6 Tips for a Safe Motorcycle Ride

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Stay Safe on the Road when You’re on Your Bike

Whether you’re just beginning to ride, or you are a seasoned rider, it’s a gamble every time you hop on your motorcycle.  People still don’t watch, and as populations increase, the traffic will only get worse.  It’s more important than ever to remain vigilant and stay safe.

We have gathered up6 tips to stay safe while you ride.  Remember, if you (or a loved one) have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you need to speak with Zach Herbert and Brian Eberstein at Herbert & Eberstein.  Both are expert motorcycle attorneys, and can help you recover for damages that you have suffered.

Safety Tips for New and Experienced Riders

Some are obvious, others you may not have thought about.  Let’s dive right into how you can be safer when you’re letting the wind whip through your hair.

Dark Colors are Not Your Friend

Blacks and browns look great, and it’s often hard to find leather in different colors.  But both of these easily blend in to your surroundings.  We’re not saying that you have to don a neon suit, but having brighter colors (and incorporating reflective stripes) can make the difference between being hit and needing a motorcycle attorney and avoided.

Keep a 20 Foot Cushion

We don’t often think about it when riding in groups, but keeping that cushion between bikes is important.  Just as you wouldn’t ride immediately behind a car or truck, stay back from other riders (even if you know them).  It will save your life if they have a breakdown, or have to stop suddenly.

Outside, Inside, Outside

When navigating a turn, you want to keep your turn radius as large as possible.  As you enter the turn, approach from the outside edge of your lane.  By the middle, you should have drifted to the inside of the lane.  And when you exit the turn, you’re again at the outside.

Ride at Your Own Pace

Group rides are fun.  But when others are zipping along a little faster than you’re comfortable with, do you push your limits or hang back?  Nobody wants to be the slow poke, but it’s better to go slower within your abilities, than faster and crash.  It’s better to ride slow and not need a motorcycle attorney.

Tired is Deadly

We know not to ride drunk or high.  We know that riding tired is dangerous.  But often when on longer trips, it happens.  The goal is to get home and rest, but if you doze off while riding, it’s harder to recover than dozing off while driving.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Your bike will head in the direction that you’re looking.  If you stare at the curb in an attempt not to hit it, there’s more of a chance you will hit it.  If you are looking at the car ahead of you when they slam on the brakes, you’re more likely to slam into them.  Instead, look to the clear space, and allow your instincts to steer you there.

Come to Herbert & Eberstein for Your Motorcycle Attorney

It’s unfortunate that those who ride are still in more danger than those who drive.  As we mentioned earlier, it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better any time soon.  For now, remain vigilant, and practice great motorcycle safety.

If you do happen to get hit, then find your motorcycle attorney at Herbert & Eberstein.  Both Zach and Brian have extensive experience helping riders receive compensation.  Just fill out our contact form, or simply give us a call at 214-414-3808 for your free chat on how we can help you.