Top Causes of Single Vehicle Accidents

single vehicle accident

How to Avoid a Single Vehicle Accident

When you’re a careful driver, there isn’t much to worry about on the road.  Most of the time, you will arrive safely at your destination.  It’s when we get lazy, distracted, or inattentive that problems occur.  And often, there is only one vehicle involved in the wreck: your own.  That doesn’t diminish the severity though; in 2018 around half of the fatal accidents were single vehicle crashes.

So let’s go through the top causes of single vehicle accidents, and how you can avoid becoming one of the statistics.  Remember too, even if you’re the only one involved, it might not be your fault.  Always speak with vehicle accident attorney like Zach Herbert or Brian Eberstein from Herbert & Eberstein before settling with the insurance companies.

Why Single Vehicle Accidents Occur

Of course there are other reasons, but most will fall under one of these six.  For instance, night driving, or inability to see, could be a reason, but that would probably fall under weather or distracted driving.

Speeding – There are two major issues in regards to all wrecks; speeding is one of them.  Speed limits are designed around how fast you can safely travel in any given area.  When you’re going too fast for the road (or the conditions), you set yourself up for a bad time.

Drunk or Distracted Driving – The other major issue when it comes to getting in a wreck: drunk or distracted driving.  They’re grouped together because one is just about as deadly as the other.  With today’s ride-share economy, there’s no reason drunk driving should exist anymore.

Drowsy Driving – On a dark and lonesome highway, when you can barely keep your eyes open… was it a deer?  Or perhaps your imagination?  Was it just drifting off the road?  When you’re driving while tired, you tend to overcorrect which causes the vehicle to roll.

Weather – Rain, snow, fog, even bright sunlight right as the sun is about to set; they all can lead to the same thing: a single vehicle accident.  Whenever you drive in less than ideal conditions, make sure you adjust your driving habits to ensure you are safe.

Mechanical Failure – Sometimes mechanical problems arise because you didn’t catch a maintenance issue.  Other times, mechanical issues arise because the vehicle simply wasn’t built the right way.  If it’s the latter, you may not be entirely at fault for your single vehicle accident.

Debris or Flying Objects – What do blowing leaves, sand and dust, debris flying off the back of a semi truck as it whips down the road with an unsecured load all have in common?  They can cause your accident.  If it’s a natural event, you should be prepared; if it’s someone else’s negligence that caused your accident, then you need to talk with a vehicle accident attorney.

Speak with Zach and Brian: Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Whenever you’re in an accident, you need to speak with an attorney.  The more serious the accident, the more important it is to get some legal guidance to ensure that you are fully compensated by the insurance companies.

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