What if I’m in an Accident with an Uber or Lyft Vehicle?

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Rideshare is Popular; but can be Confusing

In 2009, Uber surged onto the scene as an affordable alternative to hailing a cab.  They have, to put it lightly, shaken up the ride-for-hire scene.  A few years later a handful of competitors joined the transportation revolution, with only Lyft remaining as another viable option.

Throughout the US, there are over 2 million drivers for Uber alone with the number of Lyft drivers following close behind.  That means there are a bunch of amateur “cab” drivers out there, carting people around for a small fee.

It also means that if you’re in a wreck, there’s a good chance that the wreck involves someone driving for these rideshare companies.

What Happens if I’m in an Accident with a Rideshare Vehicle?

We’re going to focus on the times when you are the victim.  If you’re the negligent party, then that’s a whole other situation.

Today, we’re looking at who is the liable party, what you need to focus on if you’re injured, and what sort of insurance these drivers have to maintain.

What if an Uber or Lyft Driver Hits me?

If you’re struck by a negligent driver, that individual’s insurance is liable for the damages: whether they are to your vehicle, your body, or your mental health.  As we know, vehicle damages – and even some bodily injury – are easy damages to calculate.  The emotional or mental health damages are harder, and that’s when a Texas personal injury lawyer steps in.

The biggest determining factor here, however, is whether or not the negligent driver was working at the time.  If they had passengers, were going to pick up a passenger, or otherwise had the app running, they are operating in a commercial capacity; they need a policy that reflects this.  But if they’re driving their Uber or Lyft vehicle for their own benefit, then they have a personal auto insurance policy that will cover the damages.

If you’re in a wreck with a rideshare driver, make sure to get the information for all of their insurance policies, as that makes a big difference when seeking restitution.

What if I’m the Passenger in an Uber or Lyft?

Now, what if you’ve hired one of these drivers, and as you’re riding, you’re injured?  Who is responsible then?

If the other vehicle, not the one you are riding in, is the negligent party, then their insurance should kick in to cover your medical expenses (as well as cover any damage to your personal property that may have been inside the vehicle).

If your driver was the negligent party, then their commercial insurance policy should have a provision that covers passengers in case one of them is injured or killed during the ride.

What if I’m Attacked in my Rideshare Vehicle?

There is a third instance that could come into play.  All rideshares have struggled with this, and it has largely been taken care of.  However, there are instances where passengers are assaulted while they are being driven to their destination.

If a driver attacks you after you have hired them for a ride, then you may have recourse with that driver’s commercial policy, but also with the rideshare company itself.  If the company was negligent and didn’t perform adequate background checks, even though the driver isn’t technically an employee, they could be held liable.

Come to see Herbert Law Group about your Settlement

The more parties involved in a wreck, the more difficult it becomes when someone is injured and needs compensation to help them heal.

When a rideshare company, like Uber or Lyft, are involved, then you need a personal injury lawyer on your side that can help you figure out the legal implications, and which insurance company is responsible for the costs you incur.

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