The Hazards of a Tanker Truck Accident

Texas lawyer tanker truck accident

Tanker Trucks come with a Host of Secondary Dangers

Big rig trucks pose more danger on the highways than passenger vehicles; it’s merely a matter of size difference.  A big truck has more force than a smaller vehicle.

But not all trucks are equal.  A fully loaded rig is going to pack more of a punch (and take longer to stop) than one running empty.

A tanker truck accident is going to pose even more problems.  Depending on the cargo in the tanker, serious dangers could arise after the accident.

Tanker Trucks versus Trailer or Flatbed

Even liquid cargo has to be hauled, but the means of storing that cargo is different than dry goods.  Those cylinder tanks aren’t just for looks.

Without sharp corners, a tank doesn’t have weak spots like a rectangular container does.  This helps to contain the cargo if the vehicle does wreck, and allows for pressure changes throughout the trip.

The cylindrical shape allows the bulk of the weight to be down lower, keeping the center of gravity low to the ground to prevent the truck from tipping or rolling.

That shape also allows the cargo to be drained easier without getting caught in little nooks and crannies.

Finally, what we can’t see is inside the tanks.  They’re designed with baffles to help ensure the liquid doesn’t slosh all over the place in the event of a sudden stop.  Here’s a great video that shows a simulation of how the truck can stop up to 25 feet sooner with the baffles versus without.

Dangers of Tanker Truck Accidents

The dangers of the tanker truck accident have to do with the cargo being moved.

When hauling inert cargo like milk, the spillage from the wreck might end up smelling pretty bad, but it’s not likely to cause injury or damage to lives.

But many of these trucks are hauling oil, gasoline, or other hazardous materials.  If there’s a spill when these tanker trucks wreck, the chemicals and fumes can cause more damage than the crash actually does.

Take for instance, a tanker truck that turned over in Mississippi a few years ago.  The truck spilled thousands of gallons of hydrogen peroxide.  Left on its own, the hydrogen peroxide will eventually break down into water and oxygen, but if anyone comes into contact with it before it breaks down it can pose a serious hazard to human health.

Gasoline, that could explode, or other chemicals that can be fatal if inhaled, pose even greater risks.

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