How Long to Wait Before Hiring a Motorcycle Injury Attorney

Motorcycle Injury Attorney Dallas Texas

A Motorcycle Injury Attorney Will Alleviate Stress

Want to know what causes stress?

There’s really only one thing that does so.  And when you can recognize the factors, you can end up focusing your energy on what really matters and what is really going to help you in the long term.

Stress comes from trying to control events that are outside of your control.  For instance, you have a big ride planned for the weekend, and some thunderstorms roll in.  Or you plan a trip to Six Flags with the family, and your favorite ride breaks down.  Or you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, and you’re struggling to heal from your injuries and also deal with pesky insurance companies that are throwing out a lowball offer.

So, one question remains: how long after your wreck should you wait to hire a motorcycle injury attorney?

The answer is how soon after your wreck do you want to reduce the stress of trying to recover?

A Dallas Motorcycle Injury Attorney Will Handle Logistics

Depending on how severe your injuries were, you may not even be able to handle any of the logistics.  A couple of broken bones will slow you down, being put into a coma will all but stop you.

Your attorney will help reduce your stress by:

  • Explaining the entire process and helping you keep up with the “due dates” and paperwork.
  • Investigate the case, and discover the evidence that shows you were the victim of this crash.
  • Dealing with the insurance companies that often try to “trip you up” and cause you to admit fault.
  • Reduce the likelihood of making a mistake and forfeiting the claim you deserve.

Working on your behalf, you don’t have to worry about any of the logistics of your accident.  That means you can focus on the most important thing you have going: getting better.

Your Texas Motorcycle Injury Attorney Will Negotiate Your Settlement

Let’s suppose you get in a wreck and your bike is destroyed.  You also have some hospital bills that have accumulated.  The damage to your bike is worth $30,000 and the hospital bills are $10,000.  You deserve $40,000 to round things off, right?

Not so fast.  What if your injury results in complications 10 years from now?  What if you can’t find a replacement bike that’s just like the one you lost?  What if you missed a few days of work (or worse, lost your job due to your absence)?

Your motorcycle injury attorney will reduce your stress by:

  • Negotiating a settlement based on your current injuries, and how long they will take to heal.
  • Negotiating a settlement that accounts for permanent injuries that will never allow you to fully heal.
  • Negotiating a settlement that accounts for all medical bills, current and future, including mental health requirements that could pop up in the future.
  • Negotiating a settlement that includes lost wages.

There’s a whole lot more that goes into a proper settlement than what immediately meets the eye.  Using an experienced Texas personal injury attorney, you can be sure you’ll get the settlement you need and deserve.

The Sooner You Seek Help, the More Likely a Positive Outcome Will Be

So, the question remains, “How long should I wait before hiring an attorney?”

The answer is as long as you need to get your thinking straight, but as soon as possible to ensure the case is still fresh.

Your personal injury attorney reduces your stress by:

  • Letting you focus on healing from injuries.
  • Tackling the investigation and evidence quickly so you don’t have to scramble before video is deleted and memories are faded.
  • Getting your settlement paid quickly, so you’re not tapping into your savings trying to figure out how to heal from injuries and make sure you don’t lose the house in the meantime.

Let your attorney have the stress; you have the healing.

Herbert Law Group Wants to Help as Your Motorcycle Injury Attorney

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