What if I’m Blamed for a Truck Accident?

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When the Semi Driver Blames You for the Truck Accident

After a wreck, few people want to take the blame.  It’s just human nature to try to pass the buck.

But if you’re involved in a truck accident, and the semi driver gets out and says you’re at fault, what should you do?  Should you argue, bust out the dash cam footage, maybe try to fight him?  We don’t recommend fighting anyone, just for the record.

Here’s what you need to do after a truck accident.

Keep Your Cool

Just like any other situation, losing your temper is going to make things worse.  Nobody wants to deal with an angry yeller, so no matter how frustrated, irritated, and down-right mad you feel, stuff those emotions until later.

Even if the truck driver is yelling at you, saying you’re to blame, calmly explain that you want to wait until the police have arrived before making any statements.

When the cops come, stick to the facts.  Merely state what happened, and avoid words like “I caused this…” or “I accidentally…” or especially, “It was all my fault, I’m to blame.”  Let the police write up the report based on the evidence.

Make sure that you have Herbert Law Group programmed into your phone so you can let us know you will likely need a truck accident lawyer soon.

Flag Down some Witnesses

While you’re waiting for the police to arrive, make sure you at least get contact information from those who witnessed the crash.

If they’re willing, get a statement right away on video or an audio recording.  Some people aren’t going to want to be recorded, that’s fine.  At least get them to tell you what they saw, and later you can contact them again and get a statement in writing (or, perhaps let your truck accident lawyer handle that).

Ensure a Police Report

Police reports are often available within a few days of the incident.  You will have to request a copy, and you will have to head down to the police station to pick it up.  They’re in the business of serving and protecting, not mailing out reports.

Get that police report to your favorite lawyer based in Richardson, Texas right away so it can be double checked for accuracy.

Talk with a Truck Accident Attorney in Texas

And of course, the most crucial aspect of ensuring that you’re not raked over the coals after an accident, is talking with a truck accident attorney in Texas.  Perhaps you will want to talk to the one who is providing you with this how-to guide following the truck wreck.

An attorney is going to help you in ways that would be incredibly difficult to handle on your own.  We have seen a lot of truck accident claims over the years.  We know the evidence to look for, the signs of fault, and we know how to deal with those insurance companies that are relentless in their quest to pay you less than you deserve.

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