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Every year millions of people attempt to represent themselves in various legal matters. For most of them, the result isn’t nearly what they expected. For those trying to defend against accusations, the result could be time spent in jail. For others, who are trying to show that they were the victim of an accident, misrepresenting their own case could mean they have to forego a settlement that they actually deserve.

Herbert Law Group wants to make sure you get what you deserve. No, not in an ominous you’ve-got-another-thing-coming type way.

Instead, our goal is to ensure that insurance companies are delivering on the promises they have made. Where many will throw out an offer that looks nice at first, a lot of these settlements are designed to cover the obvious and immediate needs. They don’t take into account the entire healing process you will have to go through. In the end, with the help of Herbert Law Group, those in the Fort Worth area are able to receive compensation that they truly deserve.


How We Help the Fort Worth Community

Many people have a skewed perception of the legal world. And it’s no wonder with wildly stereotypical portrayals of lawyers in shows like Breaking Bad or the juxtaposed bumbling attorneys on Arrested Development. In reality, your legal representation takes a much more analytical approach, so that when you need a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer, we are here with the cold hard numbers to represent you.

When you have been in an accident, and you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, how does taking an analytical approach benefit you? When emotions are running high, taking a scientific approach can lead to better results.

Settlements that Help You Heal

If you are in a car accident, there are damages that you can easily see: your vehicle needs repaired or replaced, you have medical bills, and even reimbursement for the time you missed at work. But what about those that aren’t easy to see? Mental health rehab, medical bills that may come up years later, and more that you can’t quite put a dollar amount on? A personal injury lawyer in Fort Worth helps you get the compensation you need, so that you can fully heal.

Smoother Processes

You know those warehouses that are all automated and everything just flows flawlessly? Those are the result of efficient systems that have been put in place. Using data and technology, Herbert Law Group handles your case efficiently to assure smoother and faster processes.

Justify with Logic and Numbers

Someone could argue that an accident made them “feel bad” all day long. And it’s true, nobody feels good after an accident. But those emotions aren’t beneficial to ensuring you are entirely compensated for the loss. Using data, numbers, and statistics from previous settlements, we paint a clearer picture that shows exactly how you were the victim.


Why Herbert Law Group is the Right Choice

The basics are clear: we fight hard to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve and the settlement that will help you get back on your feet. But can we do it? Let’s check in with some of our previous clients to see what the enjoyed about using us as their personal injury lawyer in Fort Worth.
“They made me feel comfortable and kept me informed during a potentially very stressful time. They were kind and knowledgeable and they did a wonderful job settling my case.”
“Zach and Taisha are easy to work with, friendly, hard working and very knowledgeable, and they made an extremely difficult time in my life as stress free as possible. They got me the help that I needed to recover… I cannot recommend them highly enough and I will always be grateful to them…”

One reason that people choose Herbert Law Group is that we make every client a priority. As you can see with these reviews, and countless others that we have received, communication is an important part of how we do business. We strive to keep you informed along the entire process, and make sure that you aren’t pushed from on representative to another, or worse, lost in a system of never-ending phone navigation menus.

You deserve to heal and return to a fulfilling and quality life. As your personal injury lawyers, we are determined to help you get there.

Why Choose Herbert Law Group?

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

When you purchase insurance, part of the agreement is to “indemnify” you in case of a loss. That word indemnify is a fancy way of saying “to make whole.”

Let’s say your roof blows off the house in a storm. You pay your deductible, and the insurance company pays to have the roof replaced; they make you whole as though the accident never happened.

Unfortunately, not all insurance claims are as straight forward as needing to have your roof replaced. When someone is injured, or killed, in an accident, there are suddenly many more factors that need to be accounted for during a settlement. If you are the victim, you shouldn’t have to worry about medical bills, lost time at work, or learning how to live your life again.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Fort Worth, you can eliminate money and legal stress from your life. This lets you focus on healing completely while we do all the leg work when it comes to insurance and potentially going to court for your case.

To really serve you the best, we focus our attention on the world of motor vehicle accidents.


We Can Be the Best Accident Attorneys in the Fort Worth Area, Because We Focus On:


Semi trucks fall into the category of commercial vehicles. These big rigs, or 18-wheelers (although the wheel number isn’t really a determining factor), have many more regulations and rules of the road than a passenger vehicle. They’re held to a higher standard, in part, because of the damage a big heavy truck can do when it crashes. For those who have been injured in a truck crash, you need a truck accident attorney in Fort Worth to help navigate this complicated situation.


Fort Worth is edging close to a million residents. Just those that live here add a lot of vehicles to the road, and that’s not including everyone who commutes in each day. With so many vehicles, there are bound to be accidents. Many of those accidents result in serious injury, and they take the help of a personal injury lawyer in Fort Worth to navigate the legal mess that ensues.


Motorcycles are much more maneuverable than a passenger vehicle. Combine that with the freedom of the open air and better gas mileage, it’s easy to see why many people opt to ride instead of drive. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t watch for motorcycles, and crashes on a bike easily cause broken bones or worse. Understanding how to file the claim and what you’re entitled to receive after a motorcycle crash can require some legal expertise.

We Fight for Every Client

No matter what, if you have been injured in an accident, whether that’s on two wheels, four wheels, or with a vehicle that has more, you deserve to have your needs met. Hiring Herbert Law Group as your personal injury lawyer will help you heal.

Communication with Your Fort Worth Personal Injury Lawyer

Do you remember the last time you called your cable provider? You likely had to wade through a series of “Press 1 for English…” and “To report an outage, press 2…” Those navigation menus are designed to get you to the right person that can help you, but they often miss the mark and only end up infuriating the caller.

Here at Herbert Law Group, we believe in providing Old School Service. Service that lets you speak to a real human when you call, and not drop you into an endless shuffle of automated navigation menus.

That’s not to say technology is bad. In fact, we make use of technology a whole lot more than many other companies out there. Relying on data, and the digital world that we live in, you get far better service than if we tried to go all old school. It means that your case is expedited with technology, but communication is done the old fashioned way: by picking up the phone and talking to you, keeping you informed, and making sure that all your questions are answered.
Richardson Car Accident Attorneys

Why We are Able to Provide Awesome Service to Fort Worth

There are some personal injury lawyers out there that just aren’t any good. Like any industry, there are some that are just in it for the money, or they don’t know what they’re doing, or they just can’t handle the pressure of fighting for their clients.

That’s not us.

In fact, the attorneys that serve Herbert Law Group’s clients all have extensive backgrounds, awards, and accolades that show we can do what we say we’ll do.

Zach Herbert

Zach Herbert

Zach Herbert, owner, founder, ex-marine. Going through the military helped him develop that unrelenting spirit that won’t back down until the job is done. With a law degree and an MBA to ensure the law firm is run like a business, Zach is all about making sure that you’re taken care of when it comes to your case.

Brandon Lavery

Brandon Lavery, Rising Star, Top 40, lover of jury trials. Brandon has an amazing ability to turn off the lawyer attitude and speak when he’s dealing with clients; listening and sympathizing with you as a human should. But get him in the courtroom and he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Why You Need a Truck Accident Attorney in Fort Worth

H&E Personal Injury Attorneys | What We Do - Semi Truck Wreck

There are two big issues that come up if you’re involved in an accident with a commercial truck.

First, these vehicles are big. A fully loaded semi truck can weigh 20 – 30 times as much as a passenger vehicle. The heavier vehicle is going to inflict a whole lot more damage to the smaller one. To put that into perspective, think of dropping an anvil on a watermelon; the watermelon won’t stand a chance.

Second, it’s not always straightforward as to who is at fault in a truck accident. It could be negligence on the part of the driver, or the company that hired the driver, or the truck manufacturer, or the company that performed maintenance on the truck, or the company that manufactured replacement parts for the truck… or someone else entirely.

Only an experienced truck accident attorney will be able to pinpoint the issues, and help you receive the compensation that you not only deserve, but you need to fully heal from the accident.

How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Helps You

H&E Personal Injury Attorneys | What We Do - Motorcycle Wreck

By their nature, a motorcycle accident causes more injuries, and more serious injuries, than a car accident. It’s a matter of physics; a person weighs much less than a vehicle and thus will sustain more damage if struck.

Statistically, the car driver is more likely to cause a motorcycle crash than the motorcycle operator. So if you are in a crash on your bike, it’s more probable that you are not at fault than you are at fault.

For the victims of motorcycle crashes, a motorcycle accident attorney in Dallas is imperative to ensure that compensation will help to provide a fulfilling quality of life. That quality of life may be severely diminished when injuries that are serious and permanent occur from a wreck on a motorcycle.

What a Car Crash Attorney in Fort Worth Does for You

H&E Personal Injury Attorneys | What We Do - Car Crash

Let’s suppose a negligent driver runs a red light and smashes into your car. Your leg is busted up pretty bad, and you need a couple of surgeries to get it back functional. Your vehicle is totaled.

What do you suppose the insurance company will pay to settle the claim?

Likely they will take into account the value of your vehicle (usually claiming it’s worth a bit less than it actually is). Hospital bills should be covered. Even lost wages for missing work are pretty straightforward and a small amount is added to your settlement offer. All of these damages are called economic damages; they’re pretty easy to see and calculate.

But in 10 years, your leg starts acting up, and you need another surgery. If you’ve accepted the settlement offer, your case is closed; you can’t go back and try to claim more on it. On top of that, you can’t perform your job duties any longer so you’re moved to a new department; the new position pays less. You’re scared to drive, and you end up going to see a therapist to figure out how you can get back on the road.

Most of those additional expenses are not offered by the insurance company, they want your case closed as quickly as possible so they don’t pay out any more than necessary. When you enlist the help of a car crash attorney, you get the experience that knows what may come up down the road, and how much your settlement should be to ensure you’re not stuck footing the bill for someone else’s negligence.

Dispelling Personal Injury Lawyer Myths

Want to know the biggest myth around personal injury lawyers? It’s the idea that the attorney is just here to get rich while you get less from your settlement than if you had done it all yourself. But all you need to do is look at the statistics on settlement offers. In situations where an individual was injured, their settlements are 3.5 times higher when they were represented by an attorney than those who skipped the personal injury lawyer. That increased amount can be life changing and mean the difference between your prolonged suffering, and healing and moving on with your life. A good attorney is here to help you heal.

Herbert Law Group: Serving as Fort Worth’s Personal Injury Lawyers

Not every wreck needs a lawyer to help. When all that is damaged is a vehicle, and people are safe, it’s a pretty straightforward settlement. But when there is injury, or death, then Herbert Law Group is here to ensure that you are represented against the powerful insurance companies. With decades of experience, knowledge about how to win cases, and our Old School Service, you get the peace of mind that you’re going to get what you deserve, an amount that will help you move on with your life.

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