Do I Need an Attorney After a Car Crash?

Do I need an Attorney After a Car Crash?

When You Want a Car Crash Attorney

If you have been in an accident, you know the stress they cause.  To top it all off, you get this ridiculous low-ball offer from the insurance company that in no way will replace the vehicle that you were driving!  Now, you’re stuck, wondering if you should have hired an attorney to help with your accident claim.  At this point, there may not be a whole lot that an attorney can do; especially if your accident isn’t complicated enough to need a car crash attorney.

Long before you’re in an accident, you need to know what type of car crash is going to necessitate the help of an attorney.  Herbert & Eberstein is here to help those in North Texas and Oklahoma serving as their accident attorney, and we want to make sure you’re compensated properly.

You May Need a Car Crash Attorney If…

  • You were injured. Some injuries are easy to quantify; most will have a hospital bill that shows just what they cost.  However, if you have not been told by a doctor that there will be no ongoing problems, or if the injuries were substantial, it may be time to consult an attorney.
  • Someone died. Nearly 40,000 people lose their lives on US roadways each year.  Many of those crashes were due to negligence.  Monetary reimbursement will help ease the strain and allow the grief process to work.
  • Pain and suffering. Pain and suffering is a hard one to pin down as there is no way to quantify what it is.  The results are usually left up to the judge and jury and each case can vary greatly.  The bottom line is that you’ve been hurt, and a crash attorney can help you be made whole.
  • Multiple injuries. Many car crashes involve more than one vehicle, and there are usually multiple occupants in vehicles.  When there are multiple injuries, some that may have ongoing issues, your accident lawyer helps everyone get compensated fairly.
  • Long term health suffering. Humans are both resilient and delicate creatures.  Many wounds will heal without lingering complications.  Many others, however, will continue to cause problems for years to come.
  • Out of work. When your accident has caused you to miss an extended period of time at work, you still need to be able to survive.  Being reimbursed for those missed days ought to be part of the settlement.
  • Disputes over fault. Many accidents have a clear at-fault driver.  But sometimes, they aren’t quite so simple.  A lawyer will help you prove your case and determine the at-fault driver.
  • Complicated details. Some crashes are straight forward, such as; a driver ran a red light and crashed into the victim.  Others are not as simple; especially when they involve commercial vehicles, training, drive times and schedules, and more.
  • Insurance isn’t on your side. Insurance companies are required to act in good faith and fair dealing.  When they are withholding a claim, denying a claim unfairly, or delaying payment, they are acting in bad faith.

You Probably Don’t Need a Car Crash Attorney If…

  • No injuries or deaths. If the accident only damaged property, you can calculate the costs to replace or repair the damaged property.  An attorney is usually not needed.
  • You’re offered a fair settlement. If you are offered a fair settlement, hiring an attorney to get you a larger settlement is probably not in anyone’s best interest.
  • Damage was minor. Many fender benders cause minor damage to vehicles.  These settlements are usually quick and easy without the need of an attorney’s help.
  • Your claim is small. A few thousand dollars is a big deal, but consider this.  Your settlement is $5,000, but an attorney can help you bump that up to $8,000.  Sounds good, until you have to pay $4,000 of your settlement to the attorney, and you’re left with less than you started.
  • It’s all economic damage. In the world of car crashes, there is economic and non-economic damage.  Check out our blog post on these two types of damages to see the differences.

Herbert & Eberstein Serving as Your Crash Attorney

Are you on the fence about whether or not you need the help of an attorney with your car crash settlement?  Our process is to get to know you and what happened.  We will work together to determine if your case should be escalated where we step in to help you receive the compensation that you deserve.

Zach Herbert is a car crash attorney that serves Texas and Oklahoma.  Located in the DFW area, he understands how the insurance companies work, motor vehicle regulations, and will help you navigate these difficult times.  If you have been in a car crash, visit fill out our contact page, or call 214-414-3808 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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