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The town of Allen was named after Ebenezer Allen, a proponent of the railroad that helped transform the US. This railroad helped transport goods, especially agriculture, quickly across the country.

It was hardly six years later that that the first train robbery in Texas’s history happened in the town of Allen.

Fortunately we don’t have to deal with people knocking over trains anymore; as transportation has largely shifted to using the interstate highways to get good quickly to their destination. But now, Herbert Law Group has the focus on helping those after an accident.

A part of the DFW Metroplex, Allen sees its share of traffic. From commuting residents, to tourists, to interstate transit, there are a lot of people driving in and through the community. Increased traffic means an increase in traffic accidents, injuries, and deaths.

As personal injury lawyers serving the community, our goal is to ensure that the victims of these accidents are treated fairly, and receive compensation that’s going to allow them to heal as quickly as possible. Settlements are rarely designed to benefit the victim, and we’re working hard to change that so if you have been in a wreck, you’re not left feeling helpless.


How We Help the Allen Community

The number of vehicles on the road is increasing. The number of wrecks is also increasing. But thanks to the technology built into cars and trucks today, the number of injuries and fatalities is actually going down (as a percentage of total number of drivers on the road).

There are still a lot of people injured in wrecks out there every single day. And until there’s a time when all vehicles are communicating with each other (to avoid crashing well in advance), there will always be wrecks that result in injury or death.

If you have been in a wreck, your lawyer has the data from previous wrecks to analyze when seeking out the appropriate settlement amount for you.

Here’s how we do it here at Herbert Law Group.


Because there are hundreds of crashes every day, we can look at similar incidents, injuries, and settlements. While your case may be unique, there will be similarities to previous cases. Using this data we can show that others have been in similar situations, and show what settlement was deemed fair.


With great systems and processes built into how we operate, we can get your settlement pushed through a whole lot faster. Things don’t get forgotten or missed when these processes are followed.


With the data backing us up, we know that you receive compensation that is fair, and will help you heal from your injuries quickly.

When you don’t have the stress that comes from dealing with financial woes, you don’t have the stress that is going to hold you back from healing completely.

What a Personal Injury Lawyer in Allen Does

Our goal is to make sure that your stress is eliminated. We do that by handling the complicated legal issues that arise after an accident, and deal with the insurance companies so that you don’t have to. But what does a personal injury lawyer do? Any time you are injured because someone else acted negligently, you deserve to be compensated so that you don’t have to worry about the financial aspects of the injury. That injury can happen in a whole host of manners, but here at Herbert Law Group, we like to focus on the motor vehicle accident niche. With hundreds of wrecks every day in Texas alone, there are a lot of people out there that need help every day. We help in three main areas.


There are two things to be aware of after a car accident: the insurance company will be really good about offering a mostly fair settlement for the property damage you suffer, and they will be mostly unfair when offering a settlement that will take care of your injuries. That’s where we come in, we know what’s fair and what you need, and we aren’t afraid to play hardball with the insurance companies.


A wreck that doesn’t involve injury or death really doesn’t need the help of a personal injury lawyer. When you get hit while riding a motorcycle, there’s a high likelihood that you’re going to suffer from some serious injuries. Without the protection that a car offers, motorcycle wrecks quickly go from minor to deadly.


Semi trucks keep American moving. And because these drivers are on the road all day every day, they are held to a higher standard than the average motorist out there. Combine that with the fact that huge trucks cause massive damage, and it’s easy to see that if you’re involved in a wreck with a commercial truck, you’re likely going to have some serious injuries that need to taken care of.

There’s a common theme among the areas where we focus our time. It’s the fact that if you’re injured, you already have a lot to worry about. You don’t want to struggle through the stress of insurance settlements, figuring out what is fair, and wondering if you have done the right thing.

Leave the hard stuff up to us. You put your energy into healing from your injuries so that you can get back to living live.

We Always Fight for You

No matter what happened in your accident, if you were the victim of someone else’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to worry about being treated fairly. That’s why Herbert Law Group is here. Our goal is to ensure that you get what you need after the wreck so that you can focus your energy and attention on healing.

Our Focus is on Old School Service

As jobs get more stressful, and people are demanding more, patience wears thin for a lot of people working anywhere that requires customer service.

That’s why we have made it a point to dedicate ourselves to some Old School Service.

What’s that mean exactly?

When you walk into a store, are they happy to see you? If it’s a smaller shop, is the owner and operator excited that you chose his or her store? It seems that years ago that was the case, but anymore we tend to get lost in the shuffle. So many businesses are using technology to answer the phone and to route the calls, and half the time you struggle to get on the line with a real person.

Here at Herbert Law Group, we see that happening, and we made the commitment to keep it old school, so that you’re never treated like a number, or left punching an endless series of buttons to try to find the right department.

After you have been in a wreck, it’s a hectic, stressful, and difficult time. The last thing you want to do is deal with automations.

We use a lot of technology here in our offices; all of it is designed to ensure that you get the best possible service. But when it comes to talking with you and listening to you, we slow it down and make sure that you’re treated like a person.


Herbert Law Group Helps Eliminate Stress

Wrecks are stressful. You don’t deserve to have that stress on your plate!

Whether it was on a motorcycle, in a car, or with a semi truck, if you have been involved in an accident, where you were injured or a loved one was killed, then let us help eliminate the stress that you don’t deserve.


Testimonials About Herbert Law Group

So here we are, explaining how we help you and what you get from it (in case you missed it, we take care of the legal and insurance stuff, so you have less stress after an accident, and can heal faster). But what do other people have to say about us? How have we done when you throw it out there to the community? Let’s check in with a couple of recent reviewers.
“So I was in a very bad wreck and a close friend recommended his family friend who happens to be a lawyer… he handed me over to Zachary Herbert who was amazing! Handled everything! Explained anything I didn’t understand… He did all the work and communicated with me on any changes in the case.”
“Zach and his team helped me get my case settled after almost 2 years of waiting. They are great with communicating, and have lots of flexibility doing meetings over Skype and FaceTime if you are not able to come up to their office… they will get you the settlement you deserve.”

Remember how we have dedicated ourselves to Old School Service? That’s service with a strong commitment to making sure we are communicating with you effectively and fully. If you read through the rest of our Google reviews, you see that strong communication come up over and over.

We get things done for you, because that’s what a personal injury lawyer is supposed to do!

Why Choose Herbert Law Group?

How We Can Provide Outstanding Service to Allen Residents

As we wrap things up, we have to point out that it’s not just Zach and Brandon, the lawyers that make things happen around here. No, we have to give credit to the whole team at Herbert Law Group. And we have to start with the amazing support staff that handles the everyday matters for the office.

With a team of six ladies, our office runs smoothly. Handling everything from checking people in when they come in the front door, to answering the phone when it rings so you don’t have to talk to a robot, to all the scheduling, filing, and paralegal work, they are the true rock stars in the office!

Zach Herbert

Zach Herbert

Zach Herbert, the founder of Herbert Law Group knows how to lawyer. Getting a start as a marine, he developed a tenacious attitude that the Marines are known for. Earning his MBA, he learned how to run the firm like a business. But when it comes down to it, he knows how to talk to you like a human being and communicate with you like you deserve.

Brandon Lavery

Of course, we have to talk about how Brandon has joined the team and stepped up our game. With a bunch of awards under his belt, his no-nonsense demeanor in the court room, and the fact that he has always represented the victim (not the insurance company) means that Brandon gets it done.

Car Accident Attorney in Allen, Texas

Herbert Law Group | Personal Injury Attorney

There are two types of damages that happen after a car accident. There’s property damage, which we can easily see. That’s your busted up vehicle and anything else that could have been broken in the wreck. Then there is personal injury… we could call that body damage.

That damage to your body is a lot harder to account for than the property damage. Insurance companies can quickly look at the value of your property, and offer a settlement they think is fair to replace or repair what you have lost.

But when it comes to injuries to your person, things generally go far beyond those hospital bills. And if someone dies in the wreck, well, things get even more complicated. How do you value the loss of companionship you feel after a spouse is killed? How do you value the loss of the use of your legs? What if you can never work again because your brain just doesn’t work as it used to?

Herbert Law Group is here as your personal injury attorney, so that you don’t have to worry about those things. Your focus is on healing from your injuries (whether they are physical, mental, or both). Our focus is on dealing with the insurance companies to get you the best settlement possible.

Motorcycle Wreck Attorney in Allen, Texas

If you wreck your motorcycle, and somehow don’t have a scratch on you, that’s what many would consider a miracle. And it’s fairly easy to deal with: all you have to stress about is replacing your busted up bike.

Even when you’re wearing the proper safety gear, however, the chances of not being injured in a motorcycle accident are quite low. Without the protection that a vehicle offers, there’s not much between you and the ground or the at-fault vehicle.

The problems are compounded with inattentive motorists. Everyone should be watching out for you as you ride, just the way they watch out for other passenger vehicles or trucks, but that’s not always the case. So when another vehicle acts negligently, you end up suffering from a crash that almost always results in injuries.

Now you’re stuck. Your body is bruised and broken (or in the worst case scenarios, your spouse is dealing with funeral arrangements), and you have to figure out how much it’s going to cost to get your life back in order.
Don’t worry about that. Let Herbert Law Group worry for you. You just focus on healing.

H&E Personal Injury Attorneys | What We Do - Motorcycle Wreck

Semi Truck Accident Attorney in Allen, Texas

H&E Personal Injury Attorneys | What We Do - Semi Truck Wreck

Every year in the US there are nearly half a million trucking accidents. That number may seem high, because that’s including all commercial vehicles (busses, trucks, semis, and the like). That’s a lot of damage to vehicles across the country.

Texas is no stranger to the deadly truck accident either. In fact, we have more than our share of fatal accidents year after year. And it leaves many families broken and people injured.

The problem is that when trucks wreck, it’s rarely a small wreck. These huge vehicles weigh a lot. And when they collide with another vehicle that doesn’t weigh a fraction of what they do…. Well, the result is that the smaller vehicle suffers from a lot of damage. Those inside the vehicle suffer a lot of bodily damage.

As a personal injury lawyer serving Allen, we know that these cases can get complicated really quickly. There’s a lot of different factors in a truck accident, and you need a good attorney on your side to figure out exactly who is at fault, and what you can expect as a reasonable settlement.

What to Expect from a Personal Injury Lawyer

So what can you expect when you get help from a personal injury lawyer in Allen?

Let’s start with what not to expect. Personal injury attorneys are not a means to get rich. Neither the attorney, nor the client, is expecting to make boatloads of money by suing the pants off the insurance company. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme by any means.

Instead, the goal is to make sure that you aren’t damaged financially after an accident. There’s a lot going on when you get in a wreck. And the bills can add up really quickly. None of those bills would be there if someone hadn’t acted negligently.

So, what to expect when you get help from Herbert Law Group: expect to be made financially complete, as though the accident never happened.


Herbert Law Group Helps You on the Road to Recovery

Wrecks are stressful. You don’t deserve to have that stress on your plate!

Whether it was on a motorcycle, in a car, or with a semi truck, if you have been involved in an accident, where you were injured or a loved one was killed, then let us help eliminate the stress that you don’t deserve.


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When we work together, Herbert Law Group will be dedicated to helping you get on the road to recovery, so you can keep living life.

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