Brian Eberstein Talks About Why You Need To Check Your Insurance Coverage

Brian Eberstein


But, there is a type of insurance that, today, is almost a must for you and me to have. First, If I asked you how many people in Texas are driving around without any insurance, what would you say? How about two million! That crazy number is about people who are drivers in Texas who have zero insurance on their car. So, when you are driving in your own neighborhood or on I30 or Loop 12 or Belt Line Road or I20 or anywhere in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, every 3rd or 4th car driving next to you and not paying attention because they’re on their cell phone has NO insurance. When they finally veer into your lane of traffic and destroy your car and injure you, there’s no one to pay for the car or your medical bills. Now, getting back to insurance, which we don’t like paying for, there is this: You must protect yourself and your family with Uninsured Motorist insurance. And, Texas law requires it in all automobile policies.

Yes, Texas law requires it. Unless you, the person buying the insurance, reject it. Please read this: your insurance agent will put several documents in front of you when you’re buying your car insurance. One of those will be a reject form for Uninsured Motorist coverage. Don’t sign it. It is not expensive insurance to buy and it is, in my opinion, a must for you to have to protect yourself and your family. A must. Please get Uninsured Motorist insurance. Many people don’t and most are unaware that they rejected it. I hear “ I have full coverage “ all the time, but without Uninsured Motorist insurance, you may have protected the other guy in a crash, but not you or your family. If you want to discuss how this works in more detail, call me. You’ll get me and we can discuss. Here’s a good number. 800-448-6487. I answer that phone. If I can help with anything else that’s on your mind, give me a call.

-Brian Eberstein