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PERSONAL INJURY Lawyer in Mesquite, TX

The Mesquite Area is Served by Herbert Law Group

The city of Mesquite is Texan, through and through. Known as the Rodeo Capital of Texas, even the name of the city conjures up thoughts of rich Texas BBQ. With four major highways passing through the town’s borders, it’s easy to get just about anywhere.

Those highways, however, can also serve as a major source of headache. When people are rushing to get to where they’re going, they can get careless. Accidents that happen on the highway can often lead to severe injury or even death for those involved.

That is precisely why Herbert Law Group serves the city of Mesquite.

Because accidents are going to continue to happen, and because insurance companies are going to continue to provide less-than-adequate settlements, your auto accident attorney is going to continue to fight for your rights. You deserve compensation that actually provides for your losses; we’re here to help.


Receive the Compensation You Deserve

You have the right to live your life without worry that someone else will harm you, or end your life prematurely. That’s not an unreasonable expectation.

But every time we get in our vehicle, we take the risk that someone else isn’t driving safely. While that risk is actually pretty minimal, it’s always present. If someone does run into you, injuring you and your passengers, will you know what to do in order to receive compensation that fully covers your out-of-pocket costs?

Most people would file a claim with their insurance company (or the insurance of the at-fault driver), and accept the settlement offered to them. These companies have done a great job of making people believe they don’t get a say in the matter.

That’s where Herbert Law Group comes in. If you’re injured, or a loved one was killed, you don’t want to have to worry about dealing with insurance companies; you want to focus on healing physically and emotionally. With our three-point method, we take all that stress off your plate.

Data Driven

In the United States, there are thousands of car crashes every day. While each one is unique, there are a great number of trends with what happened, what injuries occurred, and so forth. When we analyze this data, we can see exactly what the precedent was for an accident like yours.

Processes & Systems

Using that data, we have systems and processes that will help to speed up the whole situation. No need to start from scratch every single time. Instead, we talk to you and make sure you’re comfortable and aware of everything going on, and then push it all through the system.

Settlements You Need

The result is that we can spend time with you to fully understand your situation. Then we can quickly analyze what’s reasonable, and push for a settlement that you need in order to heal without the worry of finances looming over your head.

While no amount of money is worth losing a loved one or having an injury that can take months, years, or a lifetime to heal, we know that getting rid of the financial burden makes life much easier. And that’s why we are here.

What Others Say about Herbert Law Group

You know what we do: we help take the stress out of getting in a wreck, and we deal with the insurance companies so that you get a settlement that will actually meet all of your needs.

You know that we have a big focus on communication and treating you like a human being. That should be the goal of every business out there, but often it’s not.

But do we hit the mark? Are we doing a good job? Let’s check in with some of our previous clients and see what they have to say about working with Herbert Law Group.

"I was very pleased with this firm. Zach really is a nice person. He was very informative about my case. I would recommend him to anyone. Oh yes, I can’t forget Jessica! She is the best."
“Very pleased with how Zach Herbert is treating my husband’s case. He has proven very trustworthy, and the communication held between us has been excellent. Great work. Thank you.”
Nice, informative, communication skills, trustworthy… these attributes show up in nearly all of the testimonials we have received over the years. The reason is that when you make your clients the top priority, the rest of the business falls into place. Do the right thing and good things will come.
Why Choose Herbert Law Group?

How We Help Victims Who Have Been Injured

As vehicle technology continues to improve, vehicles are becoming safer and safer. Just look at how brands like Tesla have forged ahead in the self-driving automobile world. Even though there are still glitches, these robot drivers are often safer than their human counterparts.

But the days of no car accidents are still a long way off. Even with the most sophisticated technology, there will likely never be a time when nobody is ever involved in an accident. And that means people will continue to be injured or killed when driving vehicles.

When injuries occur, things can get complicated quickly. To help navigate these messy waters, Herbert Law Group is here as your personal injury lawyer in Mesquite.


What a Personal Injury Lawyer in Mesquite Does

Our goal is to make sure that you’re not taken advantage of. If you file a claim, the insurance company is going to offer the lowest amount they believe they can get away with; that’s just how their business model is set up.

In many cases, when there aren’t any injuries, that’s fine. Replace the damaged property, and while it’s inconvenient, life goes on.

But in other cases, where injuries and death occurred, life doesn’t “just go on.” In order to hone in and provide the best service possible, we focus on motor vehicle accidents. These accidents generally fall into one of the following three categories:


Commercial truck drivers are on the road for a living. They drive nearly all day, and for most of the week. Because they’re using the road systems so much, they have a greater responsibility to ensure that their trucks are maintained, and their driving skills are up to par. Because when a truck crashes, it often causes far more damage and results in greater injury and death than when a passenger vehicle crashes. There is a lot going on after a truck accident, you will need help to ensure nothing is overlooked.


There are a lot of car wrecks every day. Some are fender benders that result in cussing and anger; but many of them result in far more traumatic experiences. If you’re laid up in the hospital, or you’re grieving the death of a loved one, how much energy will you have to put into fighting for a settlement that is going to help you survive? If you are injured, studies show you’ll heal faster if you can eliminate the stress in your life. With a personal injury lawyer in Mesquite, your stress is reduced.


Injuries and death almost always require the help of an attorney to sort things out. Motorcycle crashes very often result in injury and death (it’s simply a matter that there’s no protective “box” around the bike). Victims need our help; we are ready and happy to serve.

Fighting for Our Clients

Herbert Law Group is dedicated to you, the victim of the wreck. No matter what you were driving, if you were injured due to someone else’s poor driving, then you need a lawyer to help you get the compensation you need to be on the path to a full recovery.

Old School Service with Herbert Law Group

When you work with Herbert Law Group, you’re not just the next file on our desk. What we want to do first, is build a relationship with you and get to know you as a person. Then, we can fully understand how to serve you in the best way possible. It’s all about keeping those communication lines open.

This service, that we see has kind of gone by the wayside, is what we refer to as Old School Service.

Anymore, when you do business with a company, you tend to get lost in a confusing array of automated prompts trying to route you to the right department. If you can navigate your way through that, you get an overworked, underappreciated, and “had it up to here” employee that would just as soon the call get dropped that help you as a customer.

Our goal: to shake up the notion that nobody cares anymore. We provide service with a smile, and help you wherever you were because without our awesome clients we wouldn’t be here!

All along the way, you’re kept in the loop of how your case is going. We make sure it’s easy to be in touch, and you don’t dread “checking in” with your lawyer. Instead, we show kindness and respect so that when it’s all said and done, you had a good experience in this tough and troubling part of your life.

Herbert Law Group | How We Work

How Are We Able to Provide the Best Legal Counsel Possible?

As your personal injury lawyer in Mesquite, we have made sure to get a good strong background in place, so that you get the quality of service that you deserve. And that started years ago with a degree and military training.

Our team is rounded out with our paralegals and support staff. Without them everything would quickly fall apart. With the right education, a bunch of experience, and the tenacious attitude you want on your side, the Herbert Law Group is not just ready, but able to serve you.

Zach Herbert

Zach Herbert

Zach Herbert joined the marines after passing the Texas bar. There, he tapped into that tenacious spirit that drives the law firm forward today. After getting his feet wet and with the experience to understand how the court system works, he came back to the Dallas area to be a voice for those without one. Even while serving clients he continued to learn and earned his MBA as well. The result is a lawyer driven to get you the results you need.

Brandon Lavery

Brandon Lavery knows the court room as well. His entire career has been focused on helping the individuals, and not defending the big corporations. With over 75 jury trials under his belt, he’s ready to fight for your rights.

Car Accident Lawyer in Mesquite, TX

H&E Personal Injury Attorneys | What We Do - Car Crash

Imagine back to the busiest days you have ever had. Maybe it was in school and there were about 100 test and papers all coming due; or maybe it was working and huge deadlines were approaching; or maybe it was planning and going on a vacation overseas. Taking care of all the details is pretty stressful.

Now imagine trying to do all of that, while you’re recovering from a life threatening injury; or while you are mourning a loved one that was killed in a car accident.

The entire reason why we act as your personal injury lawyer in Mesquite is because we want to ensure you don’t have the stress of handling everything on your own, all while you are trying to recover.

Car accidents happen to good people when other people act in negligence. The problems arise when you expect the insurance company to take care of you, and you get this lowball offer that doesn’t even fully cover your out-of-pocket expenses, let alone those that will likely arise in the future. Now you are arguing with an adjuster, trying to nurse yourself back to health, and overall just being stressed.

Let us handle that stress for you. You worry about doing the physical therapy that’s going to help your body function as normally as possible.

Motorcycle Wreck Lawyer in Mesquite, TX

H&E Personal Injury Attorneys | What We Do - Motorcycle Wreck

If you ride, you know the feeling. The wind in your face and the open air create a feeling of freedom that you can’t get when confined inside the cab of a vehicle.

Too many people, however, are out there driving and not paying enough attention to the motorcycles on the road. Because they’re smaller than a passenger vehicle or a truck, and because motorists fail to look three times, bikers are often hit when there is no other “excuse” besides, “I just didn’t see him.”

Then there are the issues that result because when you’re hit on a motorcycle, you are exposed to every danger possible. Other vehicles traveling nearby, the vehicle that hit you, the ground, and more all pose a threat to break bones. Injuries and fatalities occur far more often in motorcycle accidents because of the simple matter that there isn’t as much protection.

When a motorcycle accident involves an injury, you need Herbert Law Group to help take care of the legal matters.

Semi Truck Accident Lawyer in Mesquite, TX

H&E Personal Injury Attorneys | What We Do - Semi Truck Wreck

If you’re hit by a semi truck, do you know who is liable for the accident?

It’s easy to say it was the fault of the truck driver, because they were in control. Or were they in control?

Truck accidents aren’t always as straight forward as passenger vehicle accidents. Combine that with the fact that these big commercial rigs inflict a whole lot more damage and you have to worry about loss of life and serious injury… on top of figuring out what actually happened!

The driver may be liable for the accident. He or she might have acted negligently or was driving under the influence.

Or it might be the fault of the trucking company that they drive for. They may not have trained the driver adequately or forced him or her to drive more hours than legally they are allowed to drive.

Or it could be the truck manufacturer, who put out a vehicle that wasn’t safe. Or it might be the maintenance worker that didn’t catch an issue and the truck failed because of that. Or the tire shop that put the wrong tires on…

There are a lot more issues to look at in a truck accident. Something that an experienced truck accident lawyer can help you with while you try to get back to life as normal as possible.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Is Not…

You probably know what to expect by now. But we do want to touch a little bit on what not to expect. Yeah, we’ve heard just about everything when it comes to “can I sue…” or “I don’t want to go to the hospital unless I know I can sue someone…”

A lawyer is here to help you receive compensation that you need to heal. The idea is that you get enough to cover the costs and not a whole bunch extra.

So what a personal injury lawyer is not, is that we are not a means of making money, or a means of getting rich, or a means of “taking them for all they’re worth.”


Get on the Road to Recovery with Herbert Law Group

Because our one goal is to ensure that your stress levels are reduced, and you are able to focus on healing, that means our priorities are you centered.

No matter what type of motor vehicle accident you were involved in, if you were injured, or a loved one was killed, you deserve to have the insurance companies do the right thing and provide for your needs. And that will likely only happen with the help of Herbert Law Group.


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