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Located a few miles north of downtown Dallas, Richardson, Texas has made a name for itself as a hub for telecommunication companies. With over 5,000 businesses within the city limits, the city has huge branches of telecom and insurance companies in the community.

Richardson is also the home to the offices of Herbert Law Group.
Herbert Law Group helps those who have been the victims of accidents collect settlements that will actually meet all of their needs, and not leave them hanging when it’s their hour of need. What’s that mean in every day terms though?

If you were in an accident, and you suffered some sort of injury, the insurance company will likely make a settlement offer that looks like it will take care of your bills. That’s their job after all; to ensure that you are made whole. But when problems creep up down the road, or the settlement offer isn’t adequate to begin with, that’s where a personal injury lawyer helps out.

You have more important things to focus your energy on, and you shouldn’t have to be stressed about an insurance settlement.


How Herbert Law Group Serves the Richardson Community

In any given accident there is an at-fault party, and a party that is the victim. When the victim suffers damages, those are things that would otherwise cost them money; the insurance company is responsible to cover those costs. We generally think of damages as repairs to the vehicle, covering a rental car, and maybe a check up at the doctor to ensure nothing is wrong.

Often, however, there is much more to those damages than we realize. It’s pretty easy to determine the value of a vehicle, the lost wages at work, and most hospital bills. But what about some of the things that you just can’t put a set dollar amount on? Or those that you really don’t know exactly how much it will cost? We’re talking therapies, emotional trauma, and more.

Herbert Law Group has developed methods that use data and analytics to accurately determine what you will need to heal completely. As your personal injury lawyer in Richardson, we focus on three points:

Data and Analytics

Over the years, thousands of accidents have happened. Some are minor and result in just a little damage to the vehicle. Others are major and cost people their lives. Looking at the data and the analytics around these wrecks, and looking at the settlements that were received from them, we can determine what will likely be a fair settlement no matter how big or small your crash was.

Systems and Processes

Using the information we gather, we have processes and systems to ensure that your settlement or case are moved along swiftly. When you’re trying to heal from your injuries, a long and drawn out legal battle is not on the top of your priority list! So we make sure to move things as quickly as possible.


The end result is that you get a settlement that takes the financial stress off your plate. Studies show that stress hinders healing, and if we can help alleviate the stress that comes with dealing with insurance companies, we can help move you from injured to recovered much faster.

We deal with insurance companies every day; it’s what we’re good at. When you’re in a situation where you are forced to dealing with them, let us handle the insurance, and you focus on you.


What We Do as Personal Injury Lawyers in Richardson

Getting rid of stress is what we’re all about. Because when you are injured, the biggest concern you have is healing. Using data and analysis we can get that done. So that’s what we do… but how do we do it?

The term personal injury lawyer covers a big wide range. While we can handle anything that has to do with injuries that occurred do to no fault of your own, we choose to focus on motor vehicle accidents. Here in Texas there are hundreds of wrecks every day, and many of them involve injury and death. Afterward, the victims are left scrambling to understand how to navigate the often difficult world of insurance claims.

So, we focus on three primary areas.


When big rigs wreck, they cause big damage. Big damage means it’s more likely that you will be severely injured or killed in that accident. And that’s where things start to get complicated. Because of the added responsibility of driving a semi, drivers (and the companies that employ them) are held to a higher standard. They need to take care of the other people on the road! Accidents with a truck cause legal and insurance messes that Herbert Law Group takes care of.


With millions of passenger vehicles on the road every day in the DFW area, there are bound to be some collisions. If it’s a dented fender that can be fixed in an afternoon, you probably don’t need the help of a personal injury lawyer. But if someone was hurt, or killed, in the wreck, then you need to get in touch with us. Injuries take time to heal, and sometimes expenses come up months later that you didn’t think would. You should be compensated for the entire wreck, not just part of it.


With nicer weather a good portion of the year, Texas has a number of motorcycles on the road. The sad truth, however, is that people don’t look out for the bikers. And when you’re not seen a crash is likely. Injuries abound in motorcycle crashes, so let’s get you taken care of so you don’t have the stress while you heal.

No matter what kind of vehicle you are driving, if you are the victim of someone else’s negligence (that’s just a fancy way of saying that you weren’t at-fault for the wreck) and you were hurt, we should be in touch. There’s no reason you should have to fight a legal battle while nursing injuries; you focus on healing we focus on settlements.

We Always Fight for You

No matter what happened in your accident, if you were the victim of someone else’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to worry about being treated fairly. That’s why Herbert Law Group is here. Our goal is to ensure that you get what you need after the wreck so that you can focus your energy and attention on healing.

Old School Communication is Our Priority

Putting a priority on communication is what we like to call Old School Service. It has become a bit of a lost art where businesses and professionals are using the latest and greatest technology to speed things up, and make things more efficient.

While tech is great, we use it here to ensure that everything is getting done, we don’t think it can replace good old fashioned human contact. We’re talking about automated phone systems, and endless press 1 for such and such. Many companies have gone completely automated, and you don’t get to talk to anyone anymore!

So we’re throwing it back, old school style. Back to when a business was excited to talk to you. Excited to share in your life, and excited to help you through whatever you’re facing. And we know that all starts with great communication. You need to be able to talk to your personal injury lawyer, so we make sure that it can happen.

After an accident, it’s a tough period of life to get through. You’re already dealing with automated systems with your insurance company, so you shouldn’t have to do that with your attorney as well. We are here to guide you through this confusing period, so that you can have the best experience possible despite the difficulties surrounding the events.


Herbert Law Group gets you on the Road to Recovery

Accidents really suck. Not only do you have injuries to deal with, you have headaches and stress of replacing vehicles, taking care of work issues, and more all while wondering if the settlement offer is one that’s going to sufficiently cover your needs.

What Others are Saying about Herbert Law Group

We can go on and on about what sort of help we provide when you’re in an accident. And we can brag and boast about how cool we are and what an amazing experience it is to work with the Herbert Law Group Team. But let’s let other people do that for us.
“Zach and his staff are amazing. I love the fact that his office is up on the latest technology so I was able to communicate via FaceTime and text. I definitely recommend Herbert Law Group to all my friends and family.”
“Zach is an outstanding attorney. There are not many attorneys I know that truly understand the struggles his clients go through. I would recommend him.”

If we kept going you would see some common themes. One is that understanding. Our goal here is to make sure that you’re treated fairly, with understanding. And you don’t walk out feeling as though you’re just another case for us to win and make some money.

Second, there’s a big recurring theme of communication. You can read more of our testimonials, but that communication keeps coming up over and over. The reason: we have made it a priority. It’s becoming a lost art, and we don’t plan to let it go.

Why Choose Herbert Law Group?

The Herbert Law Group Team

Who makes that communication happen? It’s not just the lawyers that are getting things done around here. In fact, if it wasn’t for the amazing support team, we wouldn’t get anything done! There are six ladies that help in the office with everything from reception to paralegal work to organization. With their help, Zach and Brandon can stay on top of the lawyer work and not have to worry about things slipping through the cracks. When everyone at Herbert Law Group works together, things get done, and you get the settlement you need to fully heal.
Zach Herbert

Zach Herbert

Zach Herbert, founder of Herbert Law Group, has that tenacious marine spirit.  After serving in the marines, he made his way back to the Dallas area to serve as your personal injury lawyer in Richardson, because this is the community he loves and cares about.

Brandon Lavery

Brandon Lavery started his career with you in mind. He never wanted to work for a big corporation, or defending the insurance companies to help them make more money. With a whole bunch of wicked awesome credentials behind him, he wins cases. When things go to trial, this is the guy you want on your side.


Car Accident Attorney in Richardson, Texas

Herbert Law Group | Personal Injury Attorney

When you get in a car accident, there are two types of damages that occur. There are economic damages, and there are non-economic damages.

Economic damages are those that are easy to figure out. If your $25,000 car is wrecked, you deserve $25,000 to replace it. If you have hospital bills, they should be covered. Lost wages at work, yep, easy to calculate. Often the insurance companies are going to quickly calculate out these damages into your settlement offer and hope that you take it. What they often don’t account for is the non-economic damages.

Non-economic damages are those that you can’t really put a value on. Suppose your spouse was killed in the accident, what will it take for you to move on with your life? What if you were so severely injured that you can never walk again, or you can’t climb a set of stairs anymore, or your left side just doesn’t work? These damages are when you need an attorney on your side to show that this accident messed up your life, and you deserve compensation for what you have been through.

Without an attorney, would you know what questions to ask? Would you know how to refuse a settlement offer and throw out a settlement offer of your own? Would you even want to while you’re grieving or healing? That’s where we come in.

Motorcycle Wreck Attorney in Richardson, Texas

If you are riding a motorcycle, you have to be extra diligent to pay attention to what’s going on around you. Since you occupy less space it’s harder to see you as you’re cruising down the road. While other motorists should be paying attention, many are not. And if you’re hit while riding, the consequences are much worse for you than they are for them.

Consider how much more protection the other motorist has in their vehicle. You are smaller and lighter, so right off the bat you don’t cause as much damage to them. Instead, without that metal box around you, your bike and your body are smashed in the wreck.

It doesn’t take a big wreck to break bones on a motorcycle. And if you don’t have all the protective gear on, there’s a good chance that injury is going to be severe.

Now consider how difficult it will be to file an insurance claim from the hospital. Will you be able to do it? Will you be able to figure out what happened, and what sort of compensation you deserve to be made whole again? If you don’t want to mess with it, you need Herbert Law Group for your bike wreck.

H&E Personal Injury Attorneys | What We Do - Motorcycle Wreck

Semi Truck Accident Attorney in Richardson, Texas

H&E Personal Injury Attorneys | What We Do - Semi Truck Wreck

A fully loaded semi truck is heavy. That mass and weight carry two consequences.

First, a fully loaded truck takes a while to stop. Once the load is moving Newton tells us that it wants to stay in motion. To stop it you have to have plenty of time, and some powerful brakes.

Second, a fully loaded truck packs a punch if it crashes into someone or something. All that moving mass transfers the energy into whatever it strikes. When it strikes something smaller, like your car or SUV for example, the semi truck doesn’t suffer a lot of damage, but you and your vehicle do.

All this is to say that if you get in a wreck with a semi truck, your vehicle and likely your body are going to suffer a lot of damage. And that’s where complications begin.

As a commercial driver, the at-fault party may not be the person controlling the wheel. Fault could lie on the driver of course, but it could also lie with his or her employer, the maintenance crew, or someone else. When things get messy with a semi truck accident, a personal injury lawyer is there to help sort it out and get you compensated for your injuries.

What is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Before we wrap things up, let’s look at one of the biggest myths surrounding the personal injury lawyer industry. It’s the myth that the lawyers are just here to get rich.

Here’s the real deal: the insurance companies are here to get rich and make a profit. If that means you get burnt on your settlement because you accepted one that wasn’t adequate, well they believe that’s too bad for you.

But when you use the help of a personal injury lawyer, we’re on your side. We are here to make sure that the playing field is level, so that if you find yourself in the complicated situation where you don’t know if the insurance company is playing fairly, you can turn to the experts that do know what to say and do.


Herbert Law Group Gets You on the Road to Recovery

Accidents really suck. Not only do you have injuries to deal with, you have headaches and stress of replacing vehicles, taking care of work issues, and more all while wondering if the settlement offer is one that’s going to sufficiently cover your needs.

It doesn’t have to be that hard. Leave the hard stuff to us.


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