Driving Apps to Help You Save Time and Money

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The 5 Driving Apps You Should be Using

Driving in a metro area can get a little cumbersome.  There’s a lot of traffic, patterns can change quickly, and if you’re not familiar with the area you can miss turns or important stopping points (like where to get some gas).

Fortunately, we don’t have to rely on old directions or paper maps any more.  With our handy smart phones we can tap into the power of the internet to get us where we’re going.  And hopefully get us there without getting into a car accident.

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 driving apps you should have on your phone to help navigate tricky roads.

Waze for Best Traffic Navigation

There has been a long standing war between Apple Maps and Google Maps.  A battle that doesn’t even matter when you opt for the crowd sourced Waze app.

Waze guides you to where you need to go, gives you alerts for traffic, accidents, and police activity, and overall functions much better than any other map software out there.

It will even redirect you to the fastest route if there’s an accident or traffic is otherwise slowed up ahead.

GasBuddy for Best Rates on Filling Up

If you grew up in a small town or even a little city, there’s not much difference in gas prices.  You might save a penny or two by heading down the road.

But when you are in a bigger metro area, that’s all different.  Prices can be substantially different if you fill up at the beginning, or at the end, of your commute.

That’s where GasBuddy comes into play.  With an easy to read, easy to use, map that shows you exactly where to get gas so you’re not overspending at the pump, they have your back.  There are a lot more features, but finding a great rate on gas is the most used.

Plugshare for Best Places to Recharge

With the increase in electric vehicles comes the increase in places to recharge them.  Relying on just those listed in search engines can be a recipe for letting your battery get a bit too low.

As GasBuddy directs you to the best places to refill the gas tank, Plugshare directs you to the best places to plug in and recharge.  Some are free, some have a small fee, and some are Tesla only and marked as such.

Parkopedia for the Best Places to Park Your Rig

Parking can be a nightmare when it comes to traveling.  Especially when you’re in a city and everywhere is demanding hundreds of dollars a day just to leave your vehicle in one place!

Parkopedia has your back on this one.  Listing parking garages nearby, their rates, and whether it’s open to the public or only those visiting that facility, this app can help you get your vehicle stashed safely for the night.

MileIQ for the Best Mileage Tracker

If you are self employed, or have to drive a lot for work, you know the benefit of writing off your miles driven.  But keeping track of them can be a hassle!  Half the time you forget to write down the miles, and then you’re racking your brain to remember where you went and when.

With an app like MileIQ, you don’t have to worry about that.  It runs in the background and tallies up your miles for you.  No guessing on how many miles, or trying to remember what you drove for.

This is the only app we listed that isn’t free.  It’s $60/year after the trial period.

Come to Herbert Law Group if You’ve Been in an Accident

Whether you’re driving for work, for pleasure, or driving because you have to do that last minute Christmas shopping because nobody told you that you drew Aunt Ruth’s name in the gift exchange this year, there’s always the chance of getting in an accident; even when using the best driving apps.

If that happens to you, then you need a personal injury lawyer on your side.  We help you get the most out of your settlement, so you can heal without the stress of finances weighing you down.

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