The 4 Main Causes of a Texas Motorcycle Accident

Texas motorcycle accident

How to Avoid Being Involved in a Deadly Wreck

Riding is more dangerous than driving, we know that.  But knowing what the main causes of a Texas motorcycle accident are can help you avoid being in a deadly collision.

As a motorcycle accident lawyer in the Dallas area, our goal here at Herbert Law Group is to ensure that you have the resources you need to heal from the wreck.  Those resources mean that the financial stress is reduced, and you’re able to put your focus on healing from physical or mental injuries.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the four main causes of bike crashes.

1 – Negligent Motorists Cause Motorcycle Accidents

The most dangerous situation that a motorcycle rider can face is another vehicle turning left.  Whether they are coming from the same direction, or coming off a side street, when the other vehicle crosses the lane of traffic, it can be disastrous for the rider.

The reason: many motorists simply don’t pay enough attention to see the motorcycle rider.  They are looking for larger vehicles, such as cars, trucks, busses, and semis.  But they overlook a smaller vehicle like a motorcycle.  Pulling in front of the rider, a motorcycle accident occurs.

2 – Dangerous Road Conditions Lead to Motorcycle Wrecks

Motorcycles are less stable than four wheeled vehicles.  That’s not hard to figure out; they need a kick stand to stay up on their own after all!

This lessened stability means that road conditions that are no problem for passenger vehicles are dangerous for bikers.  Wet spots, debris, and broken or damaged roads can all cause issues and throw a ride from his or her bike.

3 – Reckless Driving Results in Motorcycle Crashes

Most motorcycle riders are safe, attentive, and are good motorists.  However, there are a few that give the entire group a bad name.

Reckless driving is a big issue no matter if you have two wheels or four.  But with the acceleration power that comes with a bike, and the ability to maneuver quickly, riders that lack self control can find themselves getting into a pretty bad motorcycle crash.

4 – Driving Under the Influence Causes Motorcycle Collisions

Nobody should be driving under the influence.  With today’s ride share capabilities at the click of a button, it’s easy to get home if you have had too many drinks.

When you hop on a motorcycle after drinking, though, it’s even harder to avoid a wreck.  That instability we mentioned earlier is compounded with impaired driving.  If you crash your motorcycle after drinking, there’s no “box” around you that protects you from injury the way a car would.  Skip the ride, stay alive.

Herbert Law Group is Your Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you were injured, or a loved one was killed, in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault (there’s not a lot we can help with if you choose to ride drunk or reckless), then you need to talk with Herbert Law Group.

Our goal is to take the stress off your plate that comes with dealing with stubborn insurance companies.  Because when you’re not stressed, your body heals faster.

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