Semi Truck Accidents Aren’t All the Same

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Stationary Trucks can be a Huge Issue

On a cool October evening in 2019, Oliver Jordan, age 83, was on his way to his Newnan, Georgia home from dinner.

At 9pm the sun had long ago set, and although legally blind in one eye, Jordan was still legally able to drive without restrictions.  This night, however, as he drove home, a tractor-trailer was attempting to back into a driveway without proper markings and warnings on the roadway.  Blocking northbound traffic, and the center turn lane, it was only a matter of time before an unsuspecting motorist wasn’t able to stop and a collision would ensue.

Jordan noticed the truck too late, and despite attempts to stop still collided with the truck.  10 months later, he died from injuries sustained in the wreck.

Truck accidents can happen anywhere and at all sorts of speeds.  There are lessons we can learn from this particular instance that had a very unfortunate conclusion.

Big Rigs Take Time to Back Up

Hauling a 50+ foot trailer means that things are going to take time.  Getting up to speed on the highway, changing lanes, stopping, backing up… these all take longer for a big rig than they do for a passenger vehicle.

When you’re driving among trucks, be aware that they can’t change direction and speed as quickly as you can.  But truckers have the obligation to warn others if they have to block traffic for any reason.  One of those reasons is while attempting to back into a parking space or loading dock.

Highways are Dangerous; so are Side Roads

Speed kills.  But that’s just because it’s one factor in the physics equation to determine the amount of force something exerts.  Without getting too technical the faster an object goes, the more force it exerts; or the larger an object is the more force it exerts.

Quick calculations show us that an 80,000 pound truck exerts the same force at 2.5mph as a 4,000 pound passenger vehicle does at 50mph.

Trucking Companies Will Always Claim no Wrong Doing

In reality, it’s the insurance companies and their attorneys that make the claims.  And it’s reasonable from their end: insurance companies are in the business of making money.  You don’t make money by paying big settlements on truck accidents!

If you’re planning to file a claim against them without the help of an experienced truck attorney, then you are going against some very powerful attorneys on your own.

Settlements Take a Long Time

When the lawsuit mentioned above was first started, Oliver Jordan was alive.  It wasn’t until after his death that the settlement was finally reached.  Around a year for a $2 million settlement is moving quickly.

In reality, large settlements can take well over a year; especially if they go to trial.  There are expert witnesses that need to testify, accident reconstruction, and arguments showing that the driver acted negligently and caused an injury or death.

Without an Attorney with Truck Accidents Knowledge, You’re Stuck

A truck accident attorney is a personal injury attorney that knows and understands what goes into these crashes involving big rigs.  Without someone on your side, like Herbert & Eberstein, you will end up in a long legal battle that statistically you won’t get the settlement that you need to ensure proper healing.

If you, or a loved one, have been involved in a semi truck accident in Texas, then you need to speak with Zach Herbert or Brian Eberstein!  There’s no obligation to become a client; it all starts with a call to figure out if our services are the right fit to help you get back on your feet.

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