Motorcycle Crashes: 74% are Head-On Collisions

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Why so Many Wrecks are Frontal Collisions

There are 241 motorcycle crashes every day in the US.  About 14 of those riders sustain fatal injuries.

With three quarters of the motorcycle crashes being deemed as head-on, or frontal, collisions, it’s no wonder that so many bikers die from these wrecks.

But what causes them?  Why are so many wrecks in this category?  Let’s take a look at what we know about motorcycle wrecks, and how they occur.

Why Motorcycle Wrecks are Deadly

There are two big reasons on why there are so many bike wrecks, and what makes them deadlier than other motor vehicle accidents.

Motorcycles are less than a quarter the size of a passenger vehicle.  They’re simply harder to see, especially when an inattentive motorist isn’t specifically watching for them.  They’re easier to miss in a blind spot, and when a driver doesn’t see them, he or she pulls out too close.

The reason they’re deadlier is pretty clear.  While helmets and other safety gear go a long way to keeping the rider safe, no amount of padding will help in a major wreck.

The Most Dangerous Parts of the Road for Bikers

There are some parts of the road that are just more dangerous for those on two wheels.  Intersections are one of them; and a vehicle turning left in front of a motorcycle does not count toward the high number of frontal collisions.

So where do these head-on motorcycle crashes happen?  5 places are more dangerous:

Rural Roads – Rural roads are usually narrower and windier than urban roads or highways.  These curves can cause drivers to veer into oncoming traffic.

Distracted Driving – Not exactly a place, but when a driver is distracted (usually staring at their phone) they may cross the center line and into the path of a motorcycle.

Construction ZonesNarrow roads and hazards around mean that sometimes a motorist will swerve to avoid an object, but strike a motorcycle rider instead.

Speeding – Areas that are prone to speeding, such as straight stretches that come up to a curve, can result in a deadly collision.

Weather – The vast majority of fatal motorcycle wrecks happen when the weather is nice (riders tend to not want to ride in the rain or snow).  But weather can cause mishaps.

Narrow and winding roads are problem spots.  Motorists and riders must pay extra attention in these areas.

How to Avoid a Motorcycle Crash

We know the dangerous areas, and what to watch out for.  So how do we avoid a major motorcycle wreck?  It’s pretty similar to any other driving; make sure you’re being safe.

Don’t Tailgate – Keeping a bit of distance allows everyone time to react properly if something goes wrong.

Slow Down – Speed kills.  Staying with the speed limit means you’ll have more time to react in an emergency, and you will be less likely to wreck.

Pay Extra Attention – Motorcycle season is when the weather is nice.  Make sure you’re paying extra attention for bikers, and any other motorist that may be driving erratically.

When everyone takes an extra second to ensure it’s safe, then everyone gets to enjoy the road while being safe.

Herbert Law Group Helps Victims of Motorcycle Crashes

By their very nature, motorcycle crashes result in injury or death.

When that happens, you need a Texas motorcycle lawyer on your side that can help you recover for damages that will fully compensate you for your losses.

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