Motorcycle Positioning: Where is the Safest?

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When Riding You Need to Know where Safety Is

As long as the weather is nice, it’s riding season.

As a rider, you have to be diligent to make sure that you position your motorcycle properly, to ensure maximum safety.  Yeah, other drivers need to be attentive and watch out for bikers as well as other motorists, but if history has shown us anything, that’s not really happening.

As a motorist, watch out for those on two wheels.  It takes one extra second to save a life.

When you’re riding, safety is all about motorcycle positioning and being able to escape a potentially deadly situation.  Here’s how you can position yourself, and your bike, to ensure you come out alive.

Divide the Lane into Three Parts

On a motorcycle, you have three choices when it comes to the lane that you’re riding in.  You can position yourself on the left third, the middle third, or the right third.

Here’s a hint: never use the middle third unless necessary.  This is where cars and trucks drip oil, and where a lot of debris on the road gets pushed to.  So, avoid the mid where the hazards are.

That leaves you with the choice of the left third, or the right third.  Often, the right is going to be your best spot for safety, as it’s the farthest from oncoming traffic as possible.  But there are other considerations to be aware of.

Consider the Intersection where You’re Stopping

When you’re coming to an intersection, it’s important to pay attention to what goes on at that intersection.  Are there multiple lanes going in either direction?  Will oncoming traffic turn left in front of you (or do they have to turn only at a green arrow)?  Can side traffic turn right on red?  What sort of buildings, sidewalks, or obstructions are there just off the side of the road?

Depending on which way you’re moving, and which way the other traffic will be required to move, determines if you want to be in the left third, or the right third.

Remember, the middle third is almost never desirable.

Consider Traffic and Patterns

Motorcycle positioning is largely determined by the other traffic on the road, and where they’re most likely to go.

Are you in the inside lane, with heavy oncoming traffic?  Then the right third will likely be the safest spot.

Are you in the outside lane, with traffic merging into your lane?  Then the left third will likely be the safest spot.

Is traffic dense or sparse?  Are you coming to an intersection first, or one of many in a long line of vehicles?  Is there one vehicle behind you, or many?

Unfortunately there are so many options and variables, that motorcycle positioning isn’t a clear answer in every single situation.

Determine the Best Escape Route

No matter which third you decide to ride in, there’s one important factor at all times: is there a way out?

Can you quickly maneuver your bike out of harm’s way?  Can you jump off and move to safety if you can’t ride there?  Are there other vehicles, or immovable objects, blocking your path to freedom?

Always be ready to divert your course to avoid a wreck.

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