Don’t Mess up Your Texas Motorcycle Accident Case

Texas Motorcycle Accident Case

A Few Tips So Your Motorcycle Accident Case is Settled Properly

After an accident there are a lot of things going through your mind.  If you’re injured, or if someone has been killed, there is even more going on.  But knowing exactly what you need to do can help streamline things in the event that your case gets held up, or if the insurance companies are offering you a low-ball solution.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident here in Texas or in Oklahoma, don’t take on the entire burden yourself!  It’s time to talk with Zach Herbert or Brian Eberstein.  These two Texas motorcycle accident attorneys have what it takes to make sure that you’re fully compensated.  Call 214-414-3808 or simply fill out the contact form for your no-obligation conversation.

5 Ways Your Texas Motorcycle Accident Case is Delayed

As a general rule of thumb, the more serious the case, the longer it takes.  Having everything in order will help ensure a smooth process.

Waiting to Talk to an Attorney

There are some motorcycle wrecks that don’t need the help of an attorney.  But most won’t fall into that category.  Even if you don’t think your accident is bad enough to need legal help, you need to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney so they can be ready to tackle your case.

Skipping Preservation of Evidence

Knowing exactly what happened in the accident can help your motorcycle accident case settle faster.  This means that you need to do your best to document it (Learn more on documenting an accident).  This won’t be easy if you’re injured, but at the very least keep the motorcycle (in its wrecked condition) until all is settled.

Not Filing a Police Report

Having a police report, especially one that indicates fault, is one of the best ways to help ensure a smooth process in your motorcycle accident settlement.  This report will include info on the other driver, what happened, citations, and more.

Waiting for Medical Treatment

If you’re injured, no matter how small you may think the injury is, you need to get treated right away.  The more time that passes between the accident and the treatment, the more likely it is that your injury wasn’t sustained in the wreck itself.  Check out our blog on when to see a doctor for details.

Speaking with an Insurance Adjuster

While you may have a good relationship with your insurance agent, it’s important to know that insurance companies are generally not on your side when it comes to your claim.  Their entire business model is devised as a way of collecting the most premiums, and paying the least in settlements.  Speaking with the adjuster (more than saying, “Please direct all inquiries to my attorneys Herbert & Eberstein.”) can lead to you inadvertently accepting a less-than-adequate settlement for your motorcycle accident.

Speak with Herbert & Eberstein about Your Motorcycle Accident Case

Experienced bike riders get hit every day due to the negligence of other drivers.  It’s an unfortunate part of the riding experience.

No matter what happened, you need to have an expert motorcycle accident attorney on your side.  That’s where Zach Herbert and Brian Eberstein come into play.

Years of experience means that you can expect to be fully compensated for your losses, all you need to do is get the process started with your free initial consultation by calling 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form.