What to Expect after an Accident – Ashley’s Story

What To Expect After An Accident – Ashley’s Story

You May not Need an Accident Lawyer, But You May Want One

Ashley is not one to sit around and let the world pass by.  She is active, enjoying the outdoors, and loves to hit the gym to make sure her body has been conditioned to get out there and do the things she loves. In May of 2017, she was involved in a car wreck that could have changed all of that.

A Blow from Behind

As Ashley pulled her Jeep off the highway, it was a normal day.  Going through the same routine she had done a hundred times before, she slowed and stopped at the sign.  Glancing in her mirror, her eyes widened as she realized the truck behind her wasn’t taking the same precautions.

At the last minute their brakes locked up piercing the air with an eerie screech that was quickly followed by the sound of metal crunching against metal.  The driver slammed into the back of Ashley’s vehicle causing her to lurch forward in such an unexpected way that her back twisted sharply.  The other driver’s truck was totaled, and now Ashley, in physical pain, had the overwhelming task of dealing with an accident, getting her vehicle repaired, finding medical care, and the thought that being physically able to do the things she loved may no longer be an option.

A Year of Chiropractor Visits

With a tweaked back, Ashley went to see a chiropractor.  At her first appointment she was explaining her injuries to the doctor, and because the chiropractor knew this would be an ongoing issue, he made the suggestion to hire an accident lawyer to help take care of everything.

Contacting Zach Herbert, Ashley wasn’t sure exactly what to expect.  She was still in pain, her vehicle needed fixed, and while insurance was being cooperative, there was likely more that could be done in order to ensure she was protected.  “Zach,” as she puts it, “handled everything.”  He negotiated with the insurance companies, talked with the at-fault driver, and made sure to check in on Ashley once a month to see how she was feeling and if she was still going to the chiropractor.

It took an entire year of visits, but Ashley was finally able to feel normal again.  She still has to go to the chiropractor on occasion for maintenance, but the majority of her pain has left and she can once again get back to the things she loves.

Settlement to Ensure Ongoing Issues are Handled

The insurance company was reasonable for most of the issues.  Ashley was able to have her vehicle fixed, and the chiropractor visits were covered.  But without the help of her accident lawyer, she would never have received a settlement on top of paying for ongoing medical bills.

This settlement wasn’t for pain and suffering.  It wasn’t for loss of lifestyle since she wasn’t able to perform athletically as she used to.  Instead, the settlement was for those ongoing issues that will come up later in life.  Many injuries don’t just go away.  They retreat, and can be maintained.  But as our bodies age, they tend to flare up again.  Someday, more intensive medical intervention may be necessary.  The settlement that Zach Herbert was able to negotiate will alleviate the financial burden of that medical care. 

Zach Herbert: Accident Lawyer

Sometimes a fender bender is pretty straightforward.  Other times, however, there are so many different issues that arise that only an experienced accident lawyer knows to take care of.

Herbert & Eberstein has offices in the Dallas area and in Oklahoma City.  Licensed in both Texas and Oklahoma, Zach can handle your car accident claim and help you to get the settlement that you deserve.

Unsure if your case needs an accident lawyer to help you receive a fair settlement?  Herbert & Eberstein offers a free initial consultation.  Give us a call at 214-414-3808 or fill out the form on our contact page.  There’s no obligation; we are here to help you get back on your feet.