If You Ride, Use a Motorcycle Camera

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Cameras Help with Accident Cases

In most accidents there is a driver that is clearly at fault and one that is the victim.

When it’s hard to prove what happened, however, people tend to twist the truth, or make outrageous claims to make it seem like they weren’t at fault… or not as much as fault.

Motorcycle wrecks seem to be even worse; the at fault vehicle is generally not paying attention as well as they should, and after hitting a biker they make some outrageous claim.  Some say that the motorcycle came into their lane, or the biker was drunk, or one of many excuses as to why they hit them but it wasn’t really their fault.

For these reasons a camera, or better yet several cameras, should be used whenever your ride.

All Motorcycles Should Come Standard with Cameras

All vehicles should come with outward facing cameras, but it seems that motorcycle wrecks have more instances of the other driver claiming no wrong doing.

This isn’t a new problem; for as long as people have been riding motorcycles, other motorists have been paying less attention to them as they should.  But it’s a problem that can easily be remedied with standard equipment cameras.  As soon as you fire up the bike, the cameras start recording.  No need to turn them on, no need to adjust them, just record what is happening so footage can be reviewed later if it needs to be reviewed.

These cameras, ideally, would face forward, to the sides, and to the rear.  With wide angled lenses they could catch a 360 degree view and provide video evidence of all directions leading up to the wreck.

This simple monitoring system would make it much easier to show the at fault driver that they were indeed at fault.

Protect Yourself with Your Own Motorcycle Camera

Of course that means every motorcycle on the road now would still be without a camera.  And until those standard equipped bikes come onto the market, you have to be diligent about protecting yourself.

You can buy a motorcycle helmet that has a camera mounted within.  It captures video evidence of wherever you look.  Some even have multiple cameras for multiple angles.  It’s unclear if these helmets are very comfortable though.

Or you can mount a Go-Pro style camera on the front and back of your bike.  While this might not get all of the angles, such as if you’re t-boned by an inattentive motorist, it will get most of the information and make the settlement process much easier.

Herbert Law Group Motorcycle Attorney in Texas

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