Hidden Injuries from a Car Accident

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Not all Injuries are Visible

Immediately following a wreck, you may not feel as though any damage has been done to your body.  Adrenaline is pumping, there are dozens of things demanding your attention, and you’re wondering “what next?”

It’s not uncommon to walk away from a wreck, only to find out later that you’ve suffered from some severe hidden injuries that, if left untreated, could cause permanent damage, or even have fatal results.

What Hidden Injuries can occur?

One of the most common, and most severe, injuries from a car wreck is damage to the brain.  Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and severe concussions occur in a large number of accidents out there.  But those aren’t the only injuries that result from a severe accident.

The spleen, kidneys, and liver among the most commonly injured organs.  However, the heart and lungs can be injured quite often as well.

Here’s what happens.

When you are in the vehicle, you’re moving along with the speed of your rig.  We have all experienced what happens when we have to slam on the brakes; our bodies try to keep moving forward and are hopefully held in place by our seatbelts (you’re wearing your seatbelt, right?).

Consider your body as the vehicle, and your organs as the passengers.  When your body comes to a sudden stop, your organs try to keep moving inside you in much the same manner as your body does inside the car.  The difference, however, is that your organs aren’t buckled in.

When your body is slammed against a surface, such as the inside of the vehicle or the ground, your organs continue to travel at the same speed until they’re smacked against the inside of your body.

How to know if you have Hidden Injuries

Since your adrenaline is pumping and keeping you alert and more or less numb to pain, how are you supposed to know if you’re suffering from internal injuries?

Your first clue is to look at how severe the wreck was.  Should you have been injured, but somehow you don’t feel as though you were?  There’s a good chance you have some hidden injuries.

The second way to know is because after a severe accident, you should always get checked out by a doctor right away.  The doctor will know what could have been injured in the wreck, and is able to look at some of the less noticeable symptoms that you might not even consider.  Symptoms like dilated pupils, chest pain, numbness, dizziness, and bruising.

Depending on the injury, immediate medical care could end up saving your life.

Let Herbert Law Group Help with your Recovery

There are two recoveries going on after an accident.

The first priority is recovering your health.  Letting one of the car wreck experts at Herbert Law Group handle the legal stuff clears a whole lot of stress off your plate.  Less stress means you can recover your health faster.

The second recovery is monetary.  After a major wreck you are faced with serious losses.  There was damage to your property, damage to your body, damage to your ability to work and function fully, damage to your emotions and psyche, and possibly damage to your relationships.

Will you be able to focus on recovering your health, while you are focusing on recovering your monetary losses as well?

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