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After an accident it’s normal to have a bunch of questions. How long until I’m fully healed? How long until my car is fixed? How am I going to pay for these bills and the time off work? How will I be able to enjoy life again? Depending on the severity of your accident, those questions may not have easy answers.

Do you know who won’t answer those questions? The insurance company that is responsible for making sure you are compensated for your losses.

That’s why you need a personal injury lawyer in Plano. With legal help from Herbert Law Group, we make sure that you’re treated fairly, your questions are answered to your satisfaction, and you’re given the time and money that you need in order to heal completely.

Injuries sustained in an accident are often complicated. We are here to help make sure you are on the road to recovery instead of left in the dark.


How We Work with the Plano, TX Community

If someone hits your vehicle, you expect they should pay for the damage, right? Or if someone asks to borrow a power tool and they break it, you expect that they would replace it, right? Perhaps someone comes over to your house and they knock over a lamp, you expect them to buy you a new one, right?

That’s the same concept when it comes to injuries. When someone acts carelessly and you are injured from it, you expect them to pay for the costs of you healing. Those include medical bills, time missed at work, damage to your vehicle, and can also include things like emotional healing and if someone died in the accident, bereavement.

Here’s how we use an analytical approach to ensure you get what you deserve.

Healing Settlements

Insurance companies don’t care about your healing process. They care about settling the case quickly so you don’t realize they’re low balling you. When you use a personal injury lawyer in Plano to help settle, or even go to court for you, your case, then you get a settlement that helps you heal completely.

Processes and Systems

Data, technology, analytics, and systems. Our world would be a mess without them, but often they’re not really seen as a necessary factor in personal injury cases. When we incorporate these processes, we can make things go quickly for you, so you’re on your way to recovery faster.

Proven Analytics

If an accident smashed up your leg and you had to have it amputated, how much financial compensation would you say that’s worth? What’s the going rate for a leg these days? You could toss out a number that would make you feel good, but cases don’t settle based on feelings. Instead, Herbert Law Group uses the numbers that were set forth in previous settlements to argue what sort of compensation you deserve.


What Do Other People Say About Herbert Law Group?

We work hard for you. We use an analytical approach to ensure that you’re compensated fully after an accident. That’s all great, but do people even like us? Over the years we have helped a whole lot of people who have suffered from all sorts of accidents.

Let’s see what they have to say about turning to us for legal help.

“Amazing team to work with! Zach helped me out and was very informative about my case. I had never needed to use an attorney before. I was nervous… even over zoom calls he was great to work with.”
“They are very knowledgeable and also communicate very well with clients by their preferred method. I liked being able to communicate by text and to sign documents electronically which saved me time and travel.”

Have you ever thought about how you deal with businesses? Places like hospitals will rarely ever call you; instead you get pieces of mail two to four business days later. Other businesses will only call during business hours, when most people can’t answer their personal phones!

Here at Herbert Law Group, we want it to be easy for you. If you prefer Zoom, then let’s hop on a Zoom call. If you prefer text messages, then updates via text it is. If a voice call is what you need, then a voice call is what you get!

The bottom line is that we’re here to make sure the service you get from your personal injury lawyer in Plano is what you expect. Because when it’s easier for you, it’s less stress; less stress means you heal faster and more completely.

Why Choose Herbert Law Group?

Herbert Law Group Works with Crash Victims

Statistically speaking, you have probably been in a car accident. Roughly half of first year drivers will crash at least once. And by the time you’re too old to drive, you will likely be in 3 or 4 wrecks. Some might be your fault; others might not be your fault.

In most of these situations you get the vehicle repaired or replaced, and you move on with your life. Vehicle technology has improved vastly over the years and cars are much safer than they used to be. That’s a good thing for most wrecks; we get to walk away without injuries or fatalities.

Despite better technology keeping us safe, we still have a lot of crashes that can be pretty terrible. When injury or death is involved, things get complicated. Stress levels rise. And insurance settlements often don’t meet needs. That’s why Herbert Law Group is here as your personal injury lawyer in Plano.


We Specialize In Helping People After Accidents Including:


In most car accidents there is one motorist that is clearly at fault, and another who is the victim of their negligence. We know that the at-fault driver’s insurance is supposed to take care of the damage done to the victim. But when there is injury or death, sometimes that insurance doesn’t play quite as fairly as they’re supposed to. Sometimes they minimize the issues and try to settle for far less than you deserve. We help you get what you need to heal completely.


When you’re on your bike, you feel that freedom of the open road and the wind in your face. Unfortunately, along with that freedom comes the exposure to more personal injury when fellow motorists aren’t watching out for you. If you’re hit on your motorcycle, that wreck is probably going to end badly with some serious injuries. These complications mean it’s all the more important to have a personal injury lawyer in Plano to help with your situation.


Commercial vehicles are often much heavier than passenger vehicles. In the case of a fully loaded semi truck, 20 or 30 times heavier. That added weight means much more force is put on the smaller vehicle, and much more damage is done in what would have otherwise been a “small” wreck. Truck drivers, trucking companies, and commercial vehicle operators have a greater responsibility to drive safely than recreational motorists; when they fail these duties, an attorney helps clear things up.

We Fight for You

No matter what type of wreck you’re involved in, a crash attorney will help you recover compensation for the damages you suffer. Those damages may be easy to see, but much of what we will help with is taking away the financial stress that may come up years from now.

What We Mean When We Say “Old School Service”

Customer service is just about everything these days. Actually, it always has been. But so many businesses are on that ever increasing quest for productivity that one of the first things to go out the door is how they treat the very people that keep them in business!

You know what we’re talking about. It’s the long and drawn out automated phone services when you just have a simple question that could be answered in about 30 seconds. It’s wondering, sometimes for weeks, if the company has forgotten about you. It’s that personal touch that’s being replaced by robots at an alarming rate… well, maybe not yet, but soon!

Here at Herbert Law Group, we’re shying away from that. Our clients are why we get to provide the service that we do, so we’re taking a step back from that rapid automation, and keeping the old school personal touch that people want and need.

Slowing down we answer your calls (real humans answer your calls!) and help you with your questions. Then, when you know what’s going on, we work quickly using the most recent technology to expedite information and ensure your settlement is suitable to meet your needs.

Humans helping humans is what we’re all about, and we do it old school.


Herbert Law Group Has What Plano Needs

When you get help from Herbert Law Group, you don’t just get a personal injury lawyer in Plano on your side. You get an entire team. Your team’s skills vary widely, and you get to benefit from this broad expertise.

While these guys are at the forefront of Herbert Law Group, none would be possible without the amazing supporting teammates. Laura, Taisha, Jessica, Jennifer, Victoria, Ashley, and Monica all play important roles to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks, cases move forward instead of stagnating, and they keep the details of office life all in order.

Zach Herbert

Zach Herbert

Heading up the team is Zach Herbert. Ex-marine, MBA, and a lawyer with experience. Zach’s business mind keeps the whole group running smoothly, while his legal mind can process through your case quickly.

Brandon Lavery

Alongside Zach is Brandon Lavery. Brandon moved to Texas from Florida, and has a great track record of winning cases for his clients. If lawyers were decorated the same way service men and women are, Brandon would be considered highly decorated.

Car Accident Attorney in Plano

H&E Personal Injury Attorneys | What We Do - Car Crash

When you are the victim, you shouldn’t be expected to have any out-of-pocket costs. The at-fault driver’s insurance ought to pay for all of the damages no matter what they are. The physical stuff, called economic damages, is easy to see. You need a new vehicle, you have medical bills, even lost wages because you can’t go to work; most of this is fairly easy to calculate and determine what needs to be compensated.

But what about those non-economic damages? It’s really hard to put a number on pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of companionship if a loved one is killed in a wreck, and more. This is why you need a personal injury lawyer in Plano that has experience with these damages. Relying on previous cases that are similar, your attorney can argue for what you truly need to recover.

Help from a Motorcycle Wreck Lawyer

H&E Personal Injury Attorneys | What We Do - Motorcycle Wreck

It’s rare to walk away from a motorcycle wreck without some sort of injury. It’s just the nature of being open and exposed without the protection from a cab and full vehicle frame around you. There are very few motorcycle wrecks that involve injury that don’t need the help of a lawyer to ensure that the victim is properly taken care of.

The sad truth is that most people don’t watch out for motorcycles. The rider and bike are much smaller than a vehicle, and many motorists glance too quickly. They don’t see the larger vehicle, so they assume there is nobody on the road that may be hit. By the time you’re seen on your bike, it’s too late.

Wearing the right protective gear will help and practicing defensive driving on your motorcycle will too, but until everyone is vigilant about road safety, it will always be dangerous to ride.

What a Semi Truck Accident Attorney Does for You

H&E Personal Injury Attorneys | What We Do - Semi Truck Wreck

Drivers of commercial vehicles are only allowed to press one button on their phones when the vehicle is in motion. That’s generally to answer a call that might be coming in. Many professional drivers take it a step further and wear a Bluetooth device, where they just have to tap the earpiece and it will answer.

While nobody should be using an electronic device while driving, commercial drivers have even more restrictions. There have been many instances where a truck driver doesn’t see the line of stopped cars, and plows through the entire group of them injuring and killing dozens.

Because of the additional laws, and the fact that big rigs cause big damage when they crash, anyone that has been involved in a truck accident will want to use the help of Herbert Law Group to ensure that all of their needs are being met, and they’re able to have a chance to heal completely.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Is On Your Side

TV and movies perpetuate the idea that lawyers are all greedy scumbags. And then there are a handful of greedy scumbags that only serve to reinforce that myth.

Fortunately, most attorneys are in this field because they really enjoy sorting out the difficult legal matters, and helping their clients to find success.

A personal injury lawyer is one that helps you when you’ve been hurt due to someone else’s negligence. Here at Herbert Law Group, we have a big focus on vehicle wrecks and the recovery that comes after. But any time someone acts negligently, and you’re injured by them, a personal injury lawyer in Plano has just one job: to make sure you don’t have a financial burden, which will relieve stress, and help you to get on the road to recovery.


Herbert Law Group Helps You on Your Road to Recovery

There are a lot of unknowns surrounding a car crash until we dive into it a bit more.

But there are also a lot of things that we do know. We know that you were the victim of someone else’s actions, and you shouldn’t have to worry about anything financial as a result of that wreck.

We know that the insurance companies have one goal in mind: to minimize the amount that they pay out. They’re in the business of collecting premiums and making money. Paying claims, and paying a lot for claims, goes against their goal.

We also know that there will be expenses that come up sometime in the future. We know that even though things look straightforward now, and that healing looks like it should only take a set amount of time, there are always issues that come up later on in life; and you shouldn’t have to worry about those any more than you should have to worry about the expenses you can easily see now.

When you work with Herbert Law Group, you work with some of the most amazing personal injury lawyers in Plano. And our team is here to provide old school service that will help you heal after your injury.


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