many times have you driven on the highway and there were pieces of tires lying on the side of the road?  Sometimes these tires are even in the middle of the driving lanes.  Semi-trucks have 18 tires that are all taking some serious wear and tear.  If they’re not maintained properly, and replaced when they’re worn, they can, and will, blow out.  A blowout doesn’t always lead to a crash, but they do often enough that they are one of the top three mechanical failures that lead to truck accidents.

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