5 Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

5 Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Driving a motorcycle can be relaxing and even exhilarating. However, you’re also more likely to be seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident compared to a crash involving a car or truck.

While you can’t control how other people on the road handle their vehicles, you can take steps to ensure you stay as safe as possible. If you ride a motorcycle, it helps to know which kinds of accidents occur most often. When you know what to watch out for, you can stay safer when you ride. Here are five of the most common types of motorcycle accidents.  

Motorcycle Accidents with Cars Turning Left

A significant number of motorcycle accidents occur when a vehicle turns left into the path of a motorcycle. This can happen when the car is passing through an intersection. When the motorcyclist doesn’t have enough time to swerve out of the way or otherwise avoid the other vehicle, the motorcycle can slam into the side of the car, sending the motorcyclist hurtling over the vehicle.

Motorcyclists can help protect themselves by slowing down as they approach intersections. It’s also best to make eye contact with the other driver if possible. If you can see the other driver, there’s a good chance they can also see you.

It’s also important for motorcyclists to avoid driving while distracted. No one should ever text and drive, and it’s also a good idea to avoid eating while driving or listening to loud music that makes it difficult to hear traffic noises.   

Motorcycle Accidents Caused by a Car Switching Lanes

Because motorcycles are smaller than a standard car, drivers may not always notice a motorcycle in the lane next to them. When a driver tries to merge into a lane or switch lanes in an effort to pass slower vehicles, they can inadvertently drive into the path of a motorcycle.

Motorcyclists can help stay safe by always keeping an eye on the cars around them. It’s important for motorcyclists to always use their turn signals and to maintain a safe distance between their motorcycle and the cars ahead of them.

By keeping a safe distance between the motorcycle and surrounding cars, motorcyclists can ensure they have enough time to stop if a car in front of them slams on its brakes or slows suddenly. It’s also important for motorcyclists to avoid swerving in and out of traffic or making sudden movements around cars or trucks. Don’t assume that other motorists see you, and always follow traffic laws the same way you would if you were driving a regular vehicle.

Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Head On Collisions

Any kind of head-on car accident is likely to be serious. When a motorcycle is involved, however, the consequences can be devastating. When someone is traveling inside a regular car, his or her body is protected by the vehicle itself.

On a motorcycle, however, there is no structure surrounding the person’s body. In a head-on collision, a motorcyclist can be violently hurled through the air and end up landing far away from the point of impact. This kind of impact can leave an individual with serious or fatal injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Drunk Driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 37 percent of single-vehicle motorcycle accidents in 2016 involved a motorcyclist who was intoxicated at the time of the crash.

Alcohol is a leading cause of motorcycle accidents. It’s important for all motorists to avoid drinking and driving. For motorcyclists, it’s critical to stay off the road if you plan on drinking. Motorcycles are less forgiving than a regular car in that a relatively small movement on a motorcycle can make a big difference on the road. When you drink and drive, your reaction times are slower, and your judgment is impaired.  

Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Excessive Speed

Many people ride motorcycles because they enjoy the freedom motorcycles offer. It’s common for people to enjoy long rides on the weekends where they can relax and take in the scenery. When you’re on an open stretch of road, it can be tempting to drive a little faster than the speed limit.

However, speed limits exist for a reason. When people exceed the speed limit, they put themselves and others in danger. Additionally, some motorcycles are designed for racing at high speeds. In some cases, motorcycle owners even modify their motorcycles to make them go faster.

A large number of motor vehicle collisions are caused by excessive speed. Going faster than the speed limit can put you in danger, which is why it’s important to observe speed limits and traffic laws whenever you drive. Motorcyclists have very little protection in an accident, which is why it’s also important for them to wear a helmet and protective clothing, such as long pants and sleeves.      

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