Mechanical Problems May Lead to Car Crash

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Texas Car Accident Attorney Explains How You May Be Liable

Most car crashes are due to negligence.  Even if we try to blame the weather, it’s negligent usage because the driver was going too fast for those unsafe conditions.

But there are times when the cause of the crash can be squarely blamed on some mechanical failure.

These mechanical problems are sometimes due to faulty components; pieces or parts that should have been recalled because they don’t work properly.  But often, the mechanical failure that causes a car crash is straight up due to deferred maintenance on the vehicle.

Putting off that trip to the mechanic because you don’t want to spend the money right now… well, it could lead to a bunch of issues and serious injuries.

Failure to Maintain the Engine can Lead to a Car Crash

One of the most basic maintenance requirements on a vehicle is regular oil changes.

What happens when you don’t change the oil?  At first, the oil (designed to lubricate the engine components) won’t lubricate as well and the engine will start getting a lot hotter.

Eventually, the entire engine can come to a grinding halt; quite literally.

If you happen to be on the highway when this happens, your vehicle is going to basically shut off.  If you can’t get to the shoulder, you’re likely to get hit.

Failure to Maintain Steering Components can Lead to a Car Crash

Modern vehicles have power steering.  This technology, which you don’t even realize is there until you try to steer without it, makes it so you can quickly change the direction of your car or truck.

If you don’t maintain it, your power steering can give out.

Without power steering, if you’re going into a turn or trying to quickly evade hitting something or someone, you have to really wrench on the steering wheel to make it move.  There’s a good chance you won’t be able to turn it fast enough to avoid a collision.

Failure to Maintain Wheels and Tires can Lead to a Car Crash

Where the rubber meets the road, your tires and wheels take a lot of stress.

Just think of how much grip and pressure are put on them when you’re whipping through those roundabouts at double or triple the suggested speed.

If your tires are getting old, worn, or otherwise not seated properly, they can fail when you put them under the most stress: on the highway or through tight turns.

Don’t cause an accident because you’re putting off updating your tires.

Failure to Maintain Electrical System can Lead to a Car Crash

They certainly don’t build them like they used to.

And that’s a good thing too!  Even just a couple of decades ago vehicles weren’t nearly as safe as they are now.  Of course, a lot of that safety is because of computer and electrical advancements in the vehicle.

There isn’t a whole lot that you can do to maintain the electrical components; you need specialized tools to do anything with the computer system.  But simple things, like brake lights and turn signals, can help keep you safe on the road, and avoid an unnecessary car crash.

Call Your Texas Car Crash Attorney for Help

Even properly maintained vehicles can fail.

Sometimes, you have just had your vehicle serviced, and the service work was done wrong.

Sometimes, you are driving safely, and you’re injured by an unsafe driver on the road.

If you have been in a car crash, and you have been injured, then you need the help of a car crash attorney to help get you the compensation you need to fully restore your quality of life.

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