How Semi Truck Technology Prevents Accidents

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Trucking Tech over the Years Keeps you Safer

When some people think of semi truck accident lawyers, they imagine people who take joy when there’s a wreck. The fact is if settlements to the injured party were fair from the start, nobody would need an accident attorney. That’s not always the case, and we are here to protect you from being taken advantage of when you have been hurt.

The good news, however, is that technology has improved to help keep everyone on the road safer. In coming years, technology will continue to improve and the likelihood of being hurt, injured, or killed in a semi truck crash will (ideally) continue to go down.

How Truck Technology Saves Lives

Just like driving among passenger vehicles, driving among semi trucks is safe when you take the time to drive calmly and respectfully. But let’s take a look at how the trucking industry is helping keep everyone safe.

GPS Tracking and Mapping Systems

There are two awesome ways that using GPS can help improve how drivers arrive safely. First, the tracking software allows dispatch to know exactly what the driver is up to. If they’re driving too fast, idling for an extended period of time, or going the wrong direction, the software can ensure they get back on course. The mapping systems can plan out the best route for the driver to take in order to avoid areas with complicated turns, dangerous corners, and blind intersections. The end result is a stress free route that allows the professional truck driver to avoid an accident.

Traffic Monitoring Systems

You know the frustration of being caught in traffic. Now imagine that you have an extra 50 feet on the back of your vehicle that’s incredibly hard to see around. What a nightmare! The latest software and apps can allow a truck driver to re-route quickly to avoid areas of congestion and diminish the risk of a semi truck accident.

Electronic Driving Logs

Truck drivers are legally regulated to get some rest. When you’re paid by the mile, it’s tempting to just power through (sometimes with the help of drugs, often harder stuff than caffeine) and get those miles racked up so the next paycheck is enough to provide. In the past it was more of an honor system, but now the trucks can be monitored electronically to ensure breaks are taken.

Dashcams and Cabcams

We know about dashcams (and their partners: rearview cameras, side cameras, and all the other recording devices we can attach to vehicles). But what about cabcams? The latest technology can use a camera pointed at the driver, and “read” his or her face. If they’re distracted, drowsy, or otherwise incapacitated, it can send a warning to the driver or the company helping to prevent a semi truck accident.

Self Driving Trucks and Future Tech Advancements

Over the years big rigs have benefited from the same technology passenger vehicles benefited from (anti-lock brakes, lane departure warning, collision avoidance, and many more). In the future, we can expect IoT (Internet of Things) to provide a bigger network, and even allow for self-driving (and ultimately un-manned) trucks that will keep American supplied and safe.

Herbert and Eberstein are Texas Semi Truck Accident Lawyers

Until we have a perfect world where no mistakes are ever made, there will always be accidents. If you get in a semi truck accident, you need to have a lawyer on your side that understands it’s not going to be a straightforward case of who is liable (check out that link to see how confusing it can get).

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