Stay Safe on the Most Dangerous Highways in Texas

Dangerous highways in texas

I35 and I45 Both Ranks as Deadly Stretches of Road

When you get on the road in Texas, you join up with hundreds of thousands of other motorists all speeding along to their destination.  Around the bigger metro areas, like DFW and Houston, the traffic can get a little intense.  Speed, negligence, and heavy traffic can all lead to collisions and, too often, fatal accidents.

There are some roads that are generally considered more dangerous than others.  Texas has two that pass right through the Dallas area.

From Galveston to Dallas – I45

Interstate 45 that runs from Galveston to Dallas has earned a reputation that nobody really wants.  Just outside of Houston, the stretch of road has been named as the deadliest highway in the country.  Heavy commercial truck traffic, and heavy passenger vehicle traffic, provide a terrible scenario where more fatal accidents happen per 100 miles than anywhere else in the country.

From Laredo North Through Dallas – I35

Starting at the Mexican border and crossing the entire country to the Canadian border, I35 provides an essential corridor for shipping.  Heavy with truck traffic, the worst stretch of road is near Austin, TX where the bulk of the fatal accidents happen.

Staying Safe on Dangerous Highways in Texas

When there is a ton of traffic on the road, it’s more important than ever to remain vigilant so you can avoid being involved in a truck accident.  Driving these dangerous highways in Texas, it’s important to watch for:

Road Conditions – Heavy traffic means that roads will wear out faster.  This is especially true after a wreck that can damage the surface of the road and cause more rapid deterioration.  Pay careful attention to the road conditions (as well as guard rails, signage, and other design features or flaws).

Weather Conditions – Northern states have to worry about snow and ice a lot more than those in Texas.  There are times in the winter when highways become slick, but that’s not the only inclement weather.  Heavy rains that limit vision, high winds that can push trucks around, and storms that can knock debris onto the road all play a factor.

Lines of Sight – Signs, buildings, and vegetation can limit how well you can see traffic that is merging.  If you’re in a smaller vehicle, it’s even more likely that a large truck won’t see you zipping out from behind bushes or a sign, so be vigilant and prepared for defensive driving.

Traffic – Naturally dangerous highways in Texas have a lot of traffic on them.  As traffic increases, danger does too.  Keep your guard up any time you see traffic slowing, and be prepared to evade if someone behind you does not see you stopping.

Herbert & Eberstein Old School Truck Accident Attorneys in Texas

Large commercial trucks can cause significant damage to property and people if they aren’t careful when driving.  Along these dangerous highways, it can be even worse when the traffic starts to get heavy.

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