How to Avoid the Most Common Motorcycle Accidents

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It’s Bike Season; Avoid an Accident by Knowing where and Why they Happen

It’s in the news pretty much every day: more fatal motorcycle accidents.

Some are caused by the biker, imprudent decisions that cause an accident leading to injury or death.  But many of these motorcycle accidents are caused because cars and trucks aren’t paying enough attention.  They “don’t see” the biker because they’re not looking for them.

If you ride, then you know it’s dangerous out there.  Here are a few of the most common motorcycle accidents.  Be aware of them so you can be sure to avoid them and possibly save your own life.

Cars or Trucks Turning Left

Anytime someone crosses a lane of traffic, it’s going to be dangerous.  This includes oncoming vehicles that cross your lane in order to get onto a cross street, or those vehicles coming off the cross street (in this case they have to cross a lane and merge into another one).

Now if you have a big semi truck barreling at you, it’s easy to see them and you stop and wait your turn.  But looking at a motorcycle straight on, you hardly see more than the size of the rider.  Cars or trucks either don’t see the biker, or they err on how fast the rider is coming at them.

If you ride: pay attention to vehicles that may end up turning in front of you and be ready to evade.

Crashes while Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is technically only legal in California, Utah, and Montana.  But that doesn’t stop a lot of riders from sneaking to the front of the line.

For most people, it’s not a big issue.  The smaller bike clears up a space for a vehicle, and since a motorcycle accelerates faster than a car they clear out quickly.

But, there’s the danger aspect.  Most cars or trucks aren’t expecting a motorcycle to come up between the lanes.  A door flung open for whatever reason, an attempted lane change, or even just slowly maneuvering around a pothole can cause a wreck.

If you ride: Stick to the lane and follow the traffic flow.  It takes longer, but it’s hard to argue a case where you were breaking the law when injured.

Cornering, Especially at Speed

Modern motorcycles are exquisite specimens of technology.  It’s amazing to see how fast you can go around a corner and maintain complete control.  But it’s not a game, or a competition.  It can end up being deadly if done poorly.

Debris in the road, oil spots, or the unexpected distraction can disturb your concentration and cause you to lose control.  Even spots that don’t seem “that bad” can end up breaking the tire’s grip on the asphalt.

If you ride:  Take unknown corners cautiously so you can get the feel for your bike and the corner itself.

Limited Visibility

A car or truck is bigger than a motorcycle.  They are easier to see, and thus fewer people will pull right out in front of them.

Since a motorcycle is smaller, the bike and rider are harder to see without additional flair.  Black and dark clothes are popular and look awesome, but something a little lighter can mean you’re that much easier to see to a passenger vehicle that isn’t paying enough attention.

If you ride:  Expect that other vehicles won’t see you.  Consider brighter colors like reds and yellows to enhance your visibility.

Herbert Law Group: Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Dallas

No matter how diligently we ride, there are going to be yahoos out there in passenger vehicles that “don’t see” the motorcyclist.

When that happens, their car has a dent in it, and you are left injured or dead.

For those who have been injured in a motorcycle accident, or if your loved one was killed in a motorcycle accident, you need the expertise of Herbert Law Group.

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