Increase in Fatal Truck Accidents in Texas

truck accidents in texas

Why Truck Accidents are Rising Across the Country

Truck accidents in Texas are on the rise.  Accident rates are going up across the country too, but in Texas there are a disproportionately higher number of truck accidents than elsewhere.

Why is Texas getting hit harder?

It’s a multi-faceted problem that isn’t getting better with time.  In fact, fatal accidents rose in 2020, despite the pandemic that saw fewer vehicles traveling on the road.  In order to combat the issue that there are more fatal truck accidents in Texas than in any other state, everyone has to be more aware and more alert to stay safe.

People are Driving Faster than Before

Depending on which study you look at, speeding is often considered to be the number one cause of fatal crashes.  It’s not hard to see that the faster you’re going, the more damage the wreck will do.

Studies that look at fatal truck accidents in Texas don’t usually show who is at fault.  So when we consider speeding, we have to consider that both passenger vehicles and truck drivers share the blame for driving too fast.  When either party increases speed, the likelihood of a wreck increases, and the likelihood of a fatal accident occurring also increases.

Drivers are Paying Less Attention

Other studies will show that distracted driving is the number one cause of fatal crashes.  Distracted driving, especially among younger drivers, remains a huge issue that does not seem to be getting better over the years.

An increase in truck accidents can also be linked to distractions.  While there are specific rules in place for those driving commercial vehicles, those rules are often ignored or bypassed with the mindset that “It won’t happen to me.”

To reduce fatal wrecks, we all need to keep our focus on the road.

There’s a Truck Driver Shortage Going On

The American Trucking Associations reports that in 2018, the industry was short over 60,000 truckers to keep up with demand; if nothing changes that number will grow to 160,000 by 2028.

That means those drivers that are working now, are working harder than ever.  Longer hours, more trips, and a push to move goods faster all lead up to the same thing: mistakes made on the road.

While there are regulations on how many hours one driver can spend behind the wheel, those numbers can be fudged, pushed, or ignored completely.

Even when following the number of driving hours, maintenance can go unchecked in order to get back on the road faster.

Texas has a Lot of People Living Here

One of the biggest reasons that there are so many truck accidents in Texas is because of the number of people that live here.

The Dallas area is pushing 8 million people alone.  With major interstate highways that connect to the rest of the United States, there is a lot of traffic for both trucks and passengers.  And that’s not even to mention the other major cities throughout the state.

When more people drive in a smaller area, it’s harder to navigate these big rigs.

Companies are Opting Out of Life Saving Technology

There is a lot of technology out there that will save lives.  Some of it is mandatory, and some of it has largely been ignored by manufacturers and trucking companies.

The reason: cost savings.  It’s expensive to buy a new truck, and expensive to retrofit an old one with updated technology that can help to prevent an accident.

Herbert Law Group Helps with Truck Accidents in Texas

No matter what the cause is, if you’re involved in an accident with a commercial truck in Texas, you need the help of an attorney that specializes in truck accidents.

These wrecks usually have major injuries, and there are so many complicated parts, that it’s really hard to navigate the legal battles that can ensue; and that’s if you’re not trying to recover from your injuries!

That’s why Herbert Law Group specializes in truck accidents in Texas.  Fill out our contact form, or just give us a call at 214-414-3808 and we can get started on your free consultation.