6 Tips to Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle

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Your Dallas Motorcycle Wreck Attorney Provides Safety Tips

Summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to put the bike away.  Instead, fall provides some amazing motorcycle weather as the cooler air helps create a more pleasant ride.  But now is not the time to let your guard down when riding.  In fact, to avoid a motorcycle wreck, it’s important to keep all of these safety tips in mind.

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6 Motorcycle Safety Tips for Fall Rides

Remember, safety starts with you.  No matter what time of year you are riding, always be a courteous motorist.

  1. Pre-Ride Inspection 
    You know your bike.  But how often do you give it the once over before you hop on and zoom down the road?  While you should be going through a full safety inspection a couple of times each year, you should also be giving it the once over when you get on.  Check the tire pressure, the fluids, the brakes, and the lights.  Not only are these essential, but doing so can help you notice other issues as well.

  2. Ride Like You’re Invisible 
    When a biker is hit, the number one “excuse” given is, “I didn’t even see him.”  Drivers look out for cars and trucks, but often fail to notice the lower profile of someone on a motorcycle.  Be vigilant, ride defensively, and try to anticipate other drivers well in advance so you’re not caught off guard.

  3. Wear that Safety Gear 
    There’s a reason biker culture wears leather.  It’s tough, it can withstand road rash, and most of it looks pretty awesome.  When you’re out for a ride, don’t forget all of the safety gear.  From protective gloves, to helmets (with full face shield), to what can essentially be described as body armor, it’s all important to keep you safe if tragedy hits.

  4. Fallen Leaves are Slick 
    As the season progresses, and leaves fall from the trees, your motorcycle isn’t ready to be put away just yet.  Those leaves, while they look great changing colors, and drifting to the ground, can become a serious hazard on the roadway.  Fallen leaves are slick, and they only get slicker when a little rain makes them wet.

  5. Cold Tires Don’t Grip 
    Rubber gets stickier when it’s warm.  While your bike rolls down the road, the tires heat up and will grip the road easily, but when you first head out of the driveway, they aren’t quite there yet.  Those cold tires won’t grip the road quite as well as warm ones, so ease off the hard turns.

  6. Carry the Essentials
    You don’t have as much room as the trunk of a car to keep emergency equipment handy, so you have to pare it down to the essentials.  A multi-tool for any on-the-fly repairs, microfiber towels to clean up, an emergency light source, and a handful of other tools can help set your mind at ease.

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