After a Car Wreck, Which Doctor Should You See?

after a car wreck doctor visit

Why it’s not Enough to Visit your Primary Care Physician

When you’re injured in a wreck, what doctor do you go see?

We have cardiac physicians to ensure our hearts are in good condition.  We have neurologists for the brain.  We have Obstetricians for pregnancy.  But there isn’t really a “Car Wreck” doctor.

If you’re injured in a car wreck and your injuries are severe, you end up in the emergency room, and then perhaps you are released or transferred to a hospital room to heal.  After that, most people follow up with their primary care physician (PCP).

An essential part of your overall health and wellness, your PCP may not be enough to ensure you heal fully after a car wreck.

Why You Should See Your Primary Care Physician after a Car Wreck

Your PCP helps you maintain your health.  Generally you visit them for an annual checkup that ensures preventative care, treating minor or common illnesses; this doc monitors your body for dangerous diseases or conditions, and makes referrals to specialists.

You absolutely should talk about your wreck and injuries with your PCP, and make sure that you tell him or her about all the issues you’re facing.  Don’t be tough; now isn’t the time to “walk it off” so you’re not a bother.  Talk about:

1 – Minor aches and pains; they can indicate complications coming later on.

2 – Rashes, cuts, and lacerations; infection may exacerbate the problem.

3 – Difficulty in motor skills; these can indicate neurological issues.

4 – Numbness, tingling, or other sensations; neck and back problems often manifest this way.

5 – Regular doctor visit “stuff”; don’t stop seeing your PCP on account of the wreck.

Insurance companies try to pay out the bare minimum after a wreck.  If you don’t discuss all of your pains with your PCP, there may not be enough of a record to indicate that you were actually injured in the wreck.  If too much time passes, and suddenly you are making a claim that your injuries are worse than they were, it can be argued that they didn’t occur in the accident itself.

Why You Should See a Specialist after a Car Wreck

Your PCP is the first line of defense.  They know how your body should be functioning, and can spot when something isn’t right.  From there, you can visit a specialist that understands the issue and can help to fix it.

These specialists have often seen a number of car wreck victims.  And they know the legal jargon, they know how to treat victims, and importantly they know how to create the notes that will help show that your injuries were severe.

If your claim goes to court, the specialist is the one that will testify on your behalf.

Why You Should Contact Herbert Law Group after a Car Wreck

From the time the car wreck happens, throughout the process, and usually long afterward, you are going to be going through a healing process.

When you’re healing, you need to focus on getting better.  The mental stress of dealing with insurance companies, as well as everything else that life throws at you, can slow, or even prevent, that healing.

Let’s take that stress off your plate.  After a car wreck, get in touch with Herbert Law Group.  Let us deal with insurance and legal issues, help get you a settlement that covers your needs, all while you get better.

Call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our website to get started with your free consultation.