The Most Dangerous Time to Travel the Highways

Texas Lawyer talks fatal truck accidents

Know When to Pay Extra Attention

Thursday afternoons.

You don’t have to read the entire article, we’ll just give you the answer right away.  Thursday afternoons are when most fatal truck accidents occur.  That’s what the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tells us, anyway.  And that’s not an anomoly, it’s been that way for at least a decade, and likely isn’t going to change any time soon.

Why are Thursdays dangerous, and how do we use that information?  Herbert Law Group, personal injury lawyers in the Dallas, Texas area, want to make sure that you are safe out there; so keep reading and make sure that you don’t become a victim.

Why are Thursdays Dangerous for Highway Travel?

Roughly 80% of fatal truck accidents happen Monday to Friday.

On any given day, most truck accidents happen between noon to 3pm.

About 20% of those fatal accidents happen on Thursdays.

If you consider your own job, you’ll likely see some correlations to how you’re feeling, working, and your abilities.  Most truck drivers operate on the weekdays, so it makes sense that fewer wrecks would occur over the weekend.  After lunch – when you’re wearing out (maybe a little sleepy), and you’re hurrying to get the rest of your work done for the day – is when errors happen.  Thursday comes around, it’s near the end of the week, you’re ready for the weekend, and perhaps a little sloppy.

When we take it all into consideration, we can see that afternoons toward the end of the week, errors are more likely to occur.

How do we use this information to keep us safe?

How you can Stay Safe on your Summer Road Trip

Summer is winding down, and a lot of people are getting those last road trips in before school starts.  That means more people on the road and a higher liklihood of getting in a wreck.

  • Pay more attention.  Thursdays, afternoons, and this busy month, make sure you’re extra aware of what is going on around you.  As always, put the phone away and avoid other distractions (like eating while driving).
  • Maintain a safe distance.  If you’re farther away from a truck, you can react better if they have a mechanical failure or driver error.  Remember, if you can’t see their mirrors, they can’t see you (unless you’re ahead of them, of course, but that’s kind of a given).
  • Use the 12 second rule.  Knowing what’s coming up, and how a truck might have to react, will help you stay safe.

The bottom line: if we all pay attention and maintain a safe distance, a large number of wrecks can be avoided.

Let Herbert Law Group Help after a Fatal Truck Accident

But even when we all drive safe, accidents do happen.  Often, they come with deadly consequences.

If you have been injured, or a loved one has been killed, in a truck accident, it’s time to speak with a Texas lawyer that knows how to handle these types of cases.

Herbert Law Group is here to help you.  We help take the stress off your plate, so you can focus on healing.  Let’s get to know you, understand what happened, and see how we can help.  Give us a call at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site.  It’s a free conversation so we can understand how we can help.