Imagine a World without Car Wrecks

Vehicle maintenance prevents texas car wrecks

You can Help with Proper Vehicle Maintenance

We all know about the proper safety practices.  You’ve heard of the twelve second rule, you know that obeying traffic laws generally leads to safer driving, and of course drunk or distracted driving is not something you’re willing to compromise on.

But what about the health of your vehicle?

Are you setting yourself up for disaster by neglecting some of the maintenance that needs done on your rig?  Let’s check in with the Car Crash Captain and see how keeping our vehicles well maintained can lead to fewer wrecks on Texas roads.

Doing Your Part to Avoid Car Wrecks with Vehicle Maintenance

Let’s face the facts: not everyone is going to obey the speed limit, drive sober, obey traffic laws, or maintain their vehicle.  If you’re injured in a car wreck due to someone else’s negligence, then you need Herbert Law Group to ensure you are compensated fairly.  To help make sure you’re not on the other end of litigation, keep these safety care tips in mind.

Tire Tread

Your tires have tread to help grip when conditions are less than optimal.  When the tread wears down, there is a much higher chance of slipping on wet, snowy, or icy roads.  Keep your new tires inflated properly to further reduce the risk of skidding.

Headlight Clarity

There are two ways your headlights don’t do their job right.  Sometimes it’s as simple as them getting dirty – merely wipe that grime off to keep the light shining through beautifully.  But over time the lenses can fog or cloud.  You can have them professionally restored, or do it yourself with an affordable kit so you can light up the road and see hazards.


Along those lines of seeing properly: do you know the last time your windshield wipers were replaced?  Did you know they should be swapped out every six months?  You may even need to replace them sooner if you park outdoors often and the sun rots the rubber.  High quality replacement wipers can help you see clearly now the rain is gone.

Declutter the Insides

There are two types of people in this world.  Those that keep their vehicle absolutely spotless, and others that tend to let it get pretty cluttered inside before clearing it out.  That clutter, however, can end up leading to a bad wreck.  Not only can things get stuck under the pedals, they cause distractions as you drive.

Don’t Break the Brake

Brakes are nice that they’ll give you a warning when they’re reaching the end of their life.  Little wires give you an awful scraping sound to let you know that it’s time to get those things replaced.  Neglected, and your stopping power could diminish, or even disappear.


Washer fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid, oh my!  There are a lot of different fluids that keep your vehicle operating optimally.  Have you checked them recently?  Do you know how to check them?  Often when you take your rig in for lube service (that is, an oil change) they check all the fluids for you – check your invoice to confirm.

Values Aligned

When your values of how highly you regard your safety align with your vehicle maintenance you know to keep your tires rotated, balanced, and aligned.  Misaligned wheels can lead to steering problems and potential crashes.

Talk to Herbert Law Group after a Texas Car Wreck

When we all do our part with proper vehicle maintenance, the number of wrecks will go down.  But as long as others aren’t paying attention, there’s going to be a risk to driving the roads.

Have you been injured in a wreck?

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