How Social Media Affects your Motorcycle Accident Case

motorcycle accident case

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media after an Accident

Many bikers are known to be tougher than the average individual.  It’s a great quality to have, and can come in handy in emergency situations.

However, there are times when “walk it off” isn’t such great advice; especially when you’re the victim of a motorcycle accident.

In a digital world, where just about everything we do can be scrutinized with a quick search on social media, it’s important to protect your motorcycle accident case by avoiding the bulk of online interactions.

Herbert and Eberstein want to be your motorcycle accident attorneys in Dallas, Texas.  Here they have a quick do and don’t guide for social media following an accident.

Until Your Motorcycle Accident Case Settles; Opt Out of ALL Social Media

If possible, bounce off social media completely.  This includes deleting, or at least disabling, your account so you can’t be searched or tagged.

Of course, for many people, that’s not an option.  Social media is a way for us to stay connected to friends and family that we otherwise don’t see often.

Do: Make People Aware You Won’t talk about the Accident

Many people will hear offline that you were in a motorcycle accident.  They will probably start to post on your page(s) asking if you are okay.

To be on the safe side, you can delete those comments.  The most information you want to give out is that you were in an accident and you won’t talk about it until after your motorcycle accident case is complete.

Don’t: Discuss any Details, even Through Instant Messenger

No matter how prying people are, don’t answer any questions or discuss the details.  These are things that you want to talk about with your motorcycle accident attorney; not your Aunt Betty, your drinking buddies, or that guy you went to high school with.

Even instant messenger records could be retrieved if the case goes that far.  So just keep it hush hush.

Do: Ask Friends and Family to Avoid Tagging You

You don’t have to go about life in a full body cast, but you don’t want any posts to show up that look like you’re completely fine.

Even if you’re able to get yourself to church on Sundays, and to the neighbor’s house for a BBQ on Friday, or even down to the local watering hole, make sure that there is no evidence that could look like you’re out there living it up.

Don’t: Get Caught in a Picture that Could be Twisted

Here’s the situation.  You’re at a summer BBQ, and you can barely get out of the chair.  Your nephew brings you the football and says “Play with us!” So you drag yourself to your feet, and right as you throw the ball Aunt Betty snaps a picture and tags you with the caption, “Look who’s back on his feet!”

Now there’s a picture of you that looks like you’re making up all those injuries.  It’s best to politely decline that football invite.

Do: Talk with Your Personal Injury Attorney

As your case progresses, things may open up for you to be a little more active on social media.  For instance, if it has been over a year, but your motorcycle accident case has yet to be settled, then it’s completely reasonable that you can be a little more active with your life.

But before you jump back out there and start posting pictures of keg stands, climbing mountains, and your latest adventures in extreme ironing, talk with your attorney about what’s appropriate to do.

Don’t: Mention Injuries or Lack Thereof

No matter what you post, no matter when you post them, if your motorcycle accident case is still active, never talk about your injuries.

And no matter what, never use phrases about how you, “walked away from the crash.” Or when telling people you were in an accident, don’t say something like, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”  Any of this can be twisted and used against you.

Do: Talk with Herbert and Eberstein about Your Motorcycle Accident

It’s very likely that after an accident you will need an attorney on your side.  Insurance companies are not going to go to bat for you, and the other party will fight to avoid a settlement.

You need experienced motorcycle accident attorneys like Herbert and Eberstein to make sure you are compensated for your injuries and losses.

The best part is we can get this thing started without any obligation to you.  We first just need to know how we can help you, and we do that with a free initial consultation.  Fill out the contact form, or give us a call at 214-414-3808 and we can get the ball rolling.