A Clean Car is Less Likely to be in a Car Accident

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How Cleaning Your Vehicle Keeps You Safer

Statistically speaking, you are going to get in a car accident every 18 years.

Obviously we know those people out there that seem to be wrecking a whole lot more than others, so they pulling that number in line for those that can go decades without getting in an accident.

In order to stay safe and prevent being involved in a costly or deadly car accident, maintaining your vehicle is imperative.  We know that worn tires cause crashes, and deferred maintenance can lead to a breakdown, but did you know that keeping your car clean and in good appearance can help prevent a car accident too?

Wash Your Car Regularly

Regularly washing your vehicle prevents the buildup of dirt and grime.  While the body of the vehicle isn’t the important issue, keeping those windows clean and headlights clear is what we are after.

Have you ever tried to drive in the morning or evening, just as the sun is coming up or setting?  That low angle sunlight coming through dirty, smudged, or otherwise less-than-clean windows makes it near impossible to see!

Keep your vehicle looking great, and free of too much dirt with regular washings, so you can avoid a disaster.

Wax and Buff it Out

Protecting your paint job isn’t exactly going to keep you safer.  But it will help prevent dirt and grime from building up.

Waxing your car a couple of times each year will ensure that you’re taking pride in your vehicle.  When you’re proud of what you drive, you tend to drive in a safer manner.  A stretch to prevent a car accident?  Perhaps, but giving it a good buff isn’t going to hurt.

Vacuum and Clean the Insides

Interior cleanliness is less about impaired vision (unless your car is so piled with “stuff” that you can’t see out the windows), and more about fewer distractions.

Garbage and other items rolling around inside your car are distracting.  If they get under your foot and in the way of the pedals, well, they can become downright hazardous.

Vacuuming out the interior of the vehicle and getting rid of that clutter is going to eliminate distractions, and make you feel better as you drive.  When you can give your entire focus to the road, then you’ll have a safer trip.

Ensuring Interior Protection

As long as we’re vacuuming, let’s make sure to protect the inside of the car too.

Cleaning the streaks from the insides of the windows helps you see better; while protecting the dashboard will ensure that it’s going to last as long as you own the vehicle.

Will either of these stave off a car accident?  Probably not, but if we’re going to be driving a clean vehicle, let’s really drive a clean vehicle.  It’s not going to hurt to get it just a little cleaner (unless you use the wrong product; there’s a lot of misinformation out there about using olive oil to protect your dashboard).

Avoid Parking Disasters

Finally, prevention goes a long way to keeping your vehicle clean.

As we head into summer, it’s tempting to look for that nice shady spot to park your rig in, and under a tree is perfect… right?

Well, it can be.  Unless birds are hanging out in that tree splattering your vehicle with their you-know-what.  Take a couple extra seconds to assess whether the shade is worth the cool car, because coming out to a dropping covered vehicle is less than ideal.

Herbert &Eberstein are Your Car Accident Attorneys in Dallas

Even keeping your vehicle in pristine condition isn’t a guarantee against a car accident.

We can only do so much to make sure that we’re protecting ourselves.  Ultimately, if another motorist is negligent, it’s a matter of time before an innocent victim is hit.

If you, or a loved one, have been hurt or killed in a car accident, we need to talk about it!  Insurance company’s often don’t have your back on this; but we do.

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