Psychological Impact After Surviving a Truck Wreck

psychological impacts of surviving a texas truck wreck

How Your Mental Health Could Decline After a Wreck

The aftermath of a truck wreck is intense.  There’s a whole lot to deal with including property damage, healing from injuries, and trying to figure out how to get life back on track.  Many people don’t realize the psychological impact that comes with surviving a truck wreck.

Let’s see what we need to consider when this does happen.  The Car Crash Captain has some insights for us so we can maximize recovery times.

Understanding the Psychological Impact of a Truck Wreck

When you’re in a wreck there is obviously going to be property damage.  It’s going to take money to replace your vehicle and any personal items inside the vehicle.  Those damages are easy to figure out.

You will also have medical bills.  Those are also easy to figure out and seek compensation for them.

But there’s a whole “hidden” world of mental health that is affected as well.  The psychological impact of this wreck isn’t going to go away any time soon.  And without professional help to work through the emotions that come from this, you may never recover.  Unfortunately, insurance companies often hope you don’t consider these impacts, and they can end up offering a settlement that isn’t nearly what you need.

What if You were in the Wreck and Survived?

If you were driving, or even in the vehicle, and you survived the crash, how would that impact you?  There would obviously be fears, trauma, and emotions to work through.  But it can go much deeper than that.

PTSD isn’t limited to those coming off the battlefield.  Trauma has many different forms, and dealing with PTSD after a devastating truck wreck is a real thing.  There will be fears of driving again, especially around other big rigs.

Survivor guilt is a real issue.  What if you survived, but your passenger did not?  You may feel terrible about “causing” their death – even though the wreck wasn’t your fault.

Depression can set in, especially if you’re unable to heal fully from your injuries.  You may lament that you have to walk with a limp the rest of your life because of someone else’s negligent behavior.

The psychological trauma of surviving a wreck can run deep.  It’s only when you have a competent professional helping you deal with those events can you truly heal and move on.

What if Your Loved One did not Survive?

There’s another issue that comes up after a deadly truck wreck.  What if you survived, but your loved one did not?

If both of you were in the vehicle, and you had to witness the death of someone close to you, how would your mental health handle that?  A truck wreck that results in death is not a peaceful end of life – it’s quite often very gruesome.

Even if you were not in the vehicle, and you got word that the wreck occurred.  Your loved one was going about their daily business, and they were suddenly taken from you.  The psychological impact would be devastating as you’re plagued with “what ifs” surrounding the loss.

It’s never easy to lose someone close to you.  It’s even harder when it could have been prevented had the other driver been more mindful of their actions on the road.

Come to Herbert Law Group for Expert Advice

This mental anguish that comes after a wreck can fall under “Pain and Suffering.”  Even if you attend therapy and those visits are wrapped into the medical part of the claim, this mental anguish can last for years after the loss occurred.

Fighting for your rights is not something you should have to endure during your time of trouble.  Don’t waste your energy on this.  Instead, let Herbert Law Group do the heavy lifting for you.  You focus on your mental health; we’ll focus on getting a settlement that is sufficient to take care of your needs.

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