Do I have to Ride my Motorcycle with Headlights On?

daytime running lights

What you should Know about Daytime Headlight Laws

On a motorcycle, visibility is everything.

We know that people don’t watch out for riders.  So, to make sure they see you, it’s important to make sure that you’re easily seen.

While nobody wants to roll down the roadway wearing bright oranges and yellows, those colors would make you much more visible.  Of course, ensuring that your headlight is on will be the next best thing.

Do I have to use Daytime Running Headlights in Texas?

The short answer is, yes, you have to have your headlights on at all times when riding a motorcycle in Texas.

There is one caveat though.   If your motorcycle was manufactured before 1975, then you can get around the law.  You don’t actually have to have your headlight(s) on during the day if you are riding an older bike.

Most people don’t really even consider the headlight during their ride anymore though.  Modern motorcycles have a low beam headlight that is always on.  As soon as you fire up your hog, your lights come on.  The only switch is to flip over to the high beams when there isn’t any oncoming traffic and you’re intent on actually being able to see what’s coming up.

But, if you’re riding a bike from the late 1970’s, and your cruising without a light on, you could be ticketed.  Of course, there’s really no reason you wouldn’t want daytime running lights.

Why you want Daytime Running Lights

Having your light on makes you more visible to traffic.  However, there’s an issue that’s come up in recent years.

Most newer vehicles also have daytime running lights.  That means a motorcycle, with its single headlamp, gets lost in the crowd.  To make things worse, that single bulb can cause some difficulty when a driver is determining how far away the bike is and how quickly it is approaching.

There is a solution though!  You can get inexpensive bolt-on headlights for your motorcycle.  Installing 2 lights will give you that added unique character that you need to stand out from the crowd.  Now, with two lights instead of one, other motorists can accurately determine how far away you are.  And not only that, your unique look will make you stand out from the crowd of other vehicles whipping down the road.

Come to Herbert Law Group after a Motorcycle Accident in Texas

No matter how visible, no matter how many lights, and no matter how diligently you ride, you’re going to be at risk when you’re on your motorcycle.

All it takes is one inattentive driver, and your life is changed forever.

If that happens to you, don’t try to negotiate with the insurance companies without legal help.  They are powerful, and they know what you don’t know.

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