7 Driving Habits that Will Save You Money

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Safer Driving Also Means Less Risk of Accidents

Over the years, vehicle technology has changed considerably.  And that’s a good thing!  According to the NHTSA newer vehicles are safer than ever.  Safer is better, but it does come at a price.  As vehicles get heavier and more powerful to drive in all sorts of conditions, they lose their fuel economy.  Modern technology is working on improving that, but for now, a newer vehicle means you end up spending more at the pump.

From the cost of maintenance, to fuel, to insurance, the bills add up quickly!  But there are still ways to reduce your costs; car crash attorneys Brian Eberstein and Zach Herbert have put together a list on how you can keep more cash in your wallet, while enjoying your vehicle.

Cut Costs at the Gas Pump

Fuel prices have been down for quite a while.  But there’s no reason to overspend.  Here are the best ways to ensure you’re getting the best mileage possible.

Ditch the Lead Foot – Hitting the gas hard when leaving a stop is one of the fastest ways to burn fuel.  Sure it’s fun to do every now and then, but for the most part, it’s largely unnecessary.  There is no need to creep along though, just get up to speed at a reasonable pace.

Cut the Wind Drag – Most cars are designed to cut through the air.  SUV’s, however, are not.  When you add car boxes, mountain bike racks, and the like, you create even more wind drag.  Carrying a couple bikes on top of your aerodynamic car can drop your fuel economy by 30%.

Slow it Down – Wind drag isn’t the same no matter the speed.  Back in the 70’s the national speed limit was set at 55 because as you go faster, fuel economy drops off exponentially.  Of course, when you’re in traffic go with the flow, but when you’re on the open road, know that faster means burning gas faster.

What doesn’t make a big difference in your fuel economy?  The added weight in your vehicle isn’t a big deal.  Unless you’re totally overloaded, even 100 extra pounds is going to be negligible.  There are a dozen small ways you can improve your overall fuel economy, but the sacrifice of comfort or the trouble to do so is not going to justify the savings.

Save on your Auto Insurance

We all need it to drive, and if there’s a wreck it’s great to have it.  But nobody wants to pay more for their insurance.  Here’s how you can save, but keep the coverage.

Use a Broker – There are dozens of insurance companies out there.  Using a broker (instead of a captive agent) means you can get quotes from all of the top rated companies.  The broker is also on your side in case you have questions on how you can save, and if you need to file a claim.

Drive Safely – Many companies offer a safe driver discount.  They send you a little device that plugs into your vehicle and monitors miles driven, how fast you speed up, how many hard stops you make, and the like.  Drive safe during this time and you can get a discount.

Get the Bundle – We all have to live somewhere.  Bundling auto and home (or renter’s if you’re renting) means you can get the biggest discounts possible.

Take a Class – Many insurance companies will give you a discount if you take a defensive driving class.  They usually cost a little bit, and take up a Saturday morning, but at the end, you can save a lot more than you spent.

What don’t you want to do to save on insurance rates?  Never lower your coverage.  You will need that in case you get into an accident; more is better.  You can raise your deductible, but often that’s not going to save you much.  And as we know, newer cars are safer, so going with an older vehicle is putting your safety at risk to save a few bucks.

Come to Herbert and Eberstein after an Accident

No matter how much you save at the pump, or how many insurance discounts you get, being in an accident is terrible.  To top it off, that insurance that you have spent a lot of money on will usually give you such a lowball offer it’s insulting.  That’s why you need a car crash attorney on your side.

Zach Herbert and Brian Eberstein are car crash attorneys in the Dallas area, and they know how to handle these claims.  They will work with you to ensure that you are being fairly compensated for the damages you have endured.

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