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When you have been hurt by someone else, you have one pressing question: how long will this take to heal?

If you have been involved in a car wreck, there are a bunch of other little things that are going to start piling up on top of your overall pressing question. Little questions like, “Is this settlement fair?” Or, “How long will I be out of work and without an income?” Or, “How can I get rid of the stress of these bills?”

Injuries take time to heal. With the added stress of bills piling up, inability to get back to life as normal, and dealing with insurance companies that just don’t seem to care; those injuries can take even more time to heal. That’s why you need a personal injury lawyer in Irving to help navigate these situations. Herbert Law Group is here to make sure that you’re receiving a settlement that will cover all of your costs, and be your advocate on your road to healing.

When you’re not worrying about the stress of finances, your body can heal faster and more completely. We are here to make sure that you can take care of yourself, while we take care of the legal issues.


How We Serve the Irving, TX Community

As Texans, we love our freedoms. We get to live life how we choose, and do what’s best for ourselves and our families.

But what happens when someone infringes on those rights? What if someone acts carelessly or negligently and you’re hurt as the result? Of course this isn’t the Wild West (anymore), so we have insurance and courts to help navigate some of these potentially tricky situations.

Here at Herbert Law Group, we use analytics and numbers to help strengthen your case. People have been getting into car wrecks since 1896 (really, that was the first automobile crash). And in those 125+ years, we have learned a thing or two about what someone deserves after being injured in a crash.

Herbert Law Group combines the powerful numbers and data from previous injury cases like yours, to ensure that things work out in your favor. Here’s how we use that data to ensure your needs are met afterward:

Analytics and Data

Proven data is hard to argue against. If someone has suffered from a similar injury in the past, and has received a settlement to help them heal, then we can show that others have suffered the same as you have, and show the amounts that have been awarded to reduce the financial stresses that come after an accident.

Settlements You Need

Insurance companies are interested in growing their own business. To do that, they have to minimize the amount of money they pay out in claims. With the help of a personal injury lawyer in Irving, you can get a settlement that meets all of your needs. The property damage and bodily damage you have suffered will be compensated.

Systems to Process

Analytics, data, and technology are all great to help keep the world moving forward. We use our old school service and modern technology, to ensure that your case moves through the system as quickly as possible, but at the same time you are kept completely in the loop on how it’s going and what we will need from you.


How We have Served Others Just Like You

Over the years we have had the pleasure to work with a lot of great people that need help navigating the tricky waters of insurance settlement offers.

But don’t take our word for it… take theirs! Here is what a couple of them have had to say recently.

“Very knowledgeable of every option. I had options to settle or go to court and they didn’t hesitate either way. They were not just trying to get a quick unacceptable settlement.”
“I was in a very bad wreck… Zachary Herbert is amazing! He explained anything I didn’t understand. Made this nightmare I was tired of thinking about and reliving finally end. Got me my settlement.”

We could continue on, but we’ll just share with you the themes we see pop up over and over again in our reviews.

In a world where good customer service hinges on communication, a lot of businesses seem to find that communication isn’t something they need to focus on. But when that is gone, so is customer service, and so is the happy client. We make communication a priority.

We are after the settlement that makes you complete. Not the settlement that is the quickest and easiest. If you notice in that second review, you see it was a nightmare that she was tired of reliving. But the settlement helped to move it all behind her and let her focus on healing.

That is what Herbert Law Group does for you. We communicate and act as your personal injury lawyer in Irving so you can get back to life as normal.

Why Choose Herbert Law Group?

How We Help Victims Who Have Been Injured

As vehicle technology continues to improve, vehicles are becoming safer and safer. Just look at how brands like Tesla have forged ahead in the self-driving automobile world. Even though there are still glitches, these robot drivers are often safer than their human counterparts.

But the days of no car accidents are still a long way off. Even with the most sophisticated technology, there will likely never be a time when nobody is ever involved in an accident. And that means people will continue to be injured or killed when driving vehicles.

When injuries occur, things can get complicated quickly. To help navigate these messy waters, Herbert Law Group is here as your personal injury lawyer in Irving.


Here's Where We Specialize:


Motorcycles are hard to see. But that doesn’t mean other drivers have an excuse. Instead, it means that those on a bike have to be extra vigilant about watching for the other drivers that are not paying attention. Because there is no protection around you, even the smallest of accidents can result in serious bodily injury if you’re in a motorcycle accident.


Commercial vehicles are usually, though not always, larger than passenger vehicles. Sometimes they weigh as much as 20 to 30 times more than passenger vehicles. So when these giant rigs collide with a vehicle that is much smaller, big damage and often big injuries occur. Plus, they’re difficult to navigate when the blame isn’t always just with the driver.


Thousands of vehicles collide every single day around the country. Here in Texas, we experience our fair share of them as well. Some are straightforward, but many of them involve serious injury and more fatalities than we like to admit. When people are injured or killed, a personal injury lawyer is needed to help sort through the legal issues.

We Always Fight for Our Clients

Herbert Law Group is dedicated to you, the victim of the wreck. No matter what you were driving, if you were injured due to someone else’s poor driving, then you need a lawyer to help you get the compensation you need to be on the path to a full recovery.

Communication With Our Clients Is Most Important

We have a saying around Herbert Law Group that says we combine Old School Service with modern technology.

We have gone over that modern technology already. It’s where we use the latest in data and analytics (that we can easily extract with high powered computing machines), and where we use the latest tech to ensure that your case is filed and moved quickly when it needs to move quickly.

But the old school service part stems from the idea that back in the day you could call a company and talk with a real person. There were no automated voices routing you from one department to the next. Instead, it’s all about answering the phone when you call, and giving you the attention that you deserve.

After an accident, your insurance claim is already going to be complicated. Finding a personal injury lawyer in Irving to help you navigate this mess shouldn’t be complicated as well.

You call, we answer, you talk, we listen. It’s old school and it still works.

Herbert Law Group | How We Work

Irving, Texas Is Helped By Experience And Knowledge

You have a lot of options when you choose to enlist the help of an attorney. But we know that Herbert Law Group has an effective team that combines years of experience, skills, and knowledge to ensure that we are the best choice.

The powerhouse duo, and the amazing support staff that helps to keep the office running smoothly, provides an experience that will knock your socks off. In case you’re not wearing socks, it will blow you away as your personal injury lawyer in Irving.

Zach Herbert

Zach Herbert

Zach Herbert founded Herbert Law Group, and has grown it to be a powerhouse that can fight for your rights. Using the skills from his MBA, he knows business. Using skills developed in the Marine Corps, he knows tenacity and hard work. Using skills from law school and experience as a lawyer, he knows what needs to be done to win your case.

Brandon Lavery

Brandon Lavery, Florida born now a Texan through and through, puts in the time to make sure your case is won. With a bunch of awards, and more than 75 jury trials under his belt, he is the one you want on your side if a settlement can’t be reached and it has to go to court.

Car Crash Attorney In Irving That’s On Your Side

H&E Personal Injury Attorneys | What We Do - Car Crash

Anyone that is driving legally knows that insurance is required. It’s a means of protecting you from having huge out of pocket costs in the event that something bad happens; something like getting in a car crash. If you’re the victim, as in you were hit and the other driver was at-fault, then their insurance will take care of everything… or that is what should happen.

Too often the insurance company does a little sleight of hand with you. Most of them play legally, but not exactly fairly. They offer a settlement that will look good at first, but isn’t quite enough. If you refuse it, they play hardball and claim the offer will expire, or it’s a take-it-or-leave-it type thing. This isn’t true at all!

Your car crash attorney will help you fight for what you actually deserve. Herbert Law Group knows what the insurance company is responsible for, and we will do what it takes to ensure you get the compensation you need to recover.

Why You Need A Lawyer After A Motorcycle Wreck

H&E Personal Injury Attorneys | What We Do - Motorcycle Wreck

Being hit while riding your motorcycle is like being hit while driving your car; except the potential for injury, or death, is far greater. It’s simply a matter of not having that protective cage around you.

Studies show that the majority of bike wrecks are the fault of the vehicle that hit the motorcycle rider. When you’re just trying to enjoy the nice weather, and feel the breeze against you as you ride, you shouldn’t have to constantly be scared that a motorist isn’t going to pay attention.

If it does happen, you will need a personal injury lawyer in Irving to help you get back on your feet. Injuries take time to heal, and sometimes future issues come up. The initial insurance settlement likely won’t be enough to cover these future issues, but a motorcycle attorney will know what compensation to demand.

An Attorney Helps You Following A Truck Accident

H&E Personal Injury Attorneys | What We Do - Semi Truck Wreck

We talked about how big rigs can inflict big damage. But one of the other problems that arise after a truck accident is the fact that blame isn’t always placed on the driver. In most motor vehicle crashes, we can see that the at-fault driver acted negligently, and thus they are at fault. With trucks, it’s a little trickier.

Negligence can happen at many different stages in the trucking experience. Often, the driver acts negligently. But if the company has forced him to drive for far more hours than he legally is supposed to, is it his fault, or the company’s fault? Or is it both? Furthermore, who did the repairs on his truck the last time it was in the shop, and did faulty repairs contribute to the accident? Were inspections done properly, were the parts used the right parts?

Truck accidents are complicated, and they can have a whole bunch more moving parts than an accident between two passenger vehicles. If you have been in one, you need a truck accident attorney on your side to help sort things out.

Herbert Law Group Isn’t Here To Chase Ambulances

You probably know the term “ambulance chaser.” It has been perpetuated for decades, and at one point probably had some basis in facts. After a wreck, a greedy lawyer would track the ambulance back to the hospital, and once the victim was stable, offer their services to sue the pants off the other guy.

In reality, that’s a farfetched cry from what a personal injury lawyer actually does.

What we do here at Herbert Law Group is we are stress eliminators. Financial burdens are stressful. Financial burdens that you are facing because of someone else’s actions are even worse. We want to get rid of that stress because if you have been injured, or a loved one has been killed, the only thing you should be focusing on is how to keep moving forward in life and healing from your physical and emotional wounds.

That’s all there is to it. We make sure that the companies that promised to take care of the victims actually do take care of the victims.


Moving Forward With Herbert Law Group

After a wreck, you have enough on your plate. You have so many things to worry about, that getting a letter in the mail with a low-ball settlement offer from the insurance company is not going to make anything better. To make it worse, insurance is hoping that you’ll be so overwhelmed you will just accept that offer without thinking if it’s the right thing for you or not.

As your personal injury lawyer in Irving, we want you to relax, focus on healing, and leave the stressful bits up to us. We’ll rely on the experience and education that our team has already in order to push back against these powerful companies. In the end, you get a settlement that compensates you for your losses, reduces your stress, and helps you heal.


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