Are You Ready for Road Trip Season?

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Staying Safe on the Busy Summer Highways

As spring gives way to summer, millions of households across the country hop in their vehicles and head out for destinations near and far.

Sharing the road, however, isn’t without its risks.  More accidents happen in the summer months than in the winter when weather has a more significant impact.  It turns out that more traffic is more dangerous than slick roads because people get comfortable and complacent.

When you’re about to hit the open road (or perhaps when you’re close to the metroplex the crowded road), take a few minutes to read these tips from your Dallas car accident attorney, so that you arrive safe and sound.

Double Check Your Vehicle

You’re all set.  Your bags are packed, you’re properly snacked, and the kids are ready to watch Mars Attacks.

But did you give your vehicle the once over?  Are the belts tight, fluids topped, and AC working?  If you don’t want to get halfway to your destination only to get stranded, here are a few points on your vehicle to double check the morning of, or the night before, the big trip.

  • Headlights, brake lights, and turn signals
  • Motor oil level
  • Peek underneath the rig to ensure no leaks
  • Wiper blades
  • Tire pressure

When all is set, you know that you’re all set to have a safe and pleasant trip.

Make Sure You’re Ready for Emergencies

The unexpected can pop up at any moment.  That’s why it’s unexpected… just like most emergencies and car accidents.  You can prepare for them, just make sure that you have your emergency kits all ready to go.  A few essentials include:

  • Jumper cables (for you or a fellow traveler)
  • First aid kit
  • Extra water
  • Cell phone charger (bonus points if it’s solar powered)
  • Tire iron and jack
  • Flashlight (with fresh batteries)
  • Energy bars (you might be in the ditch for a while before help arrives)

You can always throw in a blank or towels in case you’re heading through a particularly cool area.  Even if you never need it for emergencies, it’s always nice to have when stopping for a picnic.

Make Sure You’re Rested

Get plenty of rest.  Sure it’s tempting to leave road trip prep to the last minute, but you want to be well rested on your voyage so that you aren’t the cause of any accidents.

Why?  Because driving while drowsy is almost the same as driving while intoxicated.   Pull over if you feel fatigued.  Get some coffee.  Do some jumping jacks and help entertain other motorists that see that weirdo doing jumping jacks on the side of the road.

Secure Possessions, Pets, and People

All set.  You’re rested.  Emergency kit locked and loaded.  Vehicle is prepped.  You’re ready to hit the road.

Almost.  Studies show that kids and pets can be just as distracting as a cell phone.  So make sure to put them on airplane mode before you take off on your road trip.

Space the kids out if possible; physical distance prevents fighting.  Get their entertainment ready.  Snacks, books, music, and water all within arm’s reach so they keep their focus away from you.

Pets can get a little anxious in the vehicle.  Invest in a travel crate, and check with your vet about anxiety meds for traveling.

Loading your vehicle right isn’t just about comfort.  Make sure you can see clearly out the back window, and secure everything possible.  If you’re in a wreck, you want things to stay put, not to become projectiles that fly throughout the cab causing more harm.

Discuss Your Car Accident with a Dallas Car Accident Attorney

Even when you’ve done everything right, there’s still that yahoo out there that didn’t.  And a lot of people suffer injury or death because of someone else’s negligence.

If you’re on a road trip in the state of Texas or Oklahoma, and you’re involved in a wreck, then you need the car accident experts at Herbert & Eberstein.

Getting a great car accident attorney on your side means you can focus on getting your life back on track, and not focus on dealing with those pesky insurance companies.

If you have already been in a wreck, hit up the contact page, or simply call 1-214-414-3808, and let’s start your free consultation to see how we can help.