Motorcycle Riding Tips for Summer 2021

motorcycle accident attorney dallas texas provides motorcycle riding tips

5 Motorcycle Riding Tips for a Safer Riding Season

Summer motorcycle riding season is here.  And that means for the next few months a large number of bikers will be sharing the roads with other motorists.

While those driving cars and trucks must remain vigilant to ensure the safety of those on two (and sometimes three) wheels, it’s also important as the motorcycle rider to keep yourself safe and out of harm’s way.

We have put together some quick tips to make sure you get the best ride each and every time.  Just remember, if you are in an accident, Herbert & Eberstein are motorcycle accident attorneys in Texas and will help you get compensation that allows you to fully heal.

Drink Enough Water

Your mom told you over and over while you were growing up to get enough water.  Your coaches told you to do so while playing sports.  Health coaches, business coaches, and that annoying MLM friend on your Facebook feed keeps telling you as well.  The fact is most of us don’t drink enough water; especially in the summer when it’s hot and we’re sweating.

If you’re wearing your protective gear, you’re going to sweat while riding.  Don’t risk passing out due to dehydration when you’re on your bike.

Keep that Protective Gear On

Speaking of protective gear, it can be tempting to shade a layer or two in the heat of the summer.  You don’t REALLY need that helmet do you?  Or that heavy jacket?  You may stay cooler in the summer without them, but you open yourself up to a lot of hurt if you’re hit by another vehicle.

Learn about what makes a good motorcycle helmet in our previous blog post on motorcycle helmets.

Keep that Protective Gear on Your Eyes

Speaking of protective gear, have you shaded your eyes too?  The sun is pretty bright out there all year round.  But in the summer it’s bright for even longer than in the off season.  One or two instances of skipping the sun glasses or shaded visor might not hurt, but these things pile up over time.

You can actually sunburn your eyeballs if you’re out in the bright sun for too long without sunglasses.

Take Breaks in the Heat of the Day

As the summer goes on, the days get hotter.  As the day goes on, the hours get hotter.  If you’re planning a long ride, try to plan around the hottest parts of the day.  That means starting early when it’s still cool, and taking more frequent breaks between noon and five.  You will need to take breaks to stay hydrated anyway, so you might as well extend them just a little longer to ensure you’re not going to over-expose yourself.

Summer Bike Maintenance

Varying temperatures affect your bike differently.  Maintenance in the cooler months will look a little different than summer maintenance.  For one, when it’s hot out your motorcycle is more prone to overheating; especially if fluids are getting a little low.

If this is the first summer on a new motorcycle, make sure you do some research to ensure that your bike isn’t one that has known overheating issues.

Motorcycle Riding Tips from Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Texas

Safety on your part will minimize the chance of being involved in a motorcycle accident.  Protective gear will minimize the effects of an accident that does happen.  Unfortunately, no matter how safe we are when we ride, there will be negligent drivers out there that fail to pay attention.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, then we want to speak with you to ensure that you’re being compensated fairly.

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