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A Personal Injury Lawyer in McKinney for You

We also expect to receive change after a purchase. Suppose you bought an item for a dollar, and paid with a twenty dollar bill. You would expect $19 back, right?

But too often we allow insurance companies to short-change us. Not that we give them money and expect change, but we expect them to eliminate the financial worries that pop up after being injured in an accident. What ends up happening, however, is that they pay for some of the out-of-pocket costs; the ones that are easy to see. Then, once you have accepted a settlement, you can’t go back and ask for the rest.

Herbert Law Group is here to help you collect what you deserve. We are all about making sure that you aren’t short changed by the insurance companies, and you’re able to focus on what you need to do: heal from your injuries.


What a Personal Injury Lawyer in McKinney Does for You

Herbert Law Group | Personal Injury Attorney

Most people know what a personal injury lawyer does, right? They fight against the insurance company and help you win a huge settlement, so that you never have to work again… well, not exactly. That can happen, but it’s not so much that you “never have to work again” and more that “your injuries are so severe you will never be able to work again.”

Let’s step back for a moment and look at this in a less macabre manner.

Accidents are going to shake up your life. Some people are able to heal and get back to life as usual, others might have permanent injuries and disabilities that force them to learn to live all over again. We are here to help both groups of people.

Because when you’re in an accident, the last thing you should worry about is how you’re going to pay your bills. Life was going fine, until someone else’s negligence turned everything upside down. Even the small injuries can have lasting effects; the bigger ones have huge impacts on your life.

So, what does a personal injury lawyer do for you?

We help to make sure that finances aren’t a burden, and you can get back to life as usual, or focus your energy on how you now have to live life in a whole new manner.


How we Serve the McKinney, Texas Community

We know that getting in a wreck is a really bad deal. And being injured in that wreck makes it even more complicated. But now, how do you deal with the insurance companies, healing, replacing a vehicle, and overall just getting back to life?

Why not let us take some of that stress off your plate?

That is why we are here. Our goal is to lighten the burden that you feel, so you don’t have as much to worry about. We can do that because we track data. We analyze cases, we find the trends, and we know just what to say to the insurance companies, or the courts if it goes that far, so that you get the best settlement to ensure your needs are met.

It’s done in three ways.

Data First

We are data nerds. And that’s just what you want on your legal team. We know the trends, the past court cases, and the settlements. With this experience and knowledge, we can efficiently fight for you.

Processes to Speed it Up

Because we know what to look for, we have been able to set up processes and procedures to help everything go smoothly from start to finish. With fewer hang-ups, you get your settlement quicker.

Settlements to Heal

That settlement is designed to help you heal. By reducing the stress, and letting you focus on what you really need, you get back to living life.

Herbert Law Group is on your side as a personal injury lawyer in McKinney. Let us help you heal.

How We Help Accident Victims

Most of us will be in an accident at some point in our lives. In fact, nearly half of first year drivers are in at least one! The good news is that many of these wrecks aren’t serious. They’re seriously devastating for a teenage driver who is now grounded and can’t go out with their friends this weekend, but they’re not serious in the life-threatening sense of the word.

When it’s just property damage, the things we can easily fix or replace, car accidents are easy to take care of. Insurance will be involved, deductibles paid, and the property restored. Ideally, it will be an inconvenience and a hassle, but life goes on.
When these accidents are serious, though, life doesn’t just go on.

In fact, wrecks claim lives of people of all ages every single day. This is why Herbert Law Group specializes in helping people after accidents, including:


When you’re involved in a car accident, the at-fault driver’s insurance pays to have everything fixed. Easy-peasy, all is right with the world. Except that those “fixes” aren’t always visible or immediately noticeable. The truth is that when people are injured or killed in an accident, the healing process can be drawn out for years. Something that a personal injury lawyer will help you receive compensation for now, so you don’t have to worry when the costs arise later.


Similar to car accidents, motorcycle wrecks should be straight forward. The big difference, however, is that when you don’t have the protective “box” around you like in a car, you’re far more likely to be injured or killed in the wreck. Complications arise from injuries, and if the settlement has been accepted, you can’t go back and kindly ask for more.


Big trucks are big. When they crash into another vehicle, there is a lot of damage that happens. The probability of someone being seriously injured or killed in the crash goes way up when the damage goes way up. Keep in mind too that trucking companies and their drivers are held to a higher standard than the average motorist.
Car accidents, motorcycle wrecks, and truck crashes all have one thing in common: there was a victim and that victim may have been injured or killed. To help ensure that the insurance companies do what they are supposed to do (provide financial settlements to ensure the fastest recovery possible) Herbert Law Group is here to fight on your behalf.

Our Areas of Expertise as Personal Injury Lawyers

A personal injury lawyer helps you heal after an accident. Many attorneys focus on a wide variety of accidents, from slip and fall to dog bites to basically any other form of negligence. If someone else has caused you to get hurt, you deserve to heal without the worry of financial stress! Here at Herbert Law Group, we focus on three areas: car accidents, motorcycle wrecks, and truck crashes.

Car Accident Attorney in McKinney, Texas

H&E Personal Injury Attorneys | What We Do - Car Crash

We know that getting in a car wreck can be a hassle. For many people, that’s all it amounts to: a hassle. There aren’t serious injuries to overcome and live with, there is no death in the family, and there are no permanent disabilities to learn to deal with. In short, it’s mostly property damage that’s easily restored or replaced.

You need an attorney to help you navigate the difficult legal and insurance waters when there is an injury, or a death.

This is because the healing process isn’t always straight forward. If you have a vehicle that costs $10,000 to replace, that’s an easy calculation. But if you have a leg that will never function properly again, how do you figure out what it will take to help you live life? Sure you can figure out the costs to update your home so it’s disability friendly, but beyond that what needs accounted for?

As a car accident attorney, we help to reduce the stress that comes when life can’t be lived as normal anymore. Whether it’s a back injury that requires months of chiropractic work, or a traumatic brain injury that will never heal fully, or the death of a loved one, you focus on pushing forward with life; we focus on the insurance and legal issues that come up.

Motorcycle Wreck Attorney in Mckinney, Texas

H&E Personal Injury Attorneys | What We Do - Motorcycle Wreck

Riding a motorcycle is an expression of freedom. You get on your bike, and there’s that feeling of control that you just don’t get when you’re inside of a vehicle.

But hopping on that motorcycle also means you’re taking a risk. It means you’re passing on the protection that the cab of a car or truck offers, so that you get the freedom of the open air. And unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there that don’t pay enough attention. Their negligence strips you of the freedom to ride.

When other people don’t pay attention to the two-wheeled motorists, the result is almost always a wreck that causes more damage and injury to the motorcycle rider than it does to the other motorist.

Speaking of recovering from injuries after a motorcycle wreck, we focus our attention on the injuries that are harder to see. If you broke your collarbone, it can be set in place, and heal as your arm is in a sling for a set period of time. But if you broke your back, and you can no longer walk, how injured do you think your confidence will be? How much emotional trauma will you go through as you deal with living life in an entirely new way?

Semi Truck Accident Lawyer in Frisco, Texas

H&E Personal Injury Attorneys | What We Do - Semi Truck Wreck

Texas has more fatal truck accidents than any other state. And it’s not just because we have a large population. When you adjust for the population, there are still more truck accidents.

There are a variety of reasons why it’s more dangerous to drive amongst the trucks here, but the fact remains that getting in a wreck with a truck is not going to fare well for you in a smaller vehicle.

A big commercial truck will wreck up a small passenger vehicle. You, and any other occupant in that vehicle may end up taking the brunt of the wreck; injuries and death are common when a semi-truck crashes.

To make it even more difficult, liability isn’t always with the driver of that big rig. Yes, if he or she blows through a stop sign and smashes into you, then it’s fairly clear… unless there was a mechanical defect and the brakes weren’t working.

When it comes to truck crash, there are a number of factors that determine who is at fault. From the driver, to the mechanic, to the trucking company, to the manufacturer of the parts, to even more. It’s not always clear what happened and who is liable, and for that reason you need to have a truck crash attorney on your side.

Herbert Law Group is on your side as a Personal Injury Lawyer in McKinney.

Let us help you heal.

Providing Old School Service to McKinney, Texas

Have you been into any business lately that still uses a paper system? It can actually be a little annoying, since it slows everything down. We have technology to speed life up, let’s use that technology!

But then you go into a business that uses technology for everything. You know the business that has pretty much removed customer service and replaced it with robots and automated phone systems. That can be even more annoying than the business that keeps everything old school.

Here at Herbert Law Group, we have meshed the two of them together. We have combined Old School Service, with state of the art technology to bring you the customer service that you need and deserve, with the lightning speed that the newest technology has to offer.

This is how it all works.

When you’re talking with someone at Herbert Law Group, you’re talking to a real human being. You don’t get shuffled through endless phone directories, and really the only time you talk to a “robot” would be when we are already on the phone and you leave a voicemail. That message, of course, is returned promptly.

But then, when we’re working hard on your case, we employ the best and latest technology to swiftly move your claim through the system. We analyze the data, know the trends, and we use those past cases to show you deserve equal treatment.

It’s old school when it comes to treating you like a human; and then new school when we’re getting things done.


Experience and Education Let us Serve as Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Let’s start with the support team that allow Zach and Brandon work for you.

With six paralegals and other support staff, you always have someone that is going to help guide you through the often convoluted legal mayhem. No matter where you are, how much you know, or what you’re dealing with, this team takes care of you.

From start to finish, your legal team is going to work their tail off for you!

Zach Herbert

Zach Herbert

Because he gets such a great team behind him, Zach Herbert can focus his energy on building your case. Trained as a marine, educated as a lawyer and a business man, Zach’s knowledge, experience, and tenacity get things done.

Brandon Lavery

Brandon Lavery, with his extensive experience in the court room, fights for “the little guy.” That means he fights for those who don’t have huge resources behind them. He didn’t get his start representing insurance companies or corporations; he got his start representing people like you.

Others Have Good Things to Say About Us!

Having some great systems in place is good, and using that data is awesome, but what does it all mean if we only help a couple people here and there?

Fortunately, that dedication to Old School Customer Service that you just read about has helped far more than just a couple of people. Here are some of the great things people are saying about their experience.

“Herbert Law Group PLLC exemplified extreme professionalism and care with every concern I had. I had reached difficulty with trying to expedite the process in the aftermath of my accident… I am fully satisfied with the way my case was handled.”
“If I could give a 100 stars I would. Zach is very personable and always follows up with you right away… Zach, thank you so much for all you have done.”

Professionalism and being personable. Sometimes it feels that when you work with an attorney you get the first part, but not the second. We have made it our mission to ensure that we’re providing the best customer service so that you don’t just get a settlement, you get someone that cares about you along the way.

Previous clients have left us some glowing testimonials because we choose to provide that old school service first, and treat you like a fellow human that deserves kindness.

Why Choose Herbert Law Group?

Get on the Road to Recovery with Herbert Law Group

Because we can’t wave a magic wand and fix all wounds, we do that by ensuring you get the financial resources that you need so you don’t have to worry about money after the accident.

When your bills are paid, the stress goes down. When the stress goes down, your physical healing goes faster.


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